Notes from Members

  • Lana says: Yes please. I'll stand out in the crowd (though not for my swimming!) 😁
  • pussy cat says: yes please!!
  • SlownOld says: You can never have enough hats....
  • DavidGould says: I failed to get my act together to be in the 1st tranche of 50, but I'd like one of those beauties.
  • Miss Sweden says: Yes 😀
  • Rosehip says: yes please :)
  • Nightjar says: Moi too
  • Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble) says: just the motivation I need to beat my phobia. will my new hat make me swim like a dolphin
  • LazyDaisy says: Yes please!
  • lammo says: Yes please
  • clare1976 says: Yes please! x
  • ferret says: :-) fish definitely need this hat
  • LindsD says: Me, me, me!
  • Angus Clydesdale says: Bong bing indeed! :)
  • Bintmcskint says: Yep, fish Bint needs a hat :-)
  • snogard says: Yes please
  • GlennR says: Yes please.
  • Stotty says: One hat for me please. Ta.
  • Thinno says: Will this swimming hat of awesomeness make me faster, like some kind of RPG upgrade? I do hope so - count me in!
  • Silvershadow says: 2 please
  • Schnecke says: One for me please
  • geordiegirl says: Yes please, just what I need to get me into the swimming pool!
  • Oranj says: Oooh, lovely, it's arrived! fish fish fish
  • Lorraine says: Yes please
  • RichHL says: Fetch and rubber. Two fetishes in one.
  • totalbeginner says: I will update you all if it makes me go faster!
  • Max71 says: If they are shaped ones for people with lots of hair. Regular ones don't even come close.
  • serasqueak says: yes please!
  • Rebel says: Me please!
  • Spanners99 says: yep count me in
  • sallykate says: Yay! More Fetch kit :-)
  • Ebb says: Yes please
  • Silver Strider says: yes please
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