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  • UltraMrsR says: A good target to aim for!
  • Hywel88 says: Unlikely but I might as well aim for the stars! I'm in.
  • Haddi :-) says: did 770 approx in 2007 and that was from april, so bring it on.only 997 mile to go
  • Qwerty says: So that's, erm, 83.33 per month or 2.73 per day ;-)
  • Vicksta says: Did less than 1000 last year due to injury. So this mileage target is more about remaining injury free this year than anything else, or that is the plan!
  • mxhornet says: Well I'll state my aim here of hitting 4000 miles in 2008 :) I was only 23 miles short in 2007.
  • SarahL says: This will be fun (if not a bit hard work!) :-)
  • Woffy says: Need to get my motivation back so altho' not the biggest fan of mileage targets my hat, legs and everything else are now in :)
  • EvilPixie says: I have full faith in us all doing this just remember to listen to your body though and no over doing it!
  • Belper Bear says: Need to do this.Lard to shift, targets to hit. life to live!
  • Banny says: Did it with 40 miles to spare and two months out.

    Done it again in 2009 too. Only in September too!
  • Kev Scone says: :) boing, weeeeeeeeeeee, hopefully some of them will be downhill :)
  • Rick OShay says: How weird is that? I've only just set this as a goal (having been thinking about my plans for 08). Then I stumbled upon this group, when looking at a chat thread.


    Good luck to all
  • Kew says: Sounds good - 1000 for me this year
  • Deenzy says: Good luck everyone
  • Scooba Steve says: I'm up for the challenge!
  • silvergoddess says: I may only have been running a short while, but i need a goal to work towards and this is perfect
  • JustT says: Ok i'm in, what the heck.
  • Spare says: Missed January and February due to injury. Have some catching up to do but April, May and June have been good.
  • happygasman says: I'm joining . 1000 miles will mean I'm in Rome for next New Year . Ding Dong !
  • Laura27 says: Got 1087 in 2007, so want to get nearer to 1500 this year!
  • Tasis Lass says: Did 527 last year but had loads of injurys so hope to do much better this year :)
  • leekjo says: Had already set 900 miles as my my target......but 1000 is a much more impressive number....... How hard can less than 3 miles a day be!?!
  • Smile2 says: come on guys you can all do it :)
  • bal says: got to 850 last year so surely 150 extra is not beyond me.
  • WACA says: 16 miles left to go! Reckon can do it:-)
  • mushroom says: I'm saying yes to this at the beginning of the year; but may have to aim for 500 miles by June as I'm (well my partner is) expecting a 2nd baby in August. The 1st one took a bit of getting used to for a few weeks/months.!
  • SHOPGIRL21UK says: Why not i say! Doing Edinburgh, so mileage should be ok.....and will be good to see how other are getting on!! x x
  • JessM says: So if marathon training gets me through to April - what should I do after that?
  • Durbat says: How hard can 80 miles a month be? ....... ask me in July and August :)
  • Oscar the Grouch says: I started with a nominal target of 800 (just under 600 completed last year) but I'm sure I can do 1000 :-)
  • Sandpitt says: Despite poor start to Jan I'm going for it big time this year, so a1000miles ran sounds like a good test.COME ON!!!!!!!!
  • M62 Santa says: Might just do it this year!
  • JPenno says: looking to beat 1000 miles for the year, have six half marathons planned before end of april, couple of half ironmen and various other races planned
  • mile muncher says: Count me in. :-)
  • Tav H says: Bah! Working away during the week for 6 months and moving house in October means I ended up on 750. 2009 is out of the question as well. Roll on 2010!
  • Troughty says: Optimistic but doing dublin in October so should get somewhere near...
  • Sarcy says: starting a bit late but plenty of time to make up the mileage.
  • Ultra-BT says: Currently just under 800 for the year so far. Aiming to beat last years total of 3200 this year
  • SuzeeDiamond says: I think I should be able to do this this year ;)
  • st bernard says: due to been injured first part of year i think this is a good target to try for ....... lets just see what happens
  • forest plodder says: Managed 780 in 2007, but didn't run at all in January, then took a while to increase weekly mileage, so 1000 seems a good target to aim for in 2008. Ahead of target currently, but I am marathon training at the moment, so the long runs are contributing a lot.
  • SUPERWOMAN63 says: Soundz good to me - gulp :) :)
  • Bobby Q says: Glad to join the group. I hope to do over a thousand and I'm ahead of my tarets so far but I know injury can set you back easily. Hope everyone achieves their own goal. That's the most important thing.
  • GlennR says: Did it.
  • ANDERS says: Hoping to average 100 miles a month...
  • Johnny Blaze says: Its 12th May and I have done 364, so I think it'll be a tight squeeze, but will give it a go!
  • martynjlane says: Hi all. I've just started to increase my training in preparation for the Nottingham marathon in September. I've completed 555 miles @ end of May, so well on target for 1,000 miles by the end of this year. Only started running just over a year ago and cannot think why I didn't start before!!
  • Iain2008 says: 461 to go!
  • SpuredonJay says: Started the challenge at the start of the year, however little behind at the moment, trying to slowley catch up
  • Ricardo says: I reckon I should be able to do this
  • FatboyTim says: love to make it but didnt start running april but hell run fatboy run :O)
  • Nephi says: Managed 500 in the 1st half of 2008 can I keep going?
  • Stewey says: Time to up my milage 1000 in a year makes for a good target!!
  • run2thehills says: Now well and truly there 1013!
  • GrahH says: Dec 28th - finally completed my thousand on the Buntingford year end 10. Whoo hoo!
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