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A group for any interested in Ultras and the sheer lunacy that it involves.

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  • Robcook72 says: Finished my first 'proper' Ultra this year with a 38h 47min completion of the UTLD, Lakeland 100. My previous longest race was the one time only run Halstead Ultra back in 2009, a 30 mile jaunt rounds the hills in Essex. I wish they'd run it again.
  • Artzam says: Ive done the Marathon des Sables and other ultra, I prefer marathons but like to add an ultra now and then
  • Gijima1 says: adventuring and playing on and on further and further slowly but surely, or something like that!
  • torey says: Been doing Ultras for three years with a couple of 24 hour track races under the belt (105 miles), Thames Path, Race to the Stones amongst others. Not fast but steady and love running...two up coming ultras in Spring 2015 and a 48 hour track race later this year.
  • ptcart says: Interested in doing Ultra marathons this year and any help and advice would be great. Experienced marathon runner looking to take it to the next stage
  • Ex-pat Scot says: Done a few 45 and 50 milers. Will probably do a few more. And keep getting tempted by REALLY long stuff and BGRs
  • Burdock says: Doing my first Ultra this year the Marlborough downs 33, and not sure what pace to run at, how much slower do you need to run at, compaired to your marathon pace?, what footwear?, I would like to run in roclite 315 as I already use them for my offroad running, or should i use road shoes offering a little more protection, what do you experienced guys and girls prefer, I do so want to enjoy my first ultra so that I'm not heard saying never again....
  • Rushy says: Nottingham Ultra 9th October anybody else?
  • Binks says: Can't remember how many ultras I have done because I enjoyed them too much. Spartathlon and Badwater are my big goals.
    I've put some race reports here.
  • LBM says: Was hoping to follow up last years debut win at the Marriotts Way Ultra (36 miles) with an improved performance in 2012, but picked up sore throat which ruled me out, so supported instead. Had my name in the hat again for the GUCR 2013, as I missed out last year, but learned last week that I'm in for 2013 :-)
  • sandgrounder says: Hi, the first ultra I did was the 2006 Fellsman (61 miles). Since then I have done the Wuthering Hike twice, the High Peak 40 and Rhayader Mountain Trail.
  • Slow and Ultra Steady says: Going for my first Ultra in February next year and looking at at least 2 more in 2010, working my up in distance to eventually try a 50 miler..then who knows......
  • mxhornet says: Only just noticed this group
  • scotmark says: have entered for highland fling with view to completing westhighlandwayrace 2009 to try endurance running rather than shorter distances.
  • HB says: After soon to be 10 marathons under my belt, i am looking to do my first Ultra next Feb!
  • Paulcdad says: Done Amsterdam marathon and am now considering the next challenge
  • Joe Hawk says: Done a baby ultra (30M) now looking longer. Aiming for Comrades in 2010
  • Harnser says: Just started on the Ultras this year ran a couple of races and a fifty miler (the Norfolk coast path) on my own. Got a few more lined up for next year.
  • firemannotsam says: Done a couple of ultras - namely Downlands and Kent 50 - entered into Pennine duathlon challenge 2009 so really gonna have to work hard over the next 6 months!
  • Insomniac says: I've got entries for 2 Oceans and Comrades this year for my only Ultras, trying to see if I can do a bit more speed work, but it doesn't seem to improve my times, or my enjoyment!
  • Chich says: Going to try a 33 miler in 2009 - need to know I'm not alone.
  • Gavin says: Run over 6 ultra marathons and multi stage races to date - looking to do more this year
  • ogee says: Longest ultra so far is the London to Brighton off road race where I got hopelessly lost & ended up running 64 miles according to my Garmin. Going back this year to give it a spanking.
    Big aim is the Spartathlon hopefully within 2 years.
  • pf55 says: About to start training for my first official Ultra The Salisbury 54321, 50k Trail Run
  • Speedie says: Just noticed this group - have started running longer to get body used to Ultra distance managed 33 miles last Saturday and felt very good. Plan is Kent 50 miler and London to Brighton but off our own back.
  • Slow Duck says: Comrades is my favourite ultra - I'm a member of the Green Number Club.
  • roger, no longer the faster brother says: just done my 5th and 6th ultras, the Highland fling in April, tough but good race, Lyke Wake race in July came joint 2nd yippee, 4th last year WHW race next year if I can get a place
  • 154 Rob says: the Fling has changed my life. I'd said "never again". But, as my Uncle Sean said, Never Say Never Again...
  • SunnyDevon says: looking for a new challenge, rather than chasing times..Ultras fit the bill, entered for the Coventry Way Challenge 2010
  • mile muncher says: Having done the Northants 35 and Kent 52, I'm well and truly hooked on the longer distances. I still like marathons but now like to use them as my lsr for the ultras. Next event is Marriotts Way 36 in November. I can't wait. There's nothing quite like the thrill of getting into the "big" miles :-)
  • Abichal says: I am helping promote the Preston 6 Hour in August 2017, Chorley 6 hour race October 2017 - an old school road race and the Liverpool Hope University 6 Hour Road race in April 2018 - NFI.
  • streatham stroller says: I have run a few Ultras – target to train for and complete the GUCR
  • Mudhopper says: I , started jogging to keep fit for hill walking then started jogging whilst hill walking it all got a bit mixed up, and now walk a bit while out runing! It just means i can go further, enjoy more countryside, the events just seem friendlier and i normally end up trotting along with someone, having a chat, although sometimes depending where the conversation is going, what is said during the event stays on the event! especially at night, eat more.... Why put your trainers on to do 10 K when you can do 100K?!
  • ashley1_scott says: have done a few marathons, now looking at going a bit longer.
    Plan is London-to-Brighton 2010,
    Any help would be thanked. Message me
  • Craig D says: 3 Ultras done including London to Brighton 2009!
  • moelhebog says: Have run South Downs 80 3 times with a PB of 16 hrs 25 min and Trailwalker UK with a PB of 13 hrs 45 min. Getting back in shape with a view to doing a Ultra next year.
  • davidwbush says: Done the L2B the bug!
  • Gritts! says: Got my first ultra in Jan - Country to Capital. What have I let myself in for...........?
  • SteveRR says: Hi gang...anyone doing JCC in March 2010 or Caesar's Camp 100M, 50M or 30M in October 2010?
  • CottamRunner says: First Ultra on 6th November - 36 miles. Actually looking forward to it!! :-O
  • deanosaur says: Did the Devil O the Highlands 2009 and loved it. Have entered the Highland Fling 2010.
  • Rasmivan says: Started with Barry 40 mile track race, 47 mile Sri Chinmoy Race and Self-Transcendence 24 hour Track Race in 2009 and am now hooked. Hoping to do more races and progress to 6 and 10 day races in the future.
  • andrea8936 says: Something to aspire to lol.. Maybe in the next 3 years!
  • matthearne says: Keen ultra marathon runner and race director
  • _andy says: Scottish based runner. We're spoilt for choice up here.
  • Kyoko says: Hi! I have just started ultra. There is so much to learn! I have entered Northants 34, Davos K78 and Trans Britain this year. Scary but so excited!
  • ultrakate says: got into Ultra in 2013, love the really long ones such as GUCR and TR250
  • smutters says: run slowly, eat lots. The civilised way to run.
  • josieT says: Done 2 - D33 and speyside Way 2010. Loved them. Bring it on!
  • brimps says: first ultra in July-iceland-tiddly one compared to some of you lunatices :)
  • JP. says: Did the thames trot 50miler, and South Downs 103 miler in 2011 - just about managed to convince the missus that doing another 100miler might be fun in early 2014
  • louismaxy says: I think I feel the need to stay on my feet preferably moving!
  • la bandit says: Ran the Grimsthorpe 70 mile ultra this year ,boy its a long way ,does another 30 on top of that feel like another giant leep ?
  • ultracollie says: just fininshed the start of my training milage increase for this winter ready for the spring, feeling good and positive.
    except for the heavy rain today.
  • Rab Lee says: I'm new to Fetch, but done quite a few ultras now.
  • Sombrero says: 1 ultra (30+ miles) done in 2010....lots more planned for 2011 and beyond. Get a buzz from the long slow runs that I don't get from any other type of run.
  • spikeyboy says: D33 completed. I'm now an ultra!
  • heffaroo says: Taking on 2 Ultras this year....any advice would be great!!
  • tipsku says: After completing 15 marathons and the Dartmoor Discovery in 2011 (32.2 miles) I've signed up for a 100k race in 2016.
  • Ben....Marquis of Ashby says: sooo....Whats the next ultra then guys? hardmoors 55 for me :)
  • plewis26.2 says: Movember Milo Miles challenge
    Run the dates 1 thru 30 November

    So run 1 mile [or more] 1st November / 2 miles [or more] 2nd November / 3 miles [or more] 3rd November … all the way up to 30 miles [or more] on the 30th November.

    It is not expected that many will complete successfully, but it is reasoned that reasonably fit runners should be able to get to November 12th / 13th?

    So that more may take part, when a day is missed or not achieved runners can start again from 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles, so any ability can take part even if they end up simply doing miles then repeating every day throughout the month. It is also permissible to split a day’s mileage [eg November 16th could be two 8 mile runs that day, November 20th could be two 10 mile runs or four 5 mile runs that day etc. As long as the day's mileage is completed. The minimum total distance for the month is therefore 465 miles.
  • andy_rcole says: Have done 2 ultras and have entered another 6 and hopefully 7 for this year. This includes the triple crown of the Highland fling, West Highland Way and Devil )' The Highlands.
  • hunterway says: The Thames Path 100 and The South Downs Way 100 entered 2013. Thames path done in 23:22:10
  • Jungliemac says: 2 weeks until the ONER 78 miler-I'm starting to get nervous now!
  • DeeDee1 says: I just completed marathon number 3 (although recovering from injury so SLOWLY!) and have a place in London in April. Considering moving up to ultra's next year and keen to get any advice on training, expectations etc. :)
  • posty john says: Which is the best ultra to do 1st. done marathons and thinking of a ultra
  • chrishunt says: Flunked out half way thru an ultra this weekend so thought I should spend some time on ultra forums instead - It's a lot easier than running!
  • grimnortherner says: training for my first one and loving it...
  • GregP says: I'm not here, right?
  • Jammo says: i've entered the Cardif Ultra on 20th May 2012, my first ever and looking around for advice ;-)
  • seesteverun says: Completed a couple of mini-ultras (40M and 30M). Currently training for first 50M with 100Ks planned for next year and 100M for 2017.
  • sharmanian says: If anyone is looking for an ultra coach, I'm a professional runner for The North Face and offer reasonably-priced coaching to people all around the world. Whatever you goal is, I love helping people get more out of this sport since it's given me so many fantastic memories. My coaching website is if you're interested.
  • Folivora says: Did my first ultra in 2007 and have done 30+ competitions since then ranging from 50K to 245K both track and trail. Now aiming primarily at 24H and 48H and planning for Comrades 2015. Sweden based.
  • DPBadger says: Just booked my first Ultras Two Oceans and RTR.
  • Whisper says: Just noticed this group. Brilliant. Doing the Deeside Way this spring and the Highland Fling in May. Hoping to do two others this year and take part in the Scottish Ultramarathon Series.
  • MarkC says: 3 Ridgeway 40's under my belt and time to expand the portfolio!
  • Amanda68 says: Did The Wall over 2 days as my first Ultra event, seriously got the bug now
  • Silver Strider says: have enjoyed SDW50, SDW100 and SVP100k in 2013. Building towards CCC 2014 and hopefully UTMB 2015.
  • UltraBoyRuns says: About to run the White Cliffs 50, The Wall and possibly Thames Gateway 100 in 2013. That's going to be tiring
  • mehike says: My first ultra was in 15.06.2013 168,8km 14:50:45, very very technical and very hard and hilly terrain. I broke cource record more than 4hours (19:09) and beat 2th place more than 3,5hours (18:28). 76competitors and 12finish 168,8km (max time 26hours), (9mens and 3womens). No one believe me, then I said before race that I want to run 15hours this course. They sayd me - you are mad, very mad. that is impossible, only best runners in world can do this... right now almost all runners sayd me - "respect" :D I am 42y old but I can yet surprise all them! ultrarunners club president sayd me - we take you next year world and european chamionchip and you are a first favorit to 1place. :D and I can't say nothing - I can only run!
  • Chell says: Keep trying to train for the Bullock Smithy each year but quit quite early on
  • Northern Exile says: Barking mad :-)
  • GRIFFO says: Hope 24 I am in ,anyone else doing it guys.Moonlight Challenge and the Born to Run Ultra"s done this year so far.
  • Dudie says: My first was Stort 30 (2014). Next up is HARP 24 and planning to complete 100k
  • Melksham runner says: Did my first ultra (Thames Trot) in Fedb 2015. preparing for Chiltern Ultra Challenge (50k) in July, and then doing the Chester Marathon in October as my qualifying race for Comrades in 2016
  • stephenpotter says: So far my experience of ultras is limited to the page/ screen of my kindle, but there's something very enticing and it's a serious consideration! If I commit, perhaps to something a year from now, will it take over m life?! And if it does will I care!?
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