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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Group: 700 Miles in 2017

66 members [See all]

So here it is...

All you have to do is run about 1.92 miles per day or 13.46 miles per week or 58.33 miles per month and take a picture when you get to 700 miles (or, indeed, any other milestone that is important to you, or your butt)

Some of us like to hang out here

Do join us if you haven't already. Or just lurk - nobody minds.

And remember... '700 miles is neither necessary nor sufficient'


Notes from Members

  • Bintmcskint says: In again for another year :-)
  • .B. says: Couldn't stay away :-)
  • photoset says: In again :-)
  • Pompey Paul says: It would be rude not to join in again :-)
  • KimCanRun says: I'm in!
  • Corrah says: Wouldn't go anywhere else 😀
  • northernslowcoach says: Hello :)
  • TeeBee says: I'm in :-)
  • Autumnleaves says: Best group on Fetch, no contest :)
  • alpenrose says: The best place to be :)
  • Mandymoo says: I will try my best to do it and I suppose i best join the group 🤓
  • Rosehip says: champagne here's to 2017 being fabulous for all of us champagne
  • The Mighty Fleecy says: hello, you wonderful people! We'd best get our knitting needles out!
  • RRR-CAZmas says: Yep another year for me ;-)
  • Columba says: Joining the group, but not committing myself to a specific target.
  • FML says: Love you guys, so no matter what mileage I do cannot miss out on the thread fun
  • 12barDavid says: Yes, I'm in.
  • FreshStart says: I'm in :-)
  • Merry Lip Gloss says: Yay found you all again :-)
  • Mr. White says: .......and repeat..... :)
  • Jambomo says: Here's to another year of not running 😉😂
  • Heinzster says: Aiming to get closer than my pathetic total in 2016! So glad it isn't necessary
  • meadowsboy says: Hi I'm in again
  • JustCommando! says: Hello!
  • Turkhish says: Recovering from knee surgery earlier in the year but have been given a charity place in the GNR ....so I would love to join
  • jennywren says: Oooh hello. First time for me. May not make the mileage thing but that's ok right? You seem like nice people... ;-)
  • Zen Jetman Plurp says: This is such a great group, why would I go anywhere else? Am I a gunk now?
  • Jason W says: In again, injury permitting
  • struthious says: In again :)
  • Pothunter in a pear tree says: There's a first time for everything :-)
  • Festive ITG says: Couldn't stay away from a lively, friendly thread, especially when I've got work to be doing.
  • geordiegirl says: Challenge to hit 1000km this year but stretching myself for 700. To hit either would be good, or even to get to 500 which has eluded me the past 4 years!! All this marathon talk may even tempt me...
  • Ima Donkey says: After an injury hit 2016 hoping 2017 will be a lot better.
  • Mrs Hamish says: Still here, from the previous year and the previous year. And it appears, everything comes down to 'WEAK GLUTES '......sighs.....
  • Jobe says: 700 miles would double my mileage and this group looks great!
  • Snowqueendippily says: Despite being one of the chattier members of the thread I've just realised I never officially joined the group *blushes*
  • Hark the Helegant Angels Sing says: 2018 will be interrupted by virtue of a bit of walking. But happy for any positive vibes to be sent my way.
  • Ymee says: Wow, apparently I&aps;ve ever officially joined until now :-o
Group admin: Bintmcskint