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Please join this group if you wish to join in with the FETCH SECRET SANTA 2016

To sign up, you MUST MUST MUST send an Fmail to westmoors with the address to which your gift(s) ought to be sent by your Santa, including your name if that needs to be any different from your Fetch name. (It turns out that some people work in places where the mailroom requires an actual name. It can also help if the Post Office need ID.)

Sorry, the 2016 sleigh has now departed!

Don't be elusive once you've signed up as most of the fun is in the stalking and learning about your victim. You could think about pimping your profile and adding your list for Santa of things you like and types of gifts you enjoy. Also add your likes, dislikes, special instructions etc below.

Up to you, but don't complain if the gift you receive is worth less than you spent!!

Please post your gift(s) by 3rd DECEMBER. If you have any problems with this please contact your elf at the earliest opportunity.

Please update the spreadsheet when you post/receive/open gift(s).


Notes from Members

  • Irontubs says: Late as usual with this. I am happy with anything I love the having absolutely no idea about the pressie. I'm a bit of a chunky bird just now so maybe not too much chocolate and I'm good for smellies. I am making a return to the life of a marathon running triathlete and can usually be found plotting adventure or other :-)
  • Gooner says: I'm happy with anything practical or funny or both. Generally, anything goes as long as it will get used :)
  • LorraineS says: Nothing rude, please.
    I run, knit, crochet, love cats
  • gwowen says: Like music and running and chocolate. Nothing I can't open in front of my little lad (nearly 2 by Xmas)
  • westmoors says: Am game for anything within reason. Pastimes I enjoy (in no particular order!): running, teaching aerobics, caravanning, walking the dog, reading, baking, eating...If considering food items I have a dislike for chocolate! Other things I like include candles to help me relax in the bath, puzzles to stimulate my mind...
  • Mandymoo says: Happy to help organise, be an elf etc but cant do tech stuff. I love my bike, my dog walks, my gardening, birds and my music. Have yeast and caffeine intolerance and not overly keen on chocolate and sweets apart from Jelly Beans
  • sallykate says: I love coffee, cats, crochet and other crafts, dark chocolate, candles, cooking. Probably other things too that don't begin with c!
  • LindsD says: I heart chocolate. And running, and swimming, and cycling a little less. I don't drink or eat meat and will be opening my pressie in front of my kids. I love stationery and need some new socks. And a running hat. I love books. That's enough hints for now. :)
  • Star says: love fetch secret santa!! nothing rude please, I like coffee, stationery, running, walking, baking and cooking, don't like white chocolate. I will try to remember to blog. :-)
  • Girlie says: I'm happy to receive anything apart from coffee or mint flavoured things! I do like to knit, run and pole dance if that helps at all:-)
  • Duchess says: I open my FSS present under the covers as soon as I wake up, so the only person you can offend is me! Finally getting back into running and don't do any other sports. Love shoes, jewellery, gin, coffee, books, clothes and music, but most of all surprises :-)
  • Autumnleaves says: Also happy to be an elf - I've had some lovely FSS presents in the past from some clever stalkers! Nothing rude please but happy with anything running related, don't mind smellies or edible (maybe not together)
  • Meglet says: I run and cycle, have two teenagers, am fairly 'girly' and can easily be found in real life if you know my full name
  • DocM says: yay, also happy to help along but nothing techy
  • Night-owl says: Happy with anything always grateful. Just don't like strong smelling stuff
  • The Scribbler says: I recently started working for myself, and am spending as little as possible while I try to build up my writing business, so really appreciate any little treat. There are loads of things I like: books (but I'm hard to buy for because I have so many already), creative and writery things, Star Wars and Doctor Who, dark chocolate and Japanese things.

    I don't drink alcohol, tea or coffee and I will be opening presents with in-laws around so nothing too risque please - funny is okay though.
  • Winniefree says: Really not fussy :-)
  • Wine Legs says: Not doing any running at the moment due to being mum to Pip & Squeak, our 8.5 month old twins. In my 'spare' time, I drink gin or wine & knit...I also love to cook & bake.

    What I'd love most is a really good night's sleep & some time myself, but I'm guessing I won't ever get either of those things again!
  • HellsBells says: I must write something I suppose. I am always in need of running socks/bodyglide/high 5 zero tabs. I like chocolate and fizz and M&S rose bath creme. I love yarn, especially cobweb and lace weight, the thicker stuff is less exciting and I have foolishly entered my first tri next May. Nothing rude please
  • Steady Edina says: No smellies please or anything with harsh chemicals. I love coffee, dogs and cats, chocolate and running (well walking fast)
  • MDrewett says: Runner & gym goer, dabbling with the odd bit of trail running, need to invest in some proper shoes though! Have an office job with a 100 mile a day commute, but luckily get 2 days at home nowadays. Distance studying for a qualification. Like choccy (Galaxy wins over Cadbury), shower gels & scrubs, colourful biros birghten up work, infuser drink bottles are a revelation, could always do with running gloves esp with the mitten flaps (hands are medium sized prob? Def not small!), love a flat white coffee and those Pretzel stands in shopping centres nom nom Also love crumbly fudge (not with fruit in though, nor alcoholic) & always lacking after eight mints when I fancy them! Check out my profile to learn a little more about me! This is really more of a profile blog on reflection but I'm new to this so just splurged lots of random things in a bid to help my stalker :)
  • Pinkliverbird says: I'm happy with anything, but nothing rude please as it's always a family affair at Christmas. Love unusual wacky things, vegan cooking/baking and of course running - entered my first Ultra, London 2 Brighton which is next May - I'm so excited about it :-)
  • colettedeann says: i am not fussy so am always happy with anyhting (and everything :) )
    my main interests are not running atm :p and allotmenting - altho work has this nasty habit of interfering with my personal life
  • monsenb1 says: Don't normally do this kind of thing but I've been off Fetch so long, I feel I dear SS, I'm sure I would love any present that you deem suitable, but I like the following things in no particular order: Running (obviously), footie (following the only real team who reside in North London, hint N17), reading sci-fi, watching sci-fi, eating sweet things (and savoury stuff for that matter), drinking strong and stuff stuff..I love socks and underpants, and gloves and everything else a runner would possibly enjoy..thanks for your patience..
  • Happy Cat says: Present to be opened in front of family - nothing rude please.

    I love chocolate, reading, Strictly, theatre and journalling. I am having lots of life changes in 2017 so anything supportive of that would be appreciated. Running wise, I always need more socks for my size 8 clown feet. I'm doing my first GNR next year so if there is anything I could use there that would be appreciated.

    I am grateful for anything I receive and would like to thank my Santa for my present and the time / effort they have taken.
  • Longwayround [LWR] says: Wow. So many elves. This particular elf might just don his pipe and slippers this year.

    By the way, I love liquorice all sorts, have a penchant for pastis, love Tom Baker-era Doctor Who and probably run less often than I ought to, especially as I always enjoy it when I do.
  • jennyh says: I like running (she says stating the obvious), books, chocolate, coffee, history, music, Sci fi, football. Will only be opening in front of my husband so doesn't really matter what it is.
  • geordiegirl says: Well its that happy time of the fetch calendar again and I love FSS!!

    For me I believe I am quite easily pleased, what I love most about FSS is that we look to buy something of not a huge value but the stalking means it is hopefully something people like.

    I like most things, but prefer nothing rude, I do like funny things. I like chocolate (although preferably with only chocolate in the middle) most people think I'm a trainee alcoholic as I do like a wine or a G&T of an evening, I love a soak in the bath with nice smellies and not adverse to new running stuff and inspiration to run. But knowing someone has gone to the trouble of buying a little gift for me means so much so I thank my santa in advance.
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: I thought I'd posted here already but can't see it. I love cats and coffee, I collect decimal coins but have most of them except for the newest ones. I am allergic to pretty much everything it seems. I love reading and running and hate cleaning.
  • Carpathius says: Love this, highlight of my year :) I like (in no particular order as it changes!) tea, running, floral patterned fabrics, pretty things and I don't drink alcohol. Trying and currently failing to be an ultra runner.
  • brimps2 says: Am going to try my hand at triathlons this year so just learning front crawl. Any tri kit starter stuff! Love Thornton toffee, like being pampered🙂
  • runningmumof3boys says: Hiya. I think I'm
    Pretty easy to buy for. I am a runner. Duathlete. Triathlete so there's endless possibilities for kit ! I am
    Obsessed with my bike, my chocolate cockapoo woody. I am doing my first ironman in 2017. I love coffee. I am
    Tee total not that I imagine anybody would post a bottle or wine :-)
  • Debstir says: Late to the party as usual! Running's been a bit hit and miss lately but I'm absolutely loving my mountain biking :-) Trying to diet so no choccies please ;-)
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