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Thanks for joining the hoodies group - I'm presuming this means you want a hoodie. Please can you update your group notes (below) to tell me what colour (red or grey) and size you would like.

Size guide
XS 34" , S 36" , M 40" , L 44" , XL 48"

The order is in, and we have most sizes available. To pay, please either:

1) send £35 via Paypal to, or preferably,
2) bank transfer to Fetcheveryone Ltd, a/c 63498018, sort code 20-45-45. Please include your Fetch nickname as a reference.

Notes from Members

  • beardy0303 says: Red L please

    Paid - money sent by bank transfer. Thanks
  • Thinno says: Grey/Small, please, payment sent, and thank you!
  • FurryH says: Grey L Paid £27 (via bank transfer) plus 8 fetch credits in the shoppe - £35
  • MissChappo says: Grey XXL please Lord Fetch.
  • GuyG says: Red and L 44" for me please
    Bank transferrred
  • Sej6788 says: Ooooh cant beat a bit of new running gear 🤗
    Can i have grey please in large. Will pay now 😘
  • eL Bee! says: Grey and XL please : Paid by transfer
  • Chris#COYW says: Grey please. I think my size will be Medium, but could I exchange it for Large if I'm wrong? Just sent £35.
  • Rrunner says: Red size small please. Money on the way.
  • DW says: Grey Large, please
  • Going Commando! says: Grey - Large please. Payment made.
  • Happy Cat says: Grey XXL please 😀. Payment sent via bank transfer.
  • supertramp82 says: What it will cost with a delivery to US?
  • xt350 🇳🇿 says: Hello Lord Fetch. Could I trouble you for a medium red one pweeze?
  • ndellar says: Grey L please
  • mawngyguy says: First time on Fetch in a long long while and I stumble on the hoodie group! ;-)
    Oh why not, PayPal, Grey, Large. (If it's not too late that is.) Update: paid.
  • Mummysaurus says: A Grey one for me please Size Small

    I have sent money by bank transfer with ref: Mummysaurus
  • g1ngerrevolution says: Grey XL (48")
  • Nicholls595 says: Hello, my name is nico and I like hoodies.

    (and pasties)
  • Corrah says: XS and red please and thank you. Bank transfer made.
  • MsG says: Red, small please, payment sent
  • jennyh says: Small grey please - money sent via bank transfer.
  • LindsD says: Red. Small please.
  • snogard says: hi please may I have a red small hoodie, payment set
  • leaguefreak says: got a lovely red hoodie :-)
  • Rog T says: I'll go for a Large Grey please. Just done the bank transfer :D
  • ktrose1981 says: Red XS please :-)
  • Turkhish says: red for me please.....Large 44
  • Bobbin says: Grey, small. Thank you.
  • Old Croc says: A red XL for me please -off on hols in a mo - will pay when back if that okay
  • Molesy says: Large red one please and payment has been made via bank transfer.
  • sallykate says: Red medium please. Will transfer funds today (Tuesday 18th)
  • Lana says: Yes please, a fire red in small for me :)
  • Potamus says: Small red and medium grey please (sorry just realised I'm and idiot and didn't put my fetch I'd as a reference for the £70 transfer, put "hoodies" instead, payee should be Alex Geoghegan, Martyn Brearley...)
  • Nellers says: Grey please, Mr Fetch. Large. Payment sent.
  • mascott514 says: Grey Mens Large Please
  • CathRun says: Hello, a small red for me please (assuming these are unisex sizes so probably larger than women's sizes - if not, will it be possible to change?).
    Transfer being made.
  • Lizzybagwash says: Ladies S Red please
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