Notes from Members

  • Ima Donkey says: Plan to be in for another year
  • jennywren says: I’m in for the first time. Bit daunted by the amount of posts but I’ll do my best!
  • ageingtractor says: Highest ever mileage total in 2020 but more than happy to settle back in to familiar and friendly 700 territory
  • Jason W says: Going to give it another try...
  • Lizzie Whizz says: Walking
  • Wazelle the Gazelle says: Hoping to have fewer weeks when there is no running at all
  • Southcoastpete says: Thought about having a go at 1000 miles, but 700 miles again this year is more realistic.
  • cerid says: In, although really going for 1000.
  • Pothunter says: Probably the friendliest group on Fetch :-)
  • Diogenes says: Hey, I’m in already, how did that happen?
  • Serendippily says: All I have to do this year is add 200 miles to last years mileage :-) I love the 700 thread so much I’m now admin for it
  • TeeBee says: What McGoo said
  • Wolstanton Plodder says: Made it to 700 today running over ice and snow. Glutton for punishment so count me in for 2021.
  • alpenrose says: I'll be trying for it again. :)
  • johntz says: Last 3 years, 694, 635, 641.. Grrrr, I WILL run 700 miles next year!!!
  • CStar says: still here :-)
  • Helegant says: It's a lot for me. But not if I actually go out and do it.
  • stilldreaming says: Got to 699 miles in 2020 :-)
  • Bazk says: Just one race so far for next year, Endure24 reading in June. Hoping to give myself a kickstarter after a 2 month layoff.
  • FML says: 4 months of no running, physio in the new year. So not sure what 2020 will hold, but hoping to be a nice steady build up year
  • RRR-CAZ 🇬🇧 says: Back for another year of fun
  • McGoohan says: 700000 miles in 202020? Count me in.
  • SarahWoo says: Will be here but won't get anywhere near 700
  • Lip Gloss says: Back for another year :-)
  • Gravic says: Looking forward to the challenge
  • WA says: Not set myself a mileage target before, but this seems a good place to start :-)
  • Carpathius says: DON'T BE DAUNTED BY THE THREAD! :) We chat loads but just join in xxx
  • Nikos says: Super excited to join!🤔 I’ve set off at a faster rate of distance than the last 4 years ..... but have no fear it’ll not last 😱☹️
    Early half at Hampton Court Palace got me here and it just made the lock down cut but I had 5 races planned in April which bit the dust!
    Looking forward to the banter in the group.... don’t disappoint me Fetchies!!
  • dobbers says: Trying to manage regular runs so this hopefully is the motivation I need
  • LindsD says: I'm in
  • Cheeky’s Dad says: I’m back in. Loved it in 2020 - the friendliest thread on Fetch (IMHO - other excellent threads are available!)
  • Bintmcskint says: In again. Will need to try harder to keep up with the thread!
  • Mandymoo says: Not a chance in hell I will do 700 miles but I want still stay here please
  • Columba says: I'll stick around for the company, though 700 miles has become unattainable.
  • Autumnleaves says: The miles will hopefully not be an issue, keeping up with the thread might be!
  • Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) says: Why wouldn’t I ?? :-)
  • Groundhog says: Back for more fun and frolics :-)
  • Peregrinator says: Is there anywhere else to be?
  • Corrah says: Am back for another year of fun and frolics. I might even run a bit :)
  • PaulaMc says: 👋
  • Treacle says: I'm in - I started doing a virtual LEJOG back in October, which finishes 26th October 2021, so this feels like it fits in nicely.
  • Sombrero says: moon
  • Star says: Hi.....can I come back!
  • northernslowcoach says: where else would I be :)
  • AdrianB1066 says: Should get me out the door a bit more often.
  • JenHB says: In, although I actually need to do 874 miles (for the virtual runner uk LeJog annual challenge)
  • Welshpoppy says: I am in but aiming I never set a target as it can jinx me.
Group admin: Serendippily

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