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Join this group for motivation and support from fellow Fetchies on your quest for 1500 miles in 2017.

Set your target mileage for 1500 miles to be included in the monthly round up, we are all here to help you reach your goal.

Notes from Members

  • Zeb says: This will be a challenging target, but what's the worst that could happen...?
  • Neilio says: I'm in again,great motivation.My running wheels came off towards the end of 2016.Bring on Spring 2017 and the light mornings.
  • Jono. says: my name is jono - I look like a monkey and I don't run - love this thread.
  • Huntsman says: Very enjoyable thread which encourages me to run loads of miles. This year I'm going to smash my Marathon PB 👍
  • DocM says: This will be my 5 th year on thread. It's just THE place to be
  • Gobi says: arbitary number that leads to me training enough without being a runner. If it works like 2016 I should still run ok.
  • westmoors says: 1363 miles in 2016 - my highest ever annual total. Not confident I can achieve 1500 but I'll give it a go.

    Also aiming to achieve new 10 mile, half and mara PBs!
  • jabberknit says: Love this group and thread, so definitely in again, and hope we can get our mascot, Funky Monkey, to lots of exciting new and different places this year.
  • Maclennane says: Arbitrary number? Schmarbitrary number
  • jennyh says: I'm in again - ran my highest ever mileage last year, largely thanks to this thread.
  • IanS says: Back again for 2017. Hopefully this year I'll manage to stay unbroken for more of the year!
  • RichHL says: Let's see if I can do it this year.
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Best group n thread in Fetchland! Here we go again...! :-) G
  • carolyn_t says: Aiming for at least 1000 of my 1500 miles to be trail / off-road. Goals for 2017 include my first and second ultras!
  • Bez-head says: Coming back from injury and hoping to get fit enough for London Marathon in April.

    No other races entered yet.

    Good luck everyone
  • Techthick says: In for another Year.. and Grateful to be still enjoying the yearly mileage. :-)
  • mr d says: 1400 last year, 1500 this. Initial aims are 20 mile and marathon pbs.

    Hopefully 10k and 50k will follow. 5 mile will be harder, but I will give it a go. I think my half pb will have to wait at least a year.
  • FRU (KeepTheFaith) says: 1400 in 2016... This year with your support and inspiration I'm going to regain 1500
  • _andy says: I simply can't keep up with the amount of chat on this thread but am bravely joining the group anyway. Running 1500 miles is the easy bit.
  • Unity says: Still plodding out the miles. I'm addicted to this thread!
  • Hally says: I'll probably get nowhere near to 1500 miles and struggle to keep up with the thread but it's a fun place to hang out :)
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