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There are 300 of you on the list as running London this year.

So that I can separate those who want a hug/kick/jelly baby etc from those that will be chuffed and lifted by the loudest cheer on the course and those that would rather remain incognito - this is a new group

Please sign up here for the full Fetchpoint experience

Notes from Members

  • QuinsRunner says: First Marathon. Not been able to train much due to injuries, so run/walking this.
    Will need hugs, kicks and plenty of Jelly Babies.
    Oh, been told to ask if I can join team 3?
  • Winky! says: Hi
    Thanks so much for this. All high fives, cheers and support v much appreciated. Thank you! I'll be wearing a National Charity Partnership (Diabetes UK & The British Heart Foundation) vest with 'Jenna' on it. THANK YOU!
  • c-mac says: Am running for jdrf white t with pingu on a nd Caroline in really nervous as had to pull out with gut an knee issues at Manchester last year.. Also turned 50 so feeling a bit decrepit!!! Support would be fab!!!
  • RRR-CAZ 🇬🇧 says: A cheer and what ever is going last year grabbed a segment of orange when passing. Always a good pick up in both directions well done folks :-)
  • MartinC says: Thanks to all, I will be suffering and need the support!
  • PaulaMc says: I might need a hug on the way back. I will be sweaty so it won't be pleasant. Be warned.
  • Mrs Hamish says: Hugs and cheers gratefully received.
  • Fairy clogs says: All jelly babies gratefully received. Thanks
  • SherryB says: Thank you in advance for the hugs and support.
  • becca7 says: Thanks to everyone who will be at Fetchpoint.
  • Baffins Runner says: Thanks for the support. I will be wearing a Birmingham Children's Hospital top. Not sure on the colour yet so will let you know.
  • fish-erman friends says: work on a supply boat, training is a bit haphazardous at time when we have a storm good thing its good timing this year with the 28 day rota, so were is fetch point or do i just keep a look out for the flag waving, good luck & just keep putting the miles in to make it a breezeeeeee :)
  • Dickie York says: A big cheer on the way past would be great. Will be wearing a white with blue Pocklington Runners club vest with a championship place race number. I will be going past you guys quite early (hopefully), so I may be easier to spot at 22 miles. Always a great feeling going past the Fetchpoint as you make so much noise, looking forward to seeing and hearing you all again this year :-)
  • kerry says: Yes please to cheers, hugs , encouragement, anything to help get me to the finish . Look forward to seeing you all on route
  • cityBen1983 says: Thanks for the support, I'll be in a White (with other colours) BabyGrow Appeal vest. Looking fwd to a hug, high 5 or cheer!
  • hope to... says: Just a shout out and a move your arse would be great. Will be running in a fetch top with Hope to ... on the front. Thanks to everyone for this.
  • Keegs says: Running in red princes trust vest....thanks in advance
  • premierfella says: East End Road Runner in the house. Born in North London, Live in South London. Run in East London - I class this as a home event! :)

    Best of luck everyone - looking forward to trying to spot the Fetchies at 13 (no doubt I'll be lucky to be still standing at 22, never mind responding to the support!)
  • Roadrunner2222 says: Sounds great thanks , I'll be n a yellow vest with sylvia on the front and the roadrunner on the back x
  • englandlynda says: I had to defer last year due to injury, and I am planning to enjoy the experience even more for the wait! Will be running in my Hillingdon AC club vest (white, red stripe), with 'Lynda' on front and back. Bright scarlet hair means I'm no shinking violet!
  • Pikelet says: I'm a first time Londoner and a terminal cramp sufferer. Any offers to rub bits of me as I limp past the 2nd time will be gratefully received! I'll be running in a Cancer Research UK vest and would love a hug and a cheer! x
  • The Ant Hill Mob says: Oh, yes please, support of all kinds will be greatly appreciated. Second time marathoner and first time at London. Thanks in advance.....:)
  • RicC says: I've run London in a Fetch top before and the support at Fetchpoint is absolutely brilliant!! I'll be wearing a white Edinburgh AC vest this year - we should have Fetch stickers to put on our vests to identify ourselves as we pass Fetchpoint!
  • MACS-maddad says: I will be trying to run for MACS with my son.
  • Kynon says: I will be running in a Stonehaven RC vest (black & purple) and a red cap; my first time at the London marathon! Training went poorly so I will be taking it relatively easy & cajoling my buddy Mitch (not on fetch) round to complete his first marathon. Target time is 4:30 - a big cheer on the way past would be awesome! :)
  • 154 Rob says: Just return my shouts plz - planning to run with 3 hour pace group....dressed in nurse outfit 👍
  • Ouchling says: Thanks to everyone supporting at Fetchpoint! I haven't got a fetch T-shirt, so I'll be the crazy randomer in a red top yelling 'FETCHIEEEES!' at you all.
  • Kaz75 says: BIG thank yous to all supporters. Would love plenty hugs, cheers, jelly babies ... skateboard? I'm running my first big one for Lupus UK Purple vest with most likely a face to match x
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