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A group for the lovely Bedford Harriers to join and then we can keep in touch and have lots of Bedford fun.

Notes from Members

  • Lakes says: I just wanted to be in a team.
  • The Teaboy says: Run with Steve Gaunt's group.
  • Nightjar says: Running with Jen, Mark, Chris and Vivs group.
  • Lycra Hurricane says: Join Fetch, join the Harriers, the perfect combination of great folk
  • No.8 ™ says: Team SluggyB - Intervals rock, fast and hard is good ;0)
  • Smile2 says: I'll try and come down on Weds Katie - what time is it? sorry it is probably here somewhere but I am half asleep this morning :(
  • hammerite says: Run with Chris and Ange's group.
  • GettingThere says: Bring it on!
  • Vitalstatistix says: It's not the group, it's the session that matters...
  • E says: In Steve C's group at the Harriers. Joined Fetch on the recomendation of Lycra Hurricane.
  • Chris 10k says: A Harrier and a Coach
  • Foxster says: Running with Steve C and Vivs group
  • Frobester says: I run with Steve Crane, Bev Tredget and Stuart Bullard's group. Been with Harriers for a good while.
  • Daddy long legs says: I am a Bedford Harrier.
  • Daz M says: Dear All
    You will need to add your club details again on Fetch they appear to have fallen off!!
  • Pintsize says: Love running, love cake!
  • Sharms says: Running with Mark, Chris & Jen's group
  • ian2432 says: run in any group , just how i feel on night
  • iPaul says: Just joined The Harriers (03/10/11)
  • Arthur Dent says: currently helping out with beginners. Been a Harriers since 2003. Love Parkrun.
  • Helegant says: At the back of the Coached2Run group
Group admin: KatieB
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