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Group: VMLM Fetchpoint 2017-Runners

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**EDIT** If you are joining this group after 28th March, please fmail KatieB and tell her so you can be added to a group.

If you are running the Virgin Money London Marathon this year, and you would like unrivalled, personal and awesome support, please sign up here.

If you'd like to add notes regarding your outfit, requests for the day and any other useful information, please do so. :-)

Notes from Members

  • Seneca says: Hi all. First time marathon ever, most I'd run when I heard I'd got a place in October was 10k.
    I was a graduate of one of Fetch's couch to 5 k programmes he ran from our kids' school a few years ago, and kind of got hooked, so it's all his fault...
    Slowly ramping up the distance now.

    Will be running for Royal British Legion. Am in the market for poppy themed socks if any one spots a pair on sale.

    For the day I waver between hugely scared and hugely excited :-)
    I had wanted a 5 hour finish time, but realistically it looks like 5:30
  • The wee beastie says: Hi, I'm aiming for around 2:45, although currently struggling with a foot injury so might not be anywhere near that. Will be wearing Garscube Harriers vest, white with a blue stripe
  • louloops says: Hi, this is my first marathon and running for the Royal British Legion. Not really running for a time but would hope for around 4:45 / 5hr.
  • therunningpostie says: 3rd VLM for me, it's been a while since the last time, 9 years. Looking at sub 3:30 if all goes well (chasing my hubby will help).
    I will be in yellow and black pirate t.shirt.
    Very happy to get the support but if I can, please can I be on Minardi's team, she knows me well x
  • Cheeky’s Dad says: This is my third London - 1st in '97, 2nd in '06. Struggled both previous times at 20 miles and ended up jog/walking to the end in 4:20. Still harbouring dreams of a sub 4. Training going well and (if Fetch's calculators are right) to possibly even a bit faster. Crazy to hope or a big PB 20 years on but if I can keep running it might just be possible... or then again I may just be demented 😂
  • FergusG says: Aiming for a sub-3, I'll be the skinny runt in the Fetch vest with the pained expression.
  • KimCanRun says: Hi. This will be my second marathon and second VLM. Looked forward to the Fetchpoint last year and will be a help again

    this year. Haven't decided which charity to

    run for this year yet. Hoping to take a wee

    bit off last years time of 4.22 by being shouted at by some 700ers - Bint, Paula.
  • Purple Green Imp says: First marathon attempt for me. Have only done two halves to date and am currently struggling to even get up to 10k when out running due to anxiety issues so a pretty scary prospect but will be there. Also raising money for Mermaids, the charity that supports young transgender so will be recognisable from green running club vest and nails painted in transgender flag colours.
  • sandi says: Hi I am Sandra, since my first ever marathon in London I have moved to Switzerland and have finally got a lace in London again. I believe Debbie Vince was the lovely lady who gave me a juicy orange that day 8 years ago, Lynda Stringer was in the toilet or vice versa. Anyhow, will never forget that, or her telling me I was doing great and to get on my way! I hope that some lovely person will do the same for me this year. My dream is a sub 4. I am running for Mummy's Star and will be wearing a blue vest top and blue skirt, both with stars on
  • Stevce says: Predicted finish time 5 hours
  • Cammy says: First run at London since 2010, dream time is sub 3 & training as hard as I can to achieve that!! Race number 30242 and with 4 weeks out realistic time goal is sub 3.05
  • Pothunter says: First ever marathon for me. Aiming for 3:45. Running for the Brain & Spine Foundation so wearing their orange white and blue :-)
  • Goofee says: Aiming to knock a reasonable chunk off my PB, will be wearing Reading Roadrunners kit (See my profile pic) Somewhere between 3:30 - 3:45
  • MrMole says: My first marathon. Really trying to forget about time and just enjoy the experience, but secretly I'm aiming for 10 min/mile pace. Running for the Children's Trust that look after kids that have suffered brain injuries
  • Roobarb says: If the lovely kwala is supporting, please can I be in her group? Ta!
  • MadWelshWoman says: Hello, this will be my sixth London Marathon, will be happy with sub 5, although my aging body may well take longer. I am running for Action for M.E. Please can I be in Minardi's team? I will be pleased to finish sub 5, currently running 20 miles in in about 3.45 so all being well should make it! Thank you lovely people :)
  • santababy says: Hello, huge goal is 3.30 but i' will take anything under 3.40 on the day
  • lady alton says: 4th time for me. Depending on the weather it will be the very jazzy fetch singlet for me. Aim is around 3.50 lots of injury last year so who knows.
  • katypie says: Hi. Would love to sub 4 again. Wearing a BHF vest 😄
  • The Inspector says: Third London Marathon- last time 2015 with GFA time getting me in for 2017. From experience can vouch for awesome Fetchpoint support. Training going slow.
  • Bazoaxe says: Another sub 3 wannabee.....this will be my 9th attempt at VLM and only 28 seconds to be found this time
  • FurryH says: Hi. 4th marathon. 2nd time at london. Wil be wearing a NSPCC vest with my name "Huw" on it Aiming for 3.40 to 3.50
  • CStar says: Like Cammy, first VLM since 2010. 3:58 then, but should, if things go ok, be quicker this time. Hoping for sub 3:45 and as close to 3:30 as possible. Kit TBC. Please put me in Bint's group as I will need her fierceness to kick my arse at 22 miles.
  • billywhizz88 says: I'll be in a yellow and blue running top with Werrington joggers on it :)
  • photoset says: third Marathon 1st VMLM Predicted finish time slowing every week a niggles creep in hoping for 3.45 if legs are fit in time
  • Rossco Peeko says: My first time at London. I'm aiming for somewhere close to 3:00, hopefully the right side!
  • Sarahwelshy says: Hi, I'm Sarah and this will be my fifth marathon. Training has not gone well so far thanks to shin splints followed by a hamstring pull, so I've revised my 3:30 goal and hope to be able to complete between 3:45 and 4:00. I will be in my white with burgundy trim Pegasus vest. All cheers gratefully received!
  • Pricey says: Been injured, but getting back into training now (end of Feb). Hoping for a respectable time (2:40) in London, but a PB is probably out of the question now.
  • flylilypad says: Second ever marathon - first ever London. Hoping to improve on last year's Brighton time. I'm running for the Dash Charity, so a rather lovely green, white and lilac singlet (possibly hidden by my hydration vest...)
  • El Badgerino says: Hi all. Aiming for 3.45 and running for the Huntingtons Disease Association (HDA) with a rather delightful pinky purple and green vest!
  • The Pin Lady says: First marathon for 11 years so no time aspirations - just to get round in reasonable shape and try to enjoy it. (Secretly hoping for around 4:30) Wearing a Ledbury Harriers Vest with 'Helen' on (if I get that organised!)
  • hellen says: Aiming for around 3.20
  • 154 Rob says: Hi. Training reveals *no speed* this year :-( Will the GFAs come to an end?? Either running in white vest and black middle band - or blue nurse smock and joker facepaint....will bellow at fetchpoint and your cheers will help me!!
  • officebased says: predicted finish time 4:45, running for sense so wearing their orange white and purple top
  • Mrsbridgewater says: Hi there, I won the ballot for the Fetch charity funds and am running for Treloar's Trust (white vest with green spots and my name, Toria, on the front). No idea of time as will be 2 weeks after Paris.

    Oh, Husbando (not a Fetchie -yet) would like to come along to help support.
  • Steady as she goes says: Nervous and excited to be doing my first VLM. Everyone else's training seems to be going better than mine....
  • Kaz75 says: First every marathon. Running for Lupus UK
  • runrebeccarun says: Second marathon first was Medoc so not sure that really counts😎 Ervous snd excited. Created my own training plan which has been a get me round. Hoping sub 5...
  • slowrunningteacher says: My one and only marathon. Not at all prepared. I've ended up with dropping fitness etc due to injury and illness. I said 5:30 when I entered the ballot. I'll be happy to finish!
    I'm running for the Stroke Association and the RNLI I a Reading Roadrunners vest.
  • fluffykitten says: Hello, first marathon and dogged by injury in Jan & Feb so will just looking to finish. Any time will be a success.
  • Foxy says: late to the party but fashionably so ;) looks a laugh - good training run for my May races hopefully ? 6th London hopefully keep this one under 4 hours too ?
  • Fairy clogs says: Loved the support from the cheer squad last year so looking forward to the boost of seeing you all again. I would love to be able to repeat a 3:30 time but think 3:40 is more realistic this year. Will be wearing white top with pink fairy on and "Fairyclogs" logo. Pink or purple socks.
  • BigChiefRunningBore says: See me come, see me go go go. Knee might explode and ruin the fun.
  • Carleyboy says: For my 50th Bday (Feb 22nd) I'm running, singing and playing guitar round the London Marathon and aiming to raise £10k for our local homeless Chairty Step by Step (and Crisis). Themed on the 50th anniversary of the Beatles Sgt Pepper - We're called Sgt Steppers Homeless Hearts Club Band. Keep an eye out for us around 5hrs 30mins
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