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One of the most motivational groups on this lovely site. Pushed me towards and past my goal of 1500 miles in 2015 and made me laugh and smile along the way.

Get involved, you won't regret it.

Set your target mileage to 1500 miles for 2016 and crack off the miles.

Notes from Members

  • Neilio says: I'm in again.Trying to stay a bit fit whilst enjoying beer,tacos,pies and the occasional pudding.Lovely bunch of people in here,most of them a little bonkers.
  • Huntsman says: Going to go well over 1500 miles, sub 3:15 marathon, sub 40 min 10k and a HM PB. It's easy to write down, bit harder to do. Didn't do any of the PB's. Mileage will be OK though.
  • PeterFay says: Hope to get there ...
  • jennyh says: Hoping to maintain consistency over the year - my training normally goes south a bit over the summer so hoping this group will help keep me motivated.
  • RichHL says: Let's see if I can keep it together long enough to hit 1500 miles in 2016.
  • StuH says: I think this should be a good target for me in 2016, altough being a metric person I shall be reaching for 1553 (2500km). Other targets; first marathon, hopefully close to 4hr, sub 1:50 half.
  • Pikelet says: Here's to an injury free 2016 for all!!!
  • StuartM says: Been 4/5 years since I have run any decent distance consistently so looking to do 1500 this year. First target race is London.
  • CtrlAlzShift says: Aiming to push up to 1500 in 2016 after a decent 2015, back running again after 45 years away. Manchester will be my first ever marathon.
  • Jono. says: I'll do a bit of running, in between watching the telly & sleeping.
  • _andy says: I have joined the group.
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Prob do a bit more, but I love the 1500ers, so here I be! :-) G
  • Techthick says: Back again after going awol in 2015
  • DocM says: Going for fourth time in a row......lets see how it goes
  • FRU (KeepTheFaith) says: Love this thread... can never keep up verbally - but this motivates me to keep going :-)
  • pielips says: I'm in again. Roll on the new year
  • dafinchi says: I eat, therefore I run
  • Maclennane says: Trying for my second 1500 in ten years on the site
  • caw says: Worst mileage year ever in 2015 due to injuries. Starting the year recovering from a sprained ankle and cracked ribs but will get to 1500 this year.
  • GaryManleyBDS says: Started running last year, averaged around 135 miles for last 3 months of 2015. Would like sub 40 10k and running my first 2 HMs this year.
  • Pedro_Perez says: Well......I eat therefore I run. :-p
  • Watford Wobble says: I'll do a bit leave a bit. Will be pleased to crack 1000 miles.
  • JovialGnome says: Detonated last year and missed it by miles - a chest infection ensures it's not going to get off to a wonderful start thisyear either1
  • Jigs says: Hope to stay injury free, should be way over 1500 miles again. Have joined because I hear it is a great thread to follow. And you have a pet monkey called WW ;)
  • That man from March says: Injuries prevented me from having a good crack at 1500 in 2015 but I'm over them to ready to go for 1500 in 2016 :)
  • Ron Burgundy says: After a crazy 2015 I'm looking for more quality less quantity in 2016
  • ChrisHB says: this should be my 10th year of > 1000 miles, and my fifth of > 1500.
  • Will_Uyuni says: 100 miles short in 2015 so up for another bash
  • Wooters says: Hello everyone, done over 1000 miles last year so would like to up the challenge to 1500 for 2016.
  • jabberknit says: Here I am, ready for the new year and more fun on the best Fetchie thread.
  • Shadow says: Looking forward to this again :-)
  • IanS says: Back again for another year on the best thread on Fetch :-)
  • Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) says: Back for miles more fun :-)
  • chunkywizard says: Looking forward to getting the monkey ;-)
  • The Terminator says: Tidy
  • run-forest-run says: I'm in, great motivational thread
  • MsG says: Looking to increase the distance of my runs in 2016, get a HM PB and not get appendicitis:-p
  • Toks says: Didn't make it 1500 in 2015 but love this group so sticking to it like glue lol😜😍 all the best everyone and hope I get close so fingers cross 😃
  • Foxy says: struggling need a focus as I have just returned to running.
Group admin: Huntsman

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