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The quest for an 'easy' sub 10 mile. Just one will do.

It's not about a mile PB and it's not exactly about Sub 10 pace.

Confused? You will be...

The first challenge was to run quite fast (but NOT eyeballs out) for two and a half minutes. Record how fast that was.

You can do it any old how. But THINK TALL and use your arms. Everyone except me is a distance runner so I would prefer the fast 2:30 to be sandwiched inside a mile ... but the rest of the mile can be run or run walked at whatever pace you like.

The second challenge is on page 20 of the thread - I will try and post a condensed version of it here.

Notes from Members

  • Sharkie says: I'm in too. Fastest distance mile this time round is a run walk, downhill but into wind, Nov 9th 10:23
  • Night-owl says: I'm in trying to build myself up again
  • SarahWoo says: I'm in but I'm just about to start run/walk programme so mine will be a delayed start. Thanks, Sharkie!
  • GimmeMedals says: Fastest mile run so far this year is, as of 24.1.16, 10:32. It was unintentional so I guess I could go faster. 6.2.16 I logged a 10:05mm
  • Alice the Camel says: 17/3/16 Chipping away at it - fastest mile 10:15 today!
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