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A group for anyone interested in our monthly social runs.

Notes from Members

  • mulbs says: mulbs - short, slow, fetchie
  • RuthB2 says: Sussex based fetchie - can arrange runs down here
  • Gooner says: Will travel for running and beer.
    West Midlands.
  • The Scribbler says: Happy to organise something close to Newcastle or join in something vaguely North Eastern - anywhere from York to Edinburgh really.
  • minardi says: did someone mention beer?
  • MazH says: Would happily coordinate the scottish version of events!
  • TeeBee says: Sounds fun. Sundays aren't great for me but I'd like to be kept in the loop. Can help with SW London routes if necessary.
  • Gromit says: ohhhhhh stickers and gravy my two favourite things :-)
  • Captain S says: Currently based in Kent but willing to travel silly distances for a run and fetchmeet. 😍👟
  • Night-owl says: returner to running so short slow distances at the mo, Sundays are my only day off sadly
  • BaronessBL says: Can organise something in the East (Suffolk/Essex even maybe Norfolk) we already have quite a few routes from runner-friendly pubs
  • Maclennane says: North Hampshire, happy to organise one.
  • ChrisHB says: Saturdays please. Sundays mean escaping my duty towards M-I-L. Oh wait a minute... Seriously, Saturdays are hugely preferable to me.

    Have organised a TBC and a couple of Fetch miles, will do similar again.
  • Watford Wobble says: I'll be along just for the grub.
  • Corrah says: I love a good social run I do :) especially north of the border.
  • Bintmcskint says: I'm in :-)
  • Dr PhFleecyD says: Love the TBCs. Outraged that fetch has stolen the concept. But since it's his site and all...
  • Grast_girl says: Kinda missing my old club, so a few social runs would be nice. Based in Surrey.
  • Wednesday Mouse says: Oooh more shiny stickers? yes please :D
  • LazyDaisy says: I'm sure somewhere in the wild West (of England) could provide a suitable future venue. Can I have chips but no gravy though please?
  • Red Ant says: Like JW I probably won't be able to run for a bit but would love to meet up with some Fetchies. Based in the South West :)
  • Fitz says: Norf Lundun Fetchie and veteran of two, count 'em, TBCs. So anywhere Lundunish or Herts / Essex rocks my world.
  • alpenrose says: The party's always at the back!
  • Elsie Too says: Sounds great, but would depend on childcare. I could always skip the run and bring child for the gravy.
  • Bru-Bru says: I'm in East Essex and know BaronessBL so happy to share the organising. Real ale may be involved.
  • tallguy76 says: Spend weekends in Weymouth, work midweek in west London and just getting back into running.
  • chunkywizard says: I'm in if there's cake
  • Heinzster says: Meeting fetchies sounds great, love the idea of a social run and food! Might need to practice swimming though, unless other Northern Ireland folk want to have a go!
  • TrudiP says: Northants area if any runs happening here.
  • edwheldon says: Wow good idea me and the missus are up for it in the NE
  • smithlman says: Smithlman out in the sticks in Lincolnshire some lovely runs especially for the long in the teeth brigade.Seems a great idea to meet and eat.
  • MarkD says: Started running a year ago, have done seven 10ks this year. Running in London during the week and Hampshire at weekends.
  • paulhiles says: Dartford / Bexley area would be ideal for me. Lots of running clubs in the area and a few decent pubs
  • Meganjames says: Based in Malvern Worcestershire - a great place for some hill training! Ultra runner putting in a lot of miles so always welcome company!
  • Love Lettuce says: Guernsey, but a running tourist
  • sazzle100 says: Is anyone based up north?
  • wilson3890 says: Getting slower but still like a social run
  • Eynsham Red says: Oxfordshire, count me in.
  • westmoors says: If I can be there I will!
  • hopey says: Regular parkrunner circa 31mins
    The occasional 10k
  • Old Croc says: Based up north of UK so would prefer a northern one. Could get as far south as Newcastle at a push.
  • bodimayo says: I'll come for the grub! Why not?
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