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We're looking at ordering a new batch of shirts and vests, returning to our original supplier, Ron Hill - and design-wise, they'll be pretty close to the original Fetch style, with a few little alterations, including a bit of stuff on the back.

The shirts will be sublimation printed - this means that the sides won't be multiple panels stitched together, but the front and back will each be one piece of cloth with the different colours printed on it.

I'm just putting the feelers out to see who's interested. Shirts and vests will be approximately £25, in mens and ladies cut. Join the group if interested, and in the group comments, please indicate your approximate size, and your man- or lady-ness, so I can get an idea of numbers.

Thanks :-)

Notes from Members

  • Reach Outrunner says: Men's medium vest please.
  • paulsmithrunner says: Men's medium vest please
  • Rosehip says: I'd like a ladies vest -not sure on size - M or probably L
  • ageingtractor says: Mens t-shirt L size for me please
  • FreshStart says: I think my current Fetch vest is an XL :-O :-)
  • simong says: Men's T-shirt in S
  • northernslowcoach says: I’m a lady :) a medium short sleeved would be lovely
  • Trail-tigs says: If there is a vest & T shirt both please in medium. Thanks
  • Turkhish says: Would love a large vest.......having just joined FERC.....
  • paulhiles says: I would love to have a black / yellow medium size shirt to replace my old Fetch vest (with the stitched side panels)
  • Bosun Tony says: Still race in my "old" style top.....need a new one ! The ones I bought always seemed to be a bit neat, I get a large when I'm usually a medium. Hope the sizes are ok with the new ones !
  • Nicholls595 says: I do like a nice bit of kit :-) XL for me please
  • Autumnleaves says: If there is a long sleeved option that would be fab but I know they are less popular and I wouldn't say no to a vest either. Usually M in ladies fit - 10-12 :)
  • Mandymoo says: Would love a vest - v neck please not round and depending on size would need to be a good size 14 (ample bust allowance needed)

    Would be interested in t shirt too depending on neck line
  • Lip Gloss says: Woauld like a new vest - hopefully they are slightly longer than the old version. Size M ladies
  • StewartC says: Mens large vest for me please
  • Lizzie W says: Woman-shape 18/20
  • Bob! says: I'm a medium man
  • HellsBells says: Ladies, usually L or UK 14
  • Bintmcskint says: Hello
    I guess I'm an XS or S depending on how it works out. Size 6-8 UK. Would love a vest and, as AL says, a long sleeved top if that's on the radar.
    Oh and I'm a lady (no matter what anyone might say) :-)
  • Eynsham Red says: I’d like a medium manly vest.

    Will the colours be the same or similar to the last batch of shirts?
  • runnerbean says: Lady-ness medium shirt please
  • ishep 🇪🇺 says: Men's shirt in M for me... my old one is getting a bit tired and, erm, small (nothing to do with belly)
  • minardi says: Ladies vest - usually medium (& I’m so happy you’re considering going back to the original)
  • RunningRonnie says: Men's XL T- shirt. Although Ron hill sizing used to be quite tight, so not sure if any bigger is an option?
  • .B. says: Usually women’s 8
  • NDWDave says: I could do with another Medium tshirt please
  • phidip says: Men's large, after looking at sizing chart here
  • Corona says: XXXL Bloke - T, short & long sleeve
  • 12barDavid says: Yes please Lord Fetch.
    Extra Large men's for me.
    Would prefer a long sleeve top, but happy if your only ordering short sleeve.
    I have great faith in your judgement, aaarrrgghhh.
  • Corrah says: I could do with some updated kit. Like the idea of a long sleeved ladies fit :) Could also be doing with a new vest I reckon.
  • Sigh says: Currently somewhere betw. 2XL & 3XL, working towards getting back into XL!
  • Cyclops says: A long-sleeved ladies fit would be nice - in a size L/14
  • Lorraine says: Lady-ness vest or short sleeve size s or UK 8-10
  • bonners says: Yes please, large in Ronhill vests, one please and get some extras so I can point family towards them for an extra at birthday or Xmas time 😁 I'm a bloke, and I would also be interested in a long sleeve top
  • Sushi. says: Vest. M probably.
  • alpenrose says: Time I had a vest, ladies M please.
  • StuH says: Was just thinking the other day I could do with a shirt. L for me.
  • Happy Cat says: Vest and top please. I’m a ladies 18/20 - happy for men’s xl or xxl if women’s doesn’t come up big sizing to make life easier for you.
  • g1ngerrevolution says: Men's cut shirt in XL or XXL depending on sizing.
  • LindsD says: Vest. Lady (ish). Prob M or 10-12. Cheers!
  • Fenland Flier says: Men’s small t-shirt for me please.
  • MovingAlong says: Mens shirt in M for me!
  • Rrunner says: Small, male for a vest please fetch.
  • Sqwelshy66 says: Mens XL shirt for me please!
  • smallclanger says: PS.. I’d also like it a bit longer than my original fetch top... please?if like a ladies medium t shirt ta x
  • WA says: I'm a whole lotta woman, so ladies large or xl depending on sizing. No-one needs to see my shoulders, so a t-shirt is preferable
  • colindglen says: A medium and definitely male
  • mulbs says: I have ladyness and would like a vest to suit please, usually a size 10-12 so I'd guess a medium?
  • mattglen_ says: My current Ronhill Fetch vest is XXL and fits great, but my Ronhill Fetch Short Sleeve is XL, so I'm assuming sizes will be similar?
  • snogard says: I would like a long or short sleeved top, thank you. Ladies size 12-14
  • Guacamailie says: I'd definitely go for a ladies fit tee, size 8 so a S or XS depending on the fit.
  • FurryH says: Blokey XL t shirt.
  • Worthy57 says: Large mans t-shirt thingy would be nice.
  • Spiggot says: Ladies t shirt (long sleeved preferred but otherwise short fine) size M please. Actually would prefer short sleeve top please :-)
  • George Smiley says: I'd like men's large shirt please
  • Badger says: Male, large and my original t shirt is beginning to wear out :)
  • Groundhog says: Men's medium t-shirt would be nice. Thanks.
  • SailorSteve says: I'm certainly interested. I'd like a men's Large vest please.
  • Gus says: Ladies uk size 14 short sleeve tshirt please
  • Bjd says: Ladies L long or short sleeved
  • pixiedh says: womens small vest and tshirt please ! x
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