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  • milemonster says: Would love to see an integration. I have the charge 2.
  • Gus says: I’ve got a charge 2 and have just found how to log my walks and runs
  • quimby says: I did have a Fitbit Charge HR, but found it too bulky for my spindly wrist. So now I have an Alta.
  • *Anj* says: I have a fitbit charge HR.
  • lozza says: Am expecting a Fitbit for crimbo (gave hubby the online link - I'm sure he'll work it out.... won't he?) So will want to upload all my stats.
  • Wine Legs says: The husband and I have a Surge each. Not that he uploads his training...
  • Nana Gill says: I have a Fitbit charge
  • Freerunner73 says: I have a fitbit blaze that I use for activity tracking and gym workouts. Would be nice to be able to import training sessions. I use garmin for running and that import is fab.
  • The Scribbler says: Just got a Charge 2 for Christmas and am enjoying it so far.

    Given that I haven't been able to upload runs from my Garmin since October, it would be good to have another option.
  • RunnyBunny says: I have a Surge.
  • DeadDullRacing says: My Charge 2 arrived today. Still trying to work it out.
  • Tri_Kitty says: Did an integration for Fitbit workouts get figured out in the end? I can&aps;t seem to find any links to do so.
  • LateStart says: Evening, folks. I’ve just acquired a Charge 3, and have scouted around on the FE site for an update on automatically importing activities from my Fitbit account to my FE. training log. Any news appreciated!
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