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If you wish to be part of the best supporters team in history, please sign up here. You will need to be available for as much of the day as possible, and I guarantee 3 things:

1. A hug from me or fetch
2. You will feel awesome
3. Sticky fingers

Notes from Members

  • Grast_girl says: I aim to be there for the earlier portion (from 9.20ish), but will probably have to head off early (about 1pm) if OH gets the sub 2.45 he's aiming for. Will be my first time at Fetchpoint.
  • .B. says: Not sure yet, but will be there if not away :-)
  • PaulaMc says: I'll be there, happy to be a captain or a private or a runner-abouter. Whatever you want.
  • Diogenes says: I'd like to be there, but not 100% certain. I've put the date in my diary.
  • minardi says: Mr T & I will be there with pom poms, oranges and bubbles :-)
  • kwala says: Soz, prob best if I don't put myself up for captain in case I don't last the day! But will be there from early o'clock.
  • Dibble says: i'll be there, my 1st time fetchpointing
  • Nightjar says: We will be along after our start marshalling bit.
  • deansaliba says: First time support. What do we do? Shout until our lungs hurt?
  • SherryB says: I can't commit (yet) because I may be doing a water station with my club, but joining the group so I know what's happening, and if I am on water duty, I may be able to come to FP later.
  • Mrsbridgewater says: Husbando (not a member yet - but should be soon) would like to come along and support....
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