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  • Autumnleaves says: I do love a surprise, but a good loud whistle would be handy - the one I have for coaching isn't loud enough! Running related things are always nice - although I am currently well stocked with gloves. Do like nice things to go in a hot bath post-run, and lotions or potions for tired and sore legs.
  • Irontubs says: Love love love FSS, the best gift of the year- no pressure Santa LOL
    I'm happy with almost anything, got quite a lot of smellies but then they never go wrong when you're training and showering as much as I will be. I'll update if I think of anything else to avoid ;-) ;-)
  • westmoors says: Prefer practical gifts rather than novelty ones. Otherwise, fairly easy to please! I know that's not much help, but I will be grateful for whatever I receive ;-)
  • LorraineS says: loves cats, parkrun, Zumba, Body Balance, knitting - hates unnecessary rudeness
  • Duchess says: I am a terrible victim to stalk as I haven't been around much this year, and not really running (or anything else) at the moment. I'll be back.... I love surprises, so my FSS is usually my absolute favourite present and gets opened under the covers as soon as I wake up (so nobody around to be shocked :-) ). I love shoes, jewellery, gin, books, rugby and opera and spend a lot of weekends hanging around the Scottish countryside in high viz shouting at recalcitrant ultra runners. Unfussy vegetarian with a sweet tooth, but very firm opinions about "smellies".
  • CStar says: Back again. I'm a 6'2", size 9 shoed/socked runner who cycles a bit and is just starting to learn to swim freestyle. I eat everything, with a particular fondness for chocolate. Alcohol, funny rudeness and books are all appreciated. In fact I'm v happy with anything really. :-)
  • stilldreaming says: I'd be grateful for any FSS gift, so really not fussy (that's not helpful though, is it?). Love running, fell walking, trail running and reading (particularly travel-related books). Thank you :-)
  • Raemond says: Hello all :)
    I'm very easily amused and find almost everything interesting, so odds are extremely high that I'll love whatever you think of! Having said that, I do harbour a pronounced dislike of the colour pink, anything unicorn related, and tea (I'm actually allergic to tea, it makes me feel very sick). I particularly like chocolate, booze, and making things with yarn and beads and suchlike (and swimming, biking and running, obvs). My big goal for next year is a half-iron distance at Almere in September, and crewing for my GUCRing other half.
  • Night-owl says: Hello its me. I love FSS and its the thought that counts not terribly materialistic. Of course I like running just restarting. In a new flat my own place have a sheer but no bath. Love books. Expect by Christmas I'll be very tired working nights does that to you so will be relaxing on my day off. Not really a candle person though. But whatever I get I'll love it
  • geordiemum says: I am georgiegirl's mum and love to go running with her, we really enjoy running over the fells and woods near where we live. I also enjoy reading a good book, cooking with ny nieces children and flower arranging, I do a lot of flower displays for my church. Apart from running I enjoy swimming and walking. I may be getting a bit older but I am young at heart (and still hope to wing walk one day)
  • geordiegirl says: I am starting to really get into longer distance running and have signed up to a 7hr endurance run, 2 marathons and possibly a 24hr endurance run! I'm particularly interested in barefoot running (well with vibrams) and much prefer trails over road which means I'm often covered in mud. I love a good soak in the bath after a long run, like cooking, reading, and trying to make time for more x-training especially yoga. Ultimately love the personal side of FSS and trying to find something nice for someone we may not know, the only thing I don't really do is rude stuff and don't particularly have a sweet tooth. Thank you Santa and your Elves for keeping this wonderful tradition going.
  • Girlie says: I love the SS. Happy with anything. I enjoy pole dancing running (of course) and just getting into crochet although I'm a regular knitter.

    I'm hoping to tackle my first Ultra next year - The Wall.
  • Carpathius says: I like flowers and birds, running longish races and am trying to be plastic-free. I don't drink alcohol and hate coffee and coconut but apart from that anything goes. I love FSS heart
  • Mandymoo says: Am a gin lover and keep making my own with different flavours. Love my garden and the animals that we get in it, love my daily dog walks, running and cycling oh and the family :-) . Not keen on chocolate, hate coffee or anything with caffeine in and love cinnamon and coconut in any form. Have a yeast intolerance so nothing that ferments, no grapes, wine, beer, cider (sob sob) the list goes on. Hope that helps
  • sallykate says: I like crafty stuff, gardening, cooking, reading and of course, running, cycling and swimming. Nothing smelly, rude or edible please! Except super-dark chocolate...mmmm. I do blog quite regularly but it's buddies only at the moment which might not be very useful...
  • Trin says: I'm happy with anything, although no dvd's because we don't have anything to play them on. I'm just happy to be here :)
  • Garfield says: Nothing rude please. :) I run, yoga and love dark chocolate...thanks very much in advance! :)
  • The Scribbler says: Love FSS. No booze or anything too rude for me please. I like running, reading, writing, Star Wars, Doctor Who and loads of stuff. Anything ethical, responsible or that supports local business is a really thoughtful gift. There are pics on my Fetch gallery of previous FSS gifts which have been brilliant (no pressure). Oh and I'll be travelling to Africa (Rwanda and Zambia) in the next 2 years
  • MDrewett says: Hopefully my blogs will give my santa some ideas, so if you've not had a look, last year's is probably the most helpful! Nothing rude please but I think I am quite easy to please. I love pink things, being organised, have a shiny new white kitchen so am looking forward to getting baking and cooking, have a cute (if a little chubby) cat and exercise mainly so I can get away with eating more (although do try to be healthy-ish)!
  • Rosehip says: Hello Santas and elves :) - where did the year go?
    I always need socks and gloves as my dog likes to chew them, bu having any surprise present to unwrap makes me happy :) There's not much I dislike other than coconut, cinnamon, dates, cherries and those chocolates with alcohol in them.
  • BaronessBL says: This is only my second FSS and if last year's Santa is reading this you were truly thoughtful and wonderful - thank you. I think I would be happy with pretty much whatever is chosen for me although I am going to try and drop a few clues in blogs/threads in the next week or so. As a starter though, I like chocolate (prefer dark to milk or white choc) I have no problem with receiving a present with alcohol (!) I can't imagine that Fetchies send each other rude presents but as others have said it perhaps they do - so nothing rude also please. I am forever losing gloves, both 'normal' and running and I get through walking socks and 'welly' socks like nobody's business!
  • LindsD says: Run, swim, cycle. Love chocolate. And books. No alcohol or rude presents, please.
  • 1step2far says: Ohhh very nervous but excited too... my 1st time doing FSS after 10 years on Fetch! I'm stalking. Hints... hmmm... I don't drink so alcohol tad pointless. Fussy with chocolate too... trying to be plastic free so soaps are great. Love swimming and my new bike, Dr who and my stray moggy... but excited by anything... That's rather the point :-)
  • Winniefree says: Easily pleased, love music and running and wildlife and notebooks and baths :-)
  • Happy Cat says: Pressie opened in front of family - nothing rude please. Love gin, but might be hard to post, chocolate. Maybe a nice journal for logging my runs in. Desperately in need of more compression socks (size 8) or a nice running beanie. Love books too! Just not scary ones... Thank you for whatever I receive 😊
  • DocM says: Love being warm ( especially my hands and feet), I eat anything and like things that put a smile on my face. Size wise, I'm very small
  • Pinkliverbird says: I'm happy with anything - although maybe nothing rude please as opening prezzies is always a family affair. I love food/cooking, running (of course) and insanity. Training for an ultra - I just love the long distances and always run on my own. I love the solitude when running, keeps me from going completely insane :-). Also, Oil burners, oil diffusers (and stuff of that ilk) things to do with Buddhism (but not books on Buddhism), in fact, I love FSS, so anything my Santa chooses will be fab :-)
  • DoricQuine says: I would be happy with absolutely anything that would put a smile on my face Christmas morning ........... apart from scented candles! ;)
  • Lizzie W says: Hello, currently on the injured step. I like cooking, art, turquoise, thoughtful things (Nothing rude please). My 7yr old takes up most of my mental energy! Thanks for being my FSS.
  • kwala says: Love FSS - best part of Christmas for me because it's usually the only surprise!! Nothing rude for me and I can't eat chocolate, other than that anything goes!
  • HellsBells says: happy with anything, but nothing rude please. I like chocolate, walking and sunshine. Mr HB and I are planning to walk the coast to coast next year, we like birds and wildlife. I have loads of hats, gloves and socks,, Keen knitter but have enough yarn to last beyond my lifetime. Trying to be as plastic free as possible.
  • Debstir says: Trying to calorie-count so as much as I love chocs and sweeties, best steer clear of them ;-) Can't really go wrong with 'me-time treats' whether that's smellies or gin 😆 Training needs to ramp up for my first middle distance tri in 2019 (s'ok though, I've got my wetsuit and bike already ;-) ). That's probably not been much help, eh.....
  • monsenb1 says: Anything appreciated. i love running, swimming, scifi, footy (THFC), eating, drinking... Love FSS.. so grateful for anything
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