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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: Run The Sum 2018

154 members [See all]

For Run The Sum challengers. On any given date, you must add up the digits in the date, and run that number of kilometres. So for example, on the 1st, you need only run 1km. On the 9th, you must run 9km. On the 10th, it's 1+0 = 1km again. On the 19th, it's 1+9 = 10km. You get the idea.

Here's the leaderboard:


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Notes from Members

  • geordiegirl says: Oh don’t think I ever did do this last time. Count me in (haha see what I did there!)
  • Barky says: New to this
  • Winniefree says: I’ll try - again!
  • Short Strider says: Currently running more days than not, so I'll see if it helps do a bit more on the days I run.
  • Mrsbridgewater says: Maybe by February I&aps;ll be able to run again!
  • BarefootEm says: Can&aps;t wait!! Maths AND running haha
  • Oranj says: I was puzzled why Lord Fetch made this a new group for February 2018 as the game runs every month of the year, but then I remembered that maybe it started life as Run Until You Drop in 2015, which was February because that's the shortest month for such a bonkers challenge: fetcheveryone.com/ruyd
  • jabberknit says: Will try this again.
  • EvilPixie says: a possible giggle
  • TeeBee says: Not sure how this fits in with marathon training, but oh well!
  • MrMole says: Conquercise (still) dominates my running life but this another way to have some running fun and has pushed me to run longer on the 28th of the month!!
  • ferret says: I’m in but may forget :-)

    & again, April.
  • andy butcher says: Why not, lets do it!!!!!!
  • Girlie says: I don&aps;t run every day but this is an accessible challenge
  • Vikas Kawatra says: I wish to stay in the challenge. Thanks
  • Shadow says: Lets give it a go
  • struthious says: FSM shows the way, r'amen
Group admin: fetcheveryone