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Join this group if you'd like to trial our new GPS game - coming soon.

Notes from Members

  • mr d says: Why not šŸ˜Š
  • Little Nemo says: New game, I'm in :-)
  • pedroscalls says: Sounds like fun
  • alpenrose says: I'll give it a whirl.
  • GlennR says: Iā€™m up for it.
  • 57.5 Degrees of Pain says: Are Scotland's less restrictive trespassing laws going to help me, or will I end up lost in a bog ;-).
  • sallykate says: Intriguing! And wondering if it means I'll need to run through neighbours' gardens...
  • Seratonin says: It certainly gives training a competitive edge :-)
  • DocM says: Iā€™m always game !
  • Rog T says: well up for this :D
  • BarefootEm says: I love fetch games!!!
  • Wezza says: Anything to do Hobbits on adventures? That would be cool. :) count me in either

  • Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB) says: Hope this helps my motivation
  • westmoors says: Love the fetch games that get me out there!
  • Gooner says: I need something to kick my ass back out the door
  • Corrah says: Hoping this can encourage me to get myself out yhe door and moving on a more regular basis again :)
  • Elsie Too says: Sounds fun
  • hurricanehamlyn says: Happy to help
  • CStar says: Rude not to.
  • Pompey Paul says: Always good to try out new things
  • Winniefree says: Happy to give it a whirl :-)
  • GimmeMedals says: Iā€™m liking this concept šŸ‘
  • Rosehip says: sounds fun :)
  • NDWDave says: How exciting...
  • mol says: Sounds good
  • Wriggling Snake says: Battleships!
  • IanS says: Could be interesting given I have two sets of army barracks, a private school and a private golf course in my circle but never mind :-)
  • chunkywizard says: Sounds good
  • geordiegirl says: Coming back from injury so this may provide me with some interest to get out there regardless especially if I don't have to put in big miles thanks Fetch
  • Daddy Kong says: Count me in!
  • Corona says: Why not :-)
  • cackleberry says: The dog will play too!
  • DavidGould says: Sounds like a giggle. Name? How about "Square Off" ?
  • magnumpti says: Might get back into running properly and off the bike!
  • Cog Noscensme AHA says: Let's give this a try. What could possibly go wrong?
  • WtnMel says: Sounds like good fun. As to the name - how about Gasbags (get a square; bag a great score) :)
  • _andy says: How about "Square's Pace"? Any homophonic similarities would be entirely co-incidental
  • ferret says: :-) oh yes more fun
  • Kittenheels Kath says: I didn't understand the idea of the game, but happy to join in, you know me. How about calling it Running Squared.
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