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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Group: 100 miles a month in 2018

24 members [See all]

As the label says... For those of us aiming for 💯 each month!

Notes from Members

  • Chrisity says: Hope to do 1000 miles again this year, i know that i'll have a couple of bad months at least, but should get 100 in the good ones.
  • _andy says: Custard and porridge again
  • SirKK72 says: Try and get back on it this year, last year not so good.
  • Dave A says: I’ll give this a go in an attempt to put the last 3 years of really crap training behind me.
  • pedroscalls says: In for this year, 8/12 in 2017 so looking for at least 9/12 this time.
  • Autumnleaves says: In again - I don&aps;t manage it every month but the average is ok :)
  • Dillthedog says: Aiming for year #2, if I can avoid injuries and post marathon niggles...
  • phidip says: last 3 mos avg 80; now training for 1st marathon so here&aps;s hoping...
  • Gobi says: Just miles isnt it? Never enough to do anything useful - grumpy coach
  • DeeGee says: I&aps;ll be happy managing just one month of 100 miles.
  • PeterFay says: Here again, hoping for better than 8/12 in 2017
Group admin: fetcheveryone