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For people interested in a 15th anniversary shirt or vest. Yes, they are garish - but that's the whole deal with anniversary shirts. NB please excuse the round collar. We are aiming for v-neck with the final design. Price expected to be £26, and aspiring to plastic-free packaging.

Notes from Members

  • RichHL says: I'll have a red vest and a black tee with a ruff.
  • FraserFud says: sweet
  • Serendippily says: Yes please. Vest for preference but I’ll take a tee. Size 14 or thereabouts
  • DocM says: Liking the adjustment to the wording on the back.
  • Rosehip says: I still think the 15 is a tiny bit too big, but I'd like a red T and a black vest to replace my lost one. Please can we have an accurate size chart when we order - my current Fetch kit is all just a little bit snug
  • Garfield says: Yes please in red, size small.
  • johntz says: That away kit is filthy. I want it...
  • Stumpy says: yay! love them. preference, as Mrs Jigs said, is scoop or v neck. they will be brilliant.
  • Lorraine says: Yes please but only if scoop or v neck, I feel like I am being strangled in round necks
  • Dr PhFleecyD says: I’ll have to go for vest in one colour and T-shirt in the other!!
  • Love Lettuce says: Yes please! Love the black and yellow: it's particularly garish and visible!
  • The Scribbler says: Red vest size M please. Thank you
  • Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) says: Bank transfer made today 23 July :-)

    Always has to be red for me (my favourite colour) scoop or vneck preferably, round neck is uncomfortable. Love the design.
  • SailorSteve says: Like.
  • mulbs says: Ladies fit? Size 12, one of each for me
  • Gus says: Black and loud size 14 tee
  • Fenland Flier says: Just shown the wife and she’s refusing to wash this shirt if I buy one 🙁
  • smallclanger says: Oooh love it!
  • JogWalker says: Yep. Would have red/yellow in a running shirt and black in a post-run t-shirt. Love em both and if there was only one design then I'd just have that. Count me in.
  • Sushi. says: Oooh yes please!!!!

    Spoilt for choice
  • runnerbean says: Blimey can’t decide which one ....
  • geordiegirl says: Order for a vest placed and paid for ... now did someone mention new ruffs? Where are they 🤔
  • Groundhog says: I'll go for a black Tee men's medium
  • Dragon_Reborn says: Need a new t-shirt. I'll get one but Lord Fetch MUST have a ruff to distinguish himself from us peasants!!! The 15 is a little big.
    Would have loved one but getting made redundant...
  • Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble) says: Yes, please - a red t for me :-) although I will have to blag the first 5 years of Fetch ;-)
  • Sombrero says: Black and yellow t-shirt for me when they're available
  • pixiedh says: Vest if poss , or both ??? Love em! x
  • Spally says: Could do with a new fetch T-shirt or vest - size 16 please
  • Turkhish says: Great …….a large black for me...…..great love it
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