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A group for anyone who would like to be kept updated on the release of the new Fetch App (due June 2017). Join for updates.

Notes from Members

  • mdsparky says: count me in!
  • xt350 🇳🇿 says: Oooooh ☺
  • Watford Wobble says: Keep it very simple. Dont add to much fiddly diddly bits. I do that when Im on a desktop or laptop. When your out and about with your phone it needs to be quick and logged. Nice though.
  • Rebel says: Sounds like a great idea to me. It might even encourage me to run!
  • Monkey_Runner says: Great. been wishing there was an app for a while now
  • Markymarkmark says: Ooh yes!

    Android not too long behind, please!
  • Nightjar says: Perhaps it&aps;s not allowed but how about an "visit website in safari" button?
  • FurryH says: [Iphone] comments from test app. Needs a pause button
    Confirmation that save as has been pressed to save multiple entries

    Time of day wrong
    Airplane mode logs you out of the app
  • larkim says: Any Android app updates? I may well have missed something with my head in other groups, but I thought there was some tentative Aug / Sept expectation once upon a time?
  • quimby says: [iPhone]
  • RichHL says: OOoooooh, an app.
  • runnerbean says: Using the Fapp ... we&aps; be bonded now
  • dhod says: will it work in the USA?
  • Silvershadow says: iphone
  • Mandyll says: This would be very useful, thanks for doing all the work!
  • Bob! says: Android
  • ZORBAX65 says: hey are always looking for new technologies and new comparisons well come the new app fetch thanks
  • monsenb1 says: Fantastic! Interested in the Android version :)
  • Angus Clydesdale says: [iPhone]
  • mol says: Lovely idea
  • Pompey Paul says: Another gadget to play with
  • Sej6788 says: Definately downloading this when it comes to android :)
  • hopey says: Can training etc be synced to strava or Garmin?
  • mrmedia says: I also use Tapirik to hawk my data between sites and apps. Would be worth getting on their list.
  • DollyAG says: Will it work in Europe?
  • TWK says: Andriod
  • MLC220 says: Is this a stand alone app or does it sync with my watch (eg Garmin) or existing community site (eg Strava)? I love your stats work and your race list is always my reference so keen to contribute but not if I have to double take all I do.
  • Spanerman says: Looking for Android version, any dates for that yet.
  • Mummysaurus says: [iphone]
  • Major says: Great idea. You said in your advert that an iPhone app would be available. Are you also going to release an Android version? I do believe other phone OSs are available :)
  • HayleyB says: iPhone
  • Serendippily says: 1.1 feedback stopped after 2 miles I didn&aps;t have strava on. Next run stopped after 2 hrs I did have strava on and that kept going. I&aps;ll keep trying
  • Mountkeen says: At last!!!
  • Bananas# says: Android app for me please.
  • TnoP says: Sounds good
  • sloth says: Sounds ideal Having great problems uploading from my garmin just now so this would be perfect.
  • MarcE says: Sounds great!
  • Barky says: Oh yes!
  • Madog says: looking forward to it, would have a function where you could see all of your runs together on a map, like you can with Google Earth but not so crap !

    just sayin......
  • Lisrun says: This does sound good :-)
  • AntClark says: iPhone
  • BigAlHolyday says: Good idea. I&aps;ll have to wait fro the Android version though...
  • Neilio says: Love a bit of technology.Why not?
  • Blades rio says: Yummy yummy tech in my tummy 😳
  • Gus says: Yah! Can we have a pause button please
  • DocM says: i always love a new app, iPhone user
  • VickyW says: Great idea.
  • chunkywizard says: Looking forward to realtime Fetchpoint. Please put support for Km in the first release!
  • The Mighty OFK says: Bring it on !!!!!
  • mystique100 says: Good idea to start basic and to evolve the app based on good ideas and feedback. My suggestion is to have an android version.
  • Slantendicular says: Nice work Mr fetch. roll on Android version
  • Corrah says: Up for Android app 😀
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Looking forward to Android app. Good work Fetch lad. :-) G
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