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  • Pikelet says: How could I not? Always good to have company :-)
  • phidip says: Upgraded from 1000 miles, cheers!
  • RRR-CAZ 🇬🇧 says: Just upgraded from 700 miles :-)
  • slimboy says: fail at 1400 miles last year we will see what 2018 will bring
  • Foxy says: why not ?
  • Shadow says: Lets try again, will hit the target one year!
  • joint ear knee says: Some of this lot turned me into a sub 3 marathon runner, made me smile no end in the process. Super supportive.
  • Hills of Death (HOD) says: I'm aiming for 1700 as I did 1550 last year
  • StewartC says: I am really hoping to get back on track in 2018 and run a few races once the fitness returns
  • Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) says: I have set my goal for 2000 but there is no way I am missing out on the fun and banter of the 1500 thread. Good luck to all on reaching whatever goal you may set yourself, may you stay injury free and in good health in 2018.
  • Wriggling Snake says: should make it this year, usually my target but have failed lately, will do again in 2019
  • The Terminator says: For cake
  • RichHL says: I really want to get it right this year.
  • larkim says: Better late than never...
  • DocM says: here we go again
  • Gobi says: I have no idea, do I upset people, do I help ? Do I do NOTHING ? Im not sure. I use the target for no reason as it never feels like a lot but then I cant do a lot.

    Sometimes I hate my body.

    I have issues :¬)
  • Toks says: Maybe 1000 just here for the banter lol 😆
  • jennyh says: Yay :-) I&aps;m in for another year
  • Neilio says: I’m in again,tootling towards the back :)
  • westmoors says: Hoping to get nearer the target this year. Should be possible if I can stay injury free.
  • IanS says: Back again for another year. Missed the target in 2017 so time to step it up again :-)
  • jabberknit says: Yep, this is where I like to live. But 1500 is a number on my wish list, in no way is it a target or goal or anything definite like that.
  • Nellers says: Let&aps;s have another crack at this then.
  • FRU (KeepTheFaith) says: Inspiration from a hugely positive forum.... little by little in 2018 to regain strength and clock up the miles
  • Jono. says: this really is the dirty dozen of Fetchland (okay I know there is more than a dozen)
  • Unity says: Another year. Clean slate. I hope I can make it again.
  • Dave A says: This years aim is to get my fitness back with 100 per month. If that goes ok I’ve got 1500 as a secondary target.
  • Jenni-far-far says: target is at least 1500 miles, minimum of a mile every day, a race every month - hoorah!
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Great supportive group. 2017 I only just managed it (1501 ! :-O ) so though I would hope to exceed, it&aps;s still a great goal. And sooper dooper thread of course! :-) G
  • HayleyB says: Hello all. 1729 last year, hope to make this a big one, but don&aps;t think 2k is realistic...
  • wrxmania says: Aiming for 1500 miles this year. Was just short of my 1200 mile target last year but aiming bigger this year. Brian.
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