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A group for anyone wishing to take part in this years Secret Santa a place to pop in some likes dislikes and clues to you.

If you’re taking part please take part. Thank you

Notes from Members

  • LindsD says: This is exciting! No alcohol or meat-based gifts, thanks. Nothing rude.
    Love chocolate, music, run, swim, cycle, climb, read.

  • Mandymoo says: Eeeek so exciting I love FSS. No longer a runner, but love just being outside either walking the dog, cycling, swimming or being in the garden. Have 4 grandsons who take up a lot of my time too. Yeast intolerance, cant stand coffee but other than that ok. Not overly keen on choc but do love old fashioned sweets. Not one for smelly bath stuff, candles etc either.
  • DoricQuine says: I'm easy to please and love surprises. Would be delighted with absolutely anything except scented candles :)
  • Wine Legs says: I love homemade/handmade. I loathe plastic junk. Practical, edible (gluten free) or alcoholic is always a good option.
  • Old Croc says: here we go again, mine will arrive late I always think have loads of time to spare then suddenly it's the week before...……...
  • Lizzie W says: I love FSS! Another non-rude person here. I'm not running at the moment but trying to be adventurous and inspire our 8yo to be outdoorsy. I want to walk the whole South Downs Way in chunks. I like maps, cooking, Chocolate, coffee...
  • Autumnleaves says: Always love FSS! I love surprises, and will try to scatter some clues about. Nothing rude please :) Edible goodies welcome, also bath/shower stuff, books, running socks always welcome!
  • Pinkliverbird says: I love FSS. I'm happy with anything but nothing rude please - The Christmas present opening ritual is always a family affair :-)

    I love the long distance and have recently got into ultra running and long distance backpacking as well. Hoping to do several ultras next year and also walk the South West Coast Path carrying my tent etc. It's 630 miles long, so I'm going to do as much as my joints and sanity will allow me. I'm reading a book at the moment about a homeless couple who did the whole thing in one go :-) I really need to learn to read a map if I'm going to do this. My map reading skills and sense of direction is abysmal :-)

    I also love cooking and baking and anything I can make from scratch I will - I make my own mincemeat for the mince pies :-) hat decorate
  • geordiegirl says: whoo hoo nice to see so many people here. I am quite easily pleased and love FSS so much the ingenuity of gifts I've received have been fab and thankfully my victims seem to have liked theirs over the years too.

    So about me, I've just entered the F50 age group, I have just entered the world or ultra running.... and loved it (at the end) and clocked up 7 marathons so I guess I must like those too. Definitely loving the long distances. What I need to get better at is consistent mileage and commuting to work by running would help that no end.

    Other than running we have a boat which is my weekend get away and love my little Lakeland Terrier. Just landscaped the garden and won the battle for a pizza oven - well its great carb loading fuel after all. I enjoy cooking and reading. I like chocolate that is just chocolate although I do make exceptions for florentines and coconut. Although I prefer to spend any spare calories on a glass of wine!

    We're off to Oz for 6 weeks next year, cant wait but really would love to lose some weight before I go (failing miserably) or learn to be happy in my own skin - not sure which is easier.

    Dislikes would be anything rude otherwise that's it oh and peanut butter & cinnamon hahah
  • Trin says: Happy with anything, just love being a part of this... it's the best thing about Christmas 😊
  • Winniefree says: I’m in :-) there’s not much I wouldn’t appreciate - will try to blog more in case that helps!
  • soozie says: I'm recovering from foot surgery so am sadly not running or swimming again any time soon. I'm vegetarian, I enjoy reading cult classics (as long as it's not scary), eating/drinking chocolate, cuddles with my little dog and keeping warm. Not a fan of candles or anything scented that will make me sneeze! Nothing rude please.
  • Raemond says: Oooo, just realised I've not posted here yet.
    I'm generally very easily pleased, although I do intensely dislike the colour pink or anything unicorn themed. And somehow I'm allergic to tea and lovely heavy velvety red wines (it's the tanin. I'm only sad about the wine, I've never liked tea).
    Apart from that, I'm a bit of a goth who likes knitting, reading, sleeping, swimming, rugby, running, biking, sleeping, chocolate, rum, nature, and sleeping.
    I like silly things, christmassy things, home made things, useful things, edible/drinkable things... most things, really.
    I live between Brussels and a small village in the south of the Netherlands with Sam Jelfs of this parish, my cat, and our two spanish greyhounds.
  • DocM says: Happy with anything. Always like socks, gloves or chocolate. not much of a reader. I do yoga and pilates as well as quite a few miles of running. love my dogs. I dont drink
  • Love Lettuce says: Ooohh, FSS! No alcohol, meat or cinnamon please. Other than that I'm easy to please and like surprises. If you're struggling for ideas...running or swimming related things are always a winner - especially things that help with the cold/dark. I have been known to blog about books (July 2019). Also, I LOVE home-made gifts: other people's talent delights me :-)
  • richmac says: heellloooo everyone. Large sums of money or TKmaxx vouchers are always appreciated, apart from that stalk away and use your imagination :-)
  • Silvershadow says: Didn’t get involved last year but missed it so I’m back. Food based gifts are always appreciated but no wasteful plastic please.
  • Eynsham Red says: My first FSS 😟. I’m not very good at picking up hints so suggestions will need to be fairly blatant 😀
    I’m fairly fond of sweet things. Dark toweling trainer liners, running gloves, Decathlon vouchers, and to be honest almost anything would be happily received.🎄🎄
    🎄. Oh, did I mention chocolate truffles? Oh, and butter tablet/crumbly fudge.
  • Carpathius says: Love FSS! I don't drink alcohol or coffee but apart from that I'm quite easy. Love flowers, birds and pretty things. fish
  • westmoors says: I love surprises!

    Amazon wish list
  • MDrewett says: Pretty easy to please I think :) I have a few blogs which may help my stalker... I've just got an allotment which will be next year's excitement, along with a sunny cruise which we booked during our rainy annual leave this summer! I have a cat called Willow. Love crumbly fudge, choccy (not the fruity sort) and choc mints. I am trying to have more baths to relax rather than just speedy showers and am dabbling with the ever popular bath bombs... hopefully that will give some ideas :-)
  • The Scribbler says: I love Fetch Secret Santa. No alcohol or coffee for me thanks. Running stuff, stationery, anything book related or dark chocolate will raise a smile - but I love a surprise and appreciate the thought more than the value.
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: You'll find me mostly on instagram @sadoldgothrunner. I am vegan and don't get on with coconut. Also white chocolate and olives are the devil's work. Anything else massively appreciated :)
  • Sombrero says: I like the seaside, cats, art and weird things.
    I will be opening in front of my child and girlfriend so nothing too cheeky please! :-)
  • Ness says: :) I love ss! I love chocolate and sweets but would also be delighted by any gift apart from scented candles.
  • Garfield says: My favourite time of the year. Chocolate loving vegetarian who runs, cycles and walks a hands are always cold! Nothing rude and no smellies please. :)
  • Strutbrother says: Oh how I love Christmas! This is a lovely idea and I'm so looking forward to my first Fetch Secret Santa! The only things I don't like are apples and celery, although I'd imagine it's unlikely that Secret Santa would send me them! Just happy to be part of this! x
  • Happy Cat says: I'm a plodder and doing lots of races next year. Nothing rude please as pressie to be opened with family! I'd love a running journal, or a running based cookbook as I struggle to be inventive with food!! Always in need of running socks (I'm an 8) and buffs. Thank you for whatever I receive, I really appreciate your time and effort
  • ultradunc says: I did a SS years ago sent a gift out but don’t remember what I received 🙄
    I’m a biscuit lover and some chocolate too sometimes together and they are my only vices now.
  • runningmumof3boys says: I swim I bike I run. I’m not a drinker

    I appreciate and love anything bike related. Anything with bike on it gets pride of place in my house !! But really I just appreciate a nice surprise (nothing rude please ! Not that I’m a prude but I’d rather something if use/like than a man in a can like I got
    When I was in an office job one year haha)
  • geordiemum says: Hello I am mum to geordiegirl and I love that we run together sometimes. So I love running, I also enjoy doing flower arranging both for me and friends and also for the church. I am an older fetchie in body but young at heart. I enjoy chocolate (a bit too much) and cheese and also do enjoy a tipple. I would prefer not to receive

    anything rude.

    My husband & I enjoy walks and especially to the coast when I finally sit down I enjoy knitting, baking and reading.

    I am looking forward to this again and getting to know my gift recipient. I will try to be more active at least on the thread.
  • monsenb1 says: Good to back doing FSS again this year. I'm a sci-fi (especially Star Trek) and football (Tottenham Hotspur is my team) loving runner, that is trying to get into swimming. Appreciate anything to be honest, running stuff always welcome, books, sweet stuff and anything else to do with any of the above. Just happy to be here!
  • WA says: Hi! Nothing rude please! Part time runner, part time NHS worker, full time mum and all that entails. When I'm not doing all that, I love knitting and embroidery/cross stitch, reading,

    puzzles, and ironing*
    *I was joking about the ironing. Please, please please don't send me scented candles or bath bombs or anything heavily fragranced. :-)
  • 1step2far says: Ohhh bit late to the group. Sorry!!... No alcohol or anything rude please. Not running much, but cycling lots and lots. Getting back in to swimming. Love chocolate, dr who.. and Joan Hickson miss marple... don't ask! Just generally excited about it!
  • BaronessBL says: Joining the group a bit late due to holiday and then no internet! This is my third year as a FSS santa/recipient and I love it. I will be opening my gift in front of a 95 year old relative who is staying with us though so please nothing rude/shocking!! I suffer from Raynauds so I always have cold hands in winter so running glove (or normal gloves) are always useful. I love reading too and will be dropping hints about books in my blog and on the Read a book for each year of your life thread - I am happy (in fact usually prefer) books to come from second-hand or charity shops - obviously as long as they've got all their pages!!
    I don't like candles - with an excitable dog in the house who can take things of pretty much any surface they are just too much of a risk. I do however like lip balms, hand creams and anything else that's helpful for aging skin that's been out in the cold weather!! I would have no problem with receiving alcohol and was eyeing up the miniature bottles of gins and others in the supermarket yesterday as potential stocking fillers for family members too. Other than that - please stalk me and I'll try to drop clues in my blog and forum posts too. I'm on the Real Ale Drinkers thread, the Woof Bark and Whine, Read a book for every year of your life, and The Archers threads mostly!
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