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The deadline for signing up for the 2017 edition of Fetch Secret Santa has now passed. Sorry if you missed the sleigh!

When you receive your victims details, store them somewhere safe...fmails don&aps;t hang around forever!

Spend as much (or as little) as you wish!

Parcels MUST be posted by 2nd DECEMBER. If for any reason you can&aps;t keep to this date, PLEASE contact your elf as soon as possible.

Progress is to be recorded on the spreadsheet If you have any problems accessing/amending this please contact your elf.

Notes from Members

  • kwala says: Missed out on this last year, not making that mistake again!!
    Will be more than happy with almost anything, but no chocolate, and nothing rude please. Love reading but dont do nearly enough of it - have been reminded of the book for each year of your life thing which I havent started yet, so 52 options for someone there!!! x
  • CStar says: Hopefully squeaks in only a very little late. Been in denial about Xmas.
    All my socks are getting old and worn out ;-) (size 9) But equally love to read and very partial to chocolate.
  • Pinkliverbird says: Nothing rude please Santa, as Christmas is always a family gathering. I am also vegan, so no animal or dairy products please - including chocolate, unless it is vegan chocolate :-) Other than that I am happy with anything. Ta very much :-) xxx
  • Iron_Mum says: I am not even nearly ready to start thinking about Christmas. And for that reason, I am in. (With no apostrophes.)
  • Debstir says: First off, huge apologies to my FSS! I haven&aps;t been on Fetch much lately (due to inconsistent / sporadic training!). Lost the love for running a bit lately but love mountain biking, road biking and have just discovered climbing, something else to be crap at :-) Trying to cut down on the booze and junk food.
  • Old Croc says: count me in again
  • geordiemum says: Hello first time doing secret Santa I am an older runner but enjoy running eapecially with my daughter geordiegirl.

    When I&aps;m not running I enjoy flower arranging, baking, reading, swimming, knitting. I like a lovely soak in a hot bath and a gin or. wine or 2. I don&aps;t have many dislikes other than onions and spiders!! I love the idea of secret Santa and looking forward to finding out about my victim. I&aps;m sorry I&aps;m not very active on here but you know us olds and technology..... *santa*
  • MDrewett says: Excited to be in FSS again this year, last year was great, and I have a fab victim to shop for :) Conscious I do not blog, and I am not entirely sure what settings allow non-buddies to see of my profile, so I will try and add a few notes here (wonder if the comments from 2016 are still around on Fetch *pauses to search* ah ha they are still there and much remains the same although probably ok for gloves now!).
  • BaronessBL says: Eeeek never done this before
  • Secret Squirrel says: Not done this for a couple of years but I&aps;m in this time :)
  • DoricQuine says: I have very few dislikes, apart from smelly candles and coriander :) I am more of an outdoorsy person so not really into baking and crafty things. Chocs and sweets you can have my share but do enjoy a dram or a nice gin! ;)
  • gwowen says: Yay! Sign me up again!
  • stilldreaming says: Yeah!! Thinking about Christmas and the clocks haven&aps;t even gone back yet! :D
  • The Scribbler says: Sorry, I haven&aps;t blogged much this year but I have been a MOTM and I think my interview gives a few clues to the kind of things I like. No alcohol thanks. I love books (especially Pratchett, Gaiman, Austen, Dickens), chocolate, Dr Who and Star Wars. And you really can&aps;t go wrong with stationery or running socks.
  • geordiegirl says: ooohhh so FSS is on :) YAH. I like to think I'mm easily pleased, there is very little I really don’t like (marzipan and I’m not overly fond of rude stuff) and I just love the excitement of a complete surprise. I completed my first marathon this year and I have 2 more lined up for 2017 (Kielder at night and Loch Ness for a bit of nessy spotting). So excitement all round and I love stalking so please victim be noisy!!
  • jennyh says: I’m happy with most things really, but I’m updating this in order to try to help my Santa as I don’t blog, and not sure you’d get much useful from my posts. Love running and books, so anything related to either of those is a winner. Don’t drink much so anything alcoholic probably not great. Not really into smellies or candles - or anything pink. I like chocolate (more than I should really!), lists so notebooks and pens are always welcome, socks (running or otherwise - size 6) are good. I also like yoga, music, cooking (have too many cookbooks but always a sucker for more), sci fi, football and language-learning - specifically Welsh, French and German.
  • Sombrero says: Huzzah. I&aps;m in again.
  • run-forest-run says: I&aps;m in, love the whole idea of this and have received some really thoughtful gifts :-)
  • Winniefree says: Happy times! Love FSS :-)
  • Mandymoo says: I am back again :-) So a little bit about me - love walking, running, cycling, family and gardening. Also work for British cycling and love encouraging people to get out cycling. Not keen on fruit in chocolate or chocolate to be honest, have yeast intolerance and therefore cant drink, wine, beer and cider (sob sob I do love cider). you will find me on the 700 mile thread (not that I have done anywhere near 700 miles) and the SAP thread
  • Happy Cat says: Yay so exciting!!! Love gin, dark chocolate, smellies, journaling. Doing my first marathon in April so anything important for a first timer would be good - something I might not think of. Running socks always handy (size 8!) or could do with a pair of gloves. Thank you for whatever I receive :-)
  • Irontubs says: Ssqqueeeeeee!!! :-)
  • Girlie says: Count me in again. :-)
  • Longwayround [LWR] says: Oh go on then!
  • Carpathius says: I absolutely *love* FSS :) I do not drink alcohol and I do not like nuts or rude things. I&aps;m pretty noisy on the forums :)
  • DocM says: i love running, gadgets, chocolate and more chocolate.
  • Steady Edina says: I have been waiting all year for this and I have always appreciated my previous presents.
  • Rosehip says: Fetch SS is the only reason to even consider thinking about Christmas yet :)
  • Silvershadow says: Easily pleased too. I knit and crochet. I have been doing a yoga streak since September so could use a block or yoga strap. I love open water swimming and have just started lessons to improve my technique. May be doing a long swim event next year. Otherwise you can’t go wrong with chocolate or puzzles.
  • LindsD says: No alcohol. Love chocolate and stationery. Love OW swimming but also run and cycle. Love to read.
  • Night-owl says: Easily pleased too. Like reading when I get the time Am a runner though it doesn&aps;t look like it at the moment Pretty grateful for anything though not into candles and strong smelling perfume products
  • HellsBells says: Slow runner, knitter, reader. Likes smellies - especially rose - not keen on candles. Trying to count calories, but not very successfully. Can usually be found on hugathon, TYWYSBC and read a book for each year of your life threads, as well as the knitting thread. Has enough sock yarn to last until the next millennium, but always short of stitch markers, especially pretty ones
  • Autumnleaves says: Exciting - I love Fetch SS! I love surprises and clever stalking - but please nothing rude (open presents in front of the parents/in-laws) - all my FSS presents have been brilliant!
  • westmoors says: Fairly easy to please! Sorry I don&aps;t blog much, but I am active in the forums. Not very active on other social media so don&aps;t waste your time trying to find me!
  • Duchess says: I started blogging to make sure I didn&aps;t get socks for my first Fetch Secret Santa. Been a bit absent from Fetch (and running) for a few months but trying up get back. Not a great fan of smellies but love jewellery, sparkly stuff, books and fizz. Except for chocolate, I like presents that last, some of my favourite Fetch presents hang on my Christmas tree.
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