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a place to add sparkly or not so sparkly NEW THINGS that thread participants are doing for Spring (40 days and 40 nights 'til Easter)

Favourite NEW THINGS chosen each day
DAY ONE - chosen by me, Sharkie - goes to

BECCA7 and this ''Turns out that I didn't even need to think of one today. My first ever visual migraine, not painful, just a trippy crescent of rainbow coloured lines that appeared for about 20 minutes, left of centre vision. Some people would pay good money for drugs to produce the same effect.'

DAY TWO - chosen by Becca7 - who said 'best in show today is...

BARONESS BL' with ''Today the little boy I usually walk alongside at Riding for the Disabled was deemed not to need a 'side-walker' for the first time, so I led the pony and he rode without anyone else helping him. He did really well too".

DAY THREE - chosen by Baroness BL is....
CYCLOPS with 'Have run a new route today! And bought some veg seeds for school - lots of new things going on here.... Candlemas/Imbolc/Groundhog day/St Bride's day is definitely the beginning of the beginning of Spring.'
And for her marshmallow and fudge cake too, apparently.

DAY FOUR - chosen by Cyclops:
JUDE. Cyclops wrote 'However, the winner does have to be Jude with the his and hers trisuits and race faces!! Here's a link - scroll down for Jude...words and pic!

DAY FIVE - chosen by Jude is...
SHARKIE 'I think Sharkies indoor high jump wins it today, well done you X' thanks Jude!

DAY SIX - chosen by me, Sharkie
LINDS D and her new haircut 'It's radical... It's lop-sided in an 80s sort of way...

DAY SEVEN - chosen by LindsD. She said '..the best of today it has to be Bint and Paula's running club debut 'cos we are a running site after all :-)

Here's BINT 'I shall be going to a running club for the first time. I'm going to a local club, Dulwich Park Runners, with PaulaMc. It's a taster session so just a club run tonight but once I am a member I can go to track sessions :-)
Thats the reason I want to join a club. I want track sessions, league racing and XC next season

A whole week of New Things.

Bint to start the next week

Notes from Members

  • becca7 says: Aiming for something new or different every day.
  • Dr PhFleecyD says: Wtf are the newts in aid of?
  • icemaiden says: I don't know what my new things are going to be yet, some will involve food. Aren't the newts still hibernating?
  • LindsD says: Me too...
  • Autumnleaves says: I need to make sure 'try new things' isn't all about eating...
  • McGoohan says: Hello. I'm Lil' Jimmy McGoohan. I'm learning Danish and doing Headspace. I like newts.
  • Sharkie says: My thread, my group, my rules.... there are no rules. blackheart
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