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  • Bruce says: Experienced runner, who is now 60, trying to be Peter Pan 😊
    I have p.b's London 82- 3.07
    Half 82. 79 minutes
    9 miles in 51.5 min
    Managed 25.5 min for 5k last summer.
  • Nightjar says: TomTom is the new Garmin
  • brianbarber says: Brought a TomTom Runner last year when the wrist unit and HR strap ensemble was on sale for $80CDN. It can't be beat for running downtown at lunch because it connects so quickly. I haven't been able to solve the HR spikes at the beginnings of runs, though.
  • Sinj says: I got a TomTom runner cardio for Christmas to replace my ageing Garmin. It is far more user friendly but is a bit more fiddly to get the stuff onto Fetch, so if you're thinking if integrating with TomTom MySports, etc then BRILLIANT!
  • Binks says: Hello. I use a tomtom cardio and am annoyed that the HRM is so erratic. Even though I do have the strap tight on my wrist.
  • BarefootEm says: I have a TomTom multisport, which is awesome except it won't sync automatically with android marshmallow :(
  • Kwaka says: Started using a Multi Sport Cardio about 2 months ago to see how the integrated HRM works out. Still have the 610 in reserve if I get problems. Everything OK so far. Not linked it to Fetch training yet though!
  • Marchbanks says: I bought a TomTom to replace my Garmin and the watch is great BUT I don't use FETCH to upload my runs anymore because I have to manually add each run and it takes too much time for me unfortunately.
  • Cazsoul says: Bought the TomTom runner as my Garmin 205 no longer talks to my computer (old tech not playing nicely with new tech) and the TomTom was in the sale.
  • Cheekien says: Love my tomtom run cardio, replaced a garmin, battery life much better and like the activity side too. Would be great if you could integrate an upload as not always bothering at the moment due to the long process! Currently injured so sadly won't be running for a while.
  • Wynnie says: Hi - got tomtom as surprise present at christmas, replacd my Garmin. Love it, however, having problems locating where my .tcx files are going? wanted to download onto here, a bit of a faff, followed the video on the discussion, cannot find for life of me where my runs have gone? There just appears to be 4 random runs from the last 6 months in the file when I click it?? WHERE HAVE THEY GONE!!! I want to use Fetch but its not making it easy for me..... :-(
  • Ulric says: Bought a Runner Cardio 2 in April. Reasonably pleased although had a few sessions with HR gremlins.
  • meagling says: Hi. Got a Tomtom Multisport with free BT Headphones. Watch works a treat. Headphones are pretty rubbish..
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