Notes from Members

  • Ima Donkey says: Plan to be in for another year
  • ageingtractor says: After a bizarrely successful 2019 I am just hoping to keep fit this year with maybe a few surprises. Looking forward to the Budapest half in April.
  • Jason W says: Going to give it another try...
  • Lizzie W says: Walking
  • Wazelle the Gazelle says: Hoping to have fewer weeks when there is no running at all
  • Southcoastpete says: Thought about having a go at 1000 miles, but 700 miles again this year is more realistic.
  • Pothunter says: Probably the friendliest group on Fetch :-)
  • Po says: Recovering from injury so looking forward to getting out there and getting at least one marathon done .. but most importantly just looking forward to one foot in front of the other and enjoying it
  • Serendippily says: All I have to do this year is add 650 miles to last years mileage :-) I love the 700 thread so much Iโ€™m now admin for it
  • TeeBee says: What McGoo said
  • Wolstanton Plodder says: 62 miles in January is pleasing, especially as I a spell of flu early in the year. Just got to keep at it!
  • alpenrose says: I'll be trying for it again. :)
  • johntz says: Last 3 years, 694, 635, 641.. Grrrr, I WILL run 700 miles next year!!!
  • CStar says: still here :-)
  • Helegant says: It's a lot for me. But not if I actually go out and do it.
  • Bazk says: Just one race so far for next year, Endure24 reading in June. Hoping to give myself a kickstarter after a 2 month layoff.
  • FML says: 4 months of no running, physio in the new year. So not sure what 2020 will hold, but hoping to be a nice steady build up year
  • RRR-CAZ ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง says: Back for another year of fun
  • McGoohan says: 700000 miles in 202020? Count me in.
  • SarahWoo says: Will be here but won't get anywhere near 700
  • Lip Gloss says: Back for another year :-)
  • Gravic says: Looking forward to the challenge
  • WA says: Not set myself a mileage target before, but this seems a good place to start :-)
  • Jayfire says: I think I'm in for this year now.......if I've finally adjusted my settings correctly
  • Nikos says: Super excited to join!๐Ÿค” Iโ€™ve set off at a faster rate of distance than the last 4 years ..... but have no fear itโ€™ll not last ๐Ÿ˜ฑโ˜น๏ธ
    Early half at Hampton Court Palace got me here and it just made the lock down cut but I had 5 races planned in April which bit the dust!
    Looking forward to the banter in the group.... donโ€™t disappoint me Fetchies!!
  • dobbers says: Trying to manage regular runs so this hopefully is the motivation I need
Group admin: Serendippily
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