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Group: Fetch Book Group Choosinators

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Join this group if you would like/are willing to be a choosinator for the Fetch Book Group.

Notes from Members

  • westmoors says: Choosinator for May 2015 & October 2017.
  • The Scribbler says: Happy to be a choosinator. Last choosed in January I think
  • McGoohan says: I was the second ever choosinator (Oct 2014) and I sniff tomes
  • DazTheSlug says: I last choosinated in Feb. 2015
  • GregP says: I chose in January when the year was begun / I choosinated Nod and it wasn't that much fun...
  • Diogenes says: I was the first choosinator ever, and the first in the relaunch too. I feel quite honoured and undeserving.
Group admin: westmoors

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