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  • run-forest-run says: A great supportive thread / group, 11/12 for me in '16 so let's give 2017 a go :-)
  • jennyh says: I found this group massively supportive last year. Aiming for 12/12 this year after 11/12 last year.
  • Maclennane says: only managed this once, gotta be worth another go
  • Autumnleaves says: Very supportive bunch in here - not yet managed it every month - maybe this year!
  • PeterFay says: 12/12 for 2016

    See if I can repeat this ...
  • StuH 🇪🇺 says: Hoping for 12/12 this year after 9/12 for 2016
  • westmoors says: Managed 10/12 in 2016 so trying for the full house in 2017 :-)
    Injury has stopped me from achieving the full house, so now hoping for 11/12
  • pedroscalls says: Managed 7/12 in 2016, hoping to hit 10 at least this year.
  • Old Man says: I'm back for another year!! Missed a few months towards the latter end of 2016 so want to get back on track in 2017
  • NDWDave says: 11/12 in 2015 and 12/12 in 2016. Hoping for 13/12 in 2017
  • LateStart says: Count me in! Managed 9/12 in 2016.
  • Dillthedog says: I have retired from marathons for 2017 in order to do 100 miles per month instead. I hope it's worth it!
  • steve45 says: Just an ordinary runner back into the thread because we had a great 2016 together!
  • Silver Strider says: onwards and upwards :-)
  • _andy says: 12/12 for the last three year.
    68/72 for the last six years.
    Let's hope 2017 hits the base mileage target every month
  • Ski says: I've been bloody lazy the last 2 years....kick start needed!
  • Gobi says: Be careful when you ask my opinion :-)

    Fluffy teddy really
  • Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB) says: Hanging around here again despite failing miserably last year. I like the chat though!
  • Oscar the Grouch says: I'm on a streak of about 42 x 100 miles a month - aiming to get to 50 months towards the end of this year and if I am lucky, 5 years by the end of September next
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