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  • Spanabell says: Hey, im like Mikuro - definately more of a metal chick then a goth, i have pink hair and everything lol. bring on the METAL!!! :-)
  • fraggle says: [stand up proudly] hello, my name is Fraggle and I'm a sun-dodging pink-haired runner who firmly believes that black is *always* the new black :-)
  • bedlam_g says: Am I really the only running goth who went to the effort to find a club who ran in gothy colours? ;)
  • Mikuro says: Technically a metal chick rather than a trad 'goth' but I wear mostly black & have tattoos/piercings.... so I guess that counts? ;) I loik extreme metal mostly...\m/
  • Chromey says: LOVE IT!!
  • TRO Saracen says: Sounds fab!
  • Tom Tom says: Ah, the good old days...
  • Max71 says: Although technically I could never sun-tan dodge......hey now hey now, now.....
  • FML says: Big Fields of the Nephilim fan... as you can see by the picture. saw them at Astoria last year
  • kink bunny says: i'm not 100% goth i'm not really 100% any style but i am a sun tan dodger with tattoos and piercings :) who heart running :)
  • GlennR says: I hate sunlight and only ever buy black clothes. And I have a black tattoo. Yep, probably in the right place...
  • ChippendaleMupp says: Industrial Metal & EBM. Favourite radio stations: &
  • Ricardo says: What the hell! I was always more of an Indie kid, but I dipped a toe into the dark pool of gothness. My wardrobe was black, the clothes that is, not the actual wardrobe! Still a fan of some of the music and being a pale white delicate flower doesn't help. However, I no longer dodge the sun, I love it. My occasional redness is a testament to this :)
  • sandgrounder says: I had an argument with a group of 12 year old who claimed to be goths and yet they had never heard of halve of the bands I used to listen to (alone). i.e The Cure ("we are not Goth" - R.Smith), Sisters, Nephs, Nick Cave/Birthday Party, Bauhaus. Never understood why All About Eve and that bloomin' Martha's Harbour song always ends up on Goth Compilation Albums though. ... 'sing out loud, we all die! Laughing into the fire. Is it always like this?'
  • SteveParkes says: Why not. This time last year I had long fire engine red hair that I got cut after swimming turned it copper and I got fed up of drying it. My running soundtrack has a significant percentage of Industrial and EBM and I used to have blue hair. Am I still Goth enough?
  • MonkeyBoy24 says: hay, i used to dress gothic but when i run i stick to normal runnoing gear dont know y but u can still tell im a metaler because i always have my ipod up full :D metal is the only music 4 running.
  • jane_m says: Yes - one black running wardrobe here!
  • paintedrunner says: pink avoiding, runner, with tatts.
  • shaunie01 says: Not a goth but listen to metal and have alot of tattoos
  • Tattooedrunner43 says: I'm a tattooed metal head refusing to grow old gracefully!! So think this group could be for me. ;-)
  • Reiver says: I think I qualify now. We have just started a cycling club in the North East called Sporting Club Gothic !! It's internet based, so anyone is welcome to join. Drop me an fmail or check our blog....
  • Kynon says: More of a rocker/metalhead than a goth, but I am currently the top goalscorer for Real Gothic FC, and have been to more goth/industrial festivals than rock ones now... ;-)
  • rick1fugazi says: Listen more to punk/HC and extreme metal and related these days but have a love for FotN and Sisters from back in the day.
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