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This is the place for Fetchies who prefer a monthly target to a yearly one. The counter is reset at the end of each month. Those who hit the magic number exactly get a virtual bottle of champagne

Notes from Members

  • Wooters says: I'll give it a go.
  • mr d says: posted 100 in the last 5 months of the year, if I can stay injury free I am aiming for 1400 miles this year
  • JRitchie says: Lets see what the old legs can do this year.
  • GuyG says: I like it here. Looking forward to 100 a month at a time
  • jennyh says: I'm in - only managed 2/12 last year, but going to give it a go as part of my goal to be more consistent throughout the year in 2016.
  • LateStart says: If it isn't too late...can I play too? Thanks!
  • Sushi. says: I'll give it a good go.
  • Foxy says: I'll give it another bash :)
  • Old Croc says: Keep trying this group over years and keep tripping up for one or two months, here goes another attempt at a full on year - all the way through this time.....
  • Silver Strider says: Home from homes :-) January will be a test as will the the rest of the year.....just how I like it :-)
  • westmoors says: Will give this a go. Should make it for the first 4 months as I'm marathon training.
  • chipn says: The main goal is to stay injury free, the rest can look after itself
  • BishopLenBrennan says: Started well 2015, got injured in March and struggled for the rest of the year. Here we go again though!
  • Rosehip says: I'm not here
  • colettedeann says: am back and hope that i am able to 'actually play' this year :)
  • Gromit says: I'm in again , best place to be :-) along with the 1000 miles thread of course !!
  • CStar says: 4/12 last year. Need to up it a bit this year to play with the big boys (and girls) on here
  • run-forest-run says: Great motivational thread, I'm in again 10/12 last year as I focused on the bike for a couple of months. Here we go...... good luck all :-)
  • Huntsman says: Bit of consistency would be nice in 2016 so 100 miles and over for the whole year please.
  • PeterFay says: Third year on this thread.
    10 /12 months both times (albeit with good excuses - illness and injury)
  • Sombrero says: I've managed 7 x 100 mile months in a year twice. Hopefully I can do it every month this year.
  • Old Man says: I'm back for the third or forth year I think. Disappointed to only mange 9/12 in 2015 so hope the full set this year. My favourite fetch group. Big thanks for that must go to USB :-)
  • DocM says: I see there are some nice folk in here so thought I might join you....
  • pedroscalls says: Back again, hoping for a better year than last and hit the target more often than 4 months like 2015.
  • Fitz says: Loved being part of the group in 2015. Bring it on!
  • Autumnleaves says: Loved being part of the 2015 group - I'm sure you all helped me get to my highest annual mileage :)
  • ChrisHB says: heading for seven years of 100 mile months, but it can't go on for ever.
  • Rich H says: Four months ago I didn't think this was possible, but 116 after today's run, and 9 to do tomorrow!
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