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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Notes from Members

  • Proculus says: I'll go for a fleece!
  • John66 says: I love each and every one of you heart
  • LLL1 says: Fleece me if you can :-)
  • Tasis Lass says: how much are we going to get fleeced for these though.
  • Bex66 says: yes please, need another fleece!
  • bungee says: Sounds good to me :-) A cosy Fetch fleec after a winter race, jobs a good un.
  • welly says: what runnerbean says please!!!!!
  • tuga says: xs for me please
  • Princess Purple Bubbles says: Go on! You know you want to.........oh and its ROYAL ORDERS WE MUST HAVE FLEECES!
  • UltraMrsR says: ah ha, there is a group!
  • cabletow says: FLeece me for all I have got - Go on then
  • dd says: Yep I'd go for a fleece as well.!
  • Mrs Winkle says: My fleece is old and smelly. I need a new one.
  • Deenzy says: I only want one to keep John happy!! ;)
  • StormProof says: I've been fleeced! (And I liked it1)
  • sallykate says: lovely warm cuddly fleece please! :-)
  • Spally says: I'm up for a Fetch Fleece
  • Siâni says: As the Imelda Markos of Coats and Fleeces ... I WANT ONE NOW!!!!
  • Two Towels. says: Depends on the colour, Red would be cool.
  • compo says: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Purrrrleeeaaaze, pretty, pretty please? Red, just as Hanneke has suggested, would be purrrrrrffffficckk!!
  • Rebel says: Ooh yes please!
  • Elderberry says: MMM, it'll have to be a nice one, and lady-style before I will commit money to it. But would be interested in the right one, and maybe if it was black, rather than red - John - not sure if I am helping your cause - lol
  • Making_Tracks says: The heating has just packed up in Chez MT ... can I have a fleece now please :)
  • Bimblebelle says: Ooooh yes please!
  • ian kewley says: count me in
  • Helegant says: I like fleeces (but they will have to have lots of X's in the size profile!)
  • mags says: I want a fleec e too, I can't run for a week so will need a large one to hide my big belly if im spending a week eating junk and not running:)
  • Features says: I get cold easily and need to be hugged by a fetch fleece.
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: Need a cosy jumper to wear to and from races.
  • Gasheader says: yes sir ee sounds good to me !
  • Barky says: Yes Please :-)
  • philbo says: Yes please, its cold up north you no .:-)
  • mulbs says: There's always a good reason for a fleece!
  • skyprincess says: mmmmmmmmmmmmm snuggly fleeces... lush!!
  • Baron says: I'm a secret fleece lover.
  • SuzeeDiamond says: red fleece for me please
  • controversial says: fleas???
  • violet says: Can I have one please
  • Kimbles says: Cosy Fetch Fleece. Yes please :-)
  • Tazsedai says: I loves fleece I do!
Group admin: John66