Notes from Members

  • Carpathius says: Ohhhhh yeaaaaaaaah :)
  • Helegant says: DOMS after a run/walked ParkRun on NYD? Can I make it to 700?
  • Southcoastpete says: Count me in :)
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Hiya! I'm also in 1500 thread (such a tart ! ) but last year only just to over 700, so thought maybe 700 is a better place for me to be! We shall see! :-) G
  • Snail says: I'm playing catch up already!
  • Pompey Paul says: This is Hotel California, right?
  • johntz says: I can do it, I can! Maybe.
  • Pothunter says: :-)
  • Mave says: I might actually show up this year!
  • Turkhish says: Running mojo is back ……...we will see!
  • Lemon10 says: Count me in for 2019 please!
  • LazyDaisy says: I didn't know I had to rejoin! *hurries in, a little out of breath*
  • SarahWoo says: I won't get to 700 but that is neither necessary nor sufficient ;)
  • Diogenes says: I'm only here for the beer
  • LindsD says: Oh my! I'm late.
  • photoset says: would be rude not to
  • Ima Donkey says: The target gives me a goal and keeps me going. Year 6, I think.
  • um says: Survived the madness of 2018, so risking the 2019 version
  • meadowsboy says: My knee seems to be better,a proper go at 700 in 2019
  • CStar says: Well obviously.
  • Columba says: No hope of reaching 700, but sticking with the group anyway because you're all lovely.
  • mjthomas says: With a marathon and 5 ultras in the diary I should be hitting 700 miles during summer if all goes to plan
  • McGoohan says: I have a race on NYD so good to be able to join asap
  • ageingtractor says: Happy to give it another go after a decent 2018
  • Lizzie W says: Wannabe runner
  • alpenrose says: I'm in again. :)
  • Dooogs says: *false start - everyone slinks back to the starting blocks* :)
  • Sigh says: *waves*
  • Bintmcskint says: Hello :-)
  • 12barDavid says: Morning all, I’d like to join the “700” forum again. Where did 2018 go?
  • northernslowcoach says: Here we go again :)
  • Mandymoo says: Am really going to try for 700 this year - just need my stupid body to allow it to happen
  • funkyPOM says: or 1126.54km if you're in metric land.....
  • Serendippily says: Stand by your beds we are ready to Rock and Roll :-)
  • Wolstanton Plodder says: steady 3 miles this afternoon including Christmas card delivery. Target now looming
  • Peregrinator says: Probably should've joined this earlier in 2019. Still, nothing like a challenge.
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