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Yes, it's that time of year again, dig out your festive earrings and your Santa hats, I hereby declare the official opening of the FETCH SECRET SANTA 2015 hat decorate :-)

To sign up, you MUST MUST MUST send Fmail to Longwayround (LWR). Tell him the address to which your gift(s) ought to be sent by your Santa, including your name if that needs to be any different from your Fetch name. (It turns out that some people work in places where the mailroom requires an actual name. It can also help if the Post Office need ID.)

If you haven't yet signed up, sorry, you've missed the sleigh: we look forward to seeing you in 2016.

Please take into account that the mail might not be as fast as Rudolph: it would be appreciated if all gifts could be POSTED by the END OF NOVEMBER. (If you live outside of the United Kingdom, please post even earlier.)

Please update the spreadsheet ( ) to let us know when you have posted your victim's goodies. Similarly, please update the sheet when your goodies arrive. The sooner all those lovely boxes get filled, the sooner the elves can kick back and start on the Aquavit. We WILL get stroppy with people who do not respond to messages after the deadline. Please don't be that person. If something untoward happens, please let your Elf know.

Don't be elusive once you've signed up as most of the fun is in the stalking and learning about your victim. You could think about pimping your profile and adding your list for Santa of things you like and types of gifts you enjoy. Also add your likes and dislikes etc below.

I've slightly increased the budget this year to around a tenner. However, that is only a guideline. Don't be disappointed if the Antiques Roadshow values your gift rather lower.


From the Fetchmas Elves - Longwayround (LWR), WA, Star, geordiegirl, minardi., Mandymoo x

Notes from Members

  • Wine Legs says: I am a crafty knitter, baker, and a runner too. In the summer, I am partial to a bit of open water swimming. I am gluten free, and once the twins are born (probably Feb), will be back to being a wine and gin drinker too. I'd prefer nothing rude. I love gifts that are thoughtful :-)
  • Girlie says: I am not keen on Mint or Coffee flavoured things.
    I do like running, knitting and pole dancing!

    I appreciate time and consideration over cost of gift.
    My blogs are relatively easy to decipher and I tend ot hang out on the craftery thread.
    I am fine with saucy, nothing too rude though- I don't want ot shock LMG
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: Nothing rude please, I'll be opening in front of my elderly parents! I love running (durrr), my cat and very dark dairy free chocolate. I hate anything orange flavoured (except for actual oranges).
  • Irontubs says: Woops missed the group, anyway I'm a blogadawer on my 2nd year, I'm a triathlete returning after a year in exile post Ironman. I like to cook and run and swim and cycle but not all at the same time.
    I don't think I am too fussy when it comes to gifts, I love SS because it is such a surprise and I especially love SS gifts that appear to have been well stalked :-)
  • Princess Purple Bubbles says: Well I'm PPB, trying to find my running mojo again. I've struggled but hey ho! I love bunnies (of the fluffy cuddle kind), I quite like coffee and travel mugs, and my toes love fluffy slipper socks after I've done stupid things like spend 6hours crossing the Humber Bridge! ( for FUN!)

    I love Secret Santa and I need to confess I've not been a very active Fetchie, running a business, being a carer and generally having a meh moment but entice me back :)
  • Iron_Mum says: Ho ho ho etc etc etc! No smellies or rude stuff please - otherwise I am pretty easy to please. I love tea, books, writing, running, am v low maintenance but appreciate pretty things when other people get them for me, am way too busy and don't get enough sleep, get cold working at home in the winter. Hope that's enough to go on...
  • K-Web says: *waves* I so love Secret Santa!!

    Erm, about me. I'm not doing much running at the moment (for that read at all) although I do intend getting back out in a couple of months once some stuff here has settled down. I'm more known for being on the 'other' side of the fence :-)

    Am a wine, gin, beer or 'anything really' drinker (except whisky)! Partial to chocolate too. Basically anything that's bad for me. Don't mind 'slightly' rude presents, but will probably be with the family this year instead of home alone so nothing too extreme from that perspective please.... Love handmade stuff, things with some thought behind but no smellies please xx
  • Carpathius says: Hello Santa :) I am a huge penguin fan, non-drinker, like running slowly and you should be able to find out loads about me as I practically live on Fetch :)
  • Nelski says: Please Santa, I am very easy going and grateful for anything really. But not rude stuff or naughtiness please. See - I'm a good boy at heart.
  • WA says: Very excited to be a part of this! I like puzzles (jigsaws etc) , knitting and reading. Just getting back into running again after an extended cba. I'm more of a home body than a socialite. Please nothing rude, no smelly candles and no alcohol.
  • Pinkliverbird says: I've become very interested in Buddhism and meditation lately. I love cooking/baking, I'm a real foodie and I'm at the moment exploring vegetarian cooking - and of course I love running. I also love all things creative, wild and wacky. Nothing rude please as present will be opened in front of my children who get as excited a I over my Fetch SS pressie :-)
  • geordiegirl says: Hi everyone, I have to say I feel I am very easy to please there isnt much I dont like, but that said I'm not too keen on roode stuff.
    Otherwise well, me & running have fallen out but I'm working on that at the moment. I love nice smelly things, reading, chocolate, sharks (yes real ones), my dog who I'm missing like crazy while I'm living/working in Oman (only til April though)

    Looking forward to being in SS again. hohoho hat
  • CStar says: Running, cycling on road and off road, but v rarely swimming, Fetchie.
    Eat anything,wear most things, drink most things. lover of books, socks (9 1/2 or 45), strange T shirts and daft novelty gifts. Cheeky/rude is fine as kids are old enough to be embarrassed rather than shocked. Will be doing lots of long distance cycling next year and having a significant birthday that I'd rather not think about. :-)
  • Alice the Camel says: I'm trying to learn to love running in the rain/dark/cold ;-) Gloves or socks always appreciated. I have no allergies and love food! Good sense of humour but nothing rude thankyou :-)
  • sallykate says: Love crafts and books - would prefer nothing edible or smelly and definitely nothing that can't be opened in front of my daughter and mother-in-law please!
  • emdee says: oops. wasn't even in the group. Bad me. Currently slightly broken after tripping/falling and bashing my wrist and knee *on the way to the start* of the Autumn 100. Knee was agony and then I ran 100 miles on it. 3weeks on and wrist is damaged ligaments and just starting to feel a bit better, knee just about getting there.
    Anyway, I love a good marathon, ultras are also fun, like the bike a bit too but I don't get out on that as much as I should. I enjoy a swim but I'm pants at it. Wine is wonderful. Choc is ok. Rude is just fine. Socks are always super (10.5-11). Oh, I've just started to learn to ski - off to do that for the first time in Jan.
  • leaguefreak says: I like surprises. I open my presents in front of the kids so nothing rude - but be as silly as you like. I don't like pink, or ornamental tat. You don't need to blow the whole budget - it's the thought that counts.
  • Sombrero says: The usual requests from me - a page 3 girl, an x-wing fighter and cake. Failing that, I'm quite happy with anything but please bear in mind my 8 year old daughter will be with me so nothing too cheeky cheers. If you DO send the page 3 girl, please ensure she is clothed.
  • DoricQuine says: A rock chick, whisky loving, petite running grandma :) Would prefer nothing rude and definitely no smelly candles!
  • Duchess says: I love shoes, jewellery and clothes, just getting back into running after a dose of cba-ness, indiscriminate lover of books and music (although not jazz), reasonably unshockable with a ritual of opening FSS presents under the bedcovers. Adore surprises....
  • colettedeann says: :) I love the start of Fetch Secret Santa - and I suppose the whole way through till after Christmas :)
    I have no allergies, not dislikes, many likes - maybe something rude please :p and love the surprise of what I receive - have loads of early festive fun everyone :)
  • LorraineS says: I like knitting and cats but am happy with anything thoughtful. Nothing rude please
  • Happy Cat says: Hi, Pressie will be opened in front of family so nothing rude. I love chocolate, pampering and reading. Running wise a nice new pair of gloves would be fantastic and socks are always useful (I'm an 8). I am very grateful for whatever I receive and thank you for my pressie - I also will do some more blogs with hints!
  • Winniefree says: I'm not fussy :-) I love surprises. No allergies. Helpful eh? ;-)
  • Autumnleaves says: Love running & am happy with running related stuff, - FSS has been best present by some yards in the past and the stalking is half the fun. There must be clues a plenty in my blogadaw!! Not rude please - Twiglet really wouldn't approve....
  • Star says: nothing rude! like running, trails preferably, got my first ultra in 2016, I'm slower than a turtle through treacle, dont like pink or smellies, love milk or dark chocolate not white though. I have a dog that I love to walk (though sometimes through gritted teeth!) I crochet, bake and like coffee and cake get togethers with the girls (who thankfully are mostly running pals!)
  • becca7 says: I'm in. I'm another vegan so nothing containing animal products please - beyond that, I'm not fussy food wise. And nothing rude please.
  • DocM says: i like running! im very small, I believe there is no such thing as too many socks. love chocolate, and anything else that can be eaten for that matter. I puppy train for hearing dogs and my running partner is my chocolate labrador. I have 4 children (and a husband) so nothing rude please.
  • Mandymoo says: Erm what can I say - I like running, cycling, walking dog, drinking and eating. Don't like chocolate really, cant eat yeast so out goes bread, wine, beer and cider. Cant stand coffee. Have recently become the proud owner of a VW T4 van which we have converted to a camper van - ex AA so cant miss it. Nothing rude please
  • LindsD says: I LOVE chocolate. I'm veggie so no bacon (:)) and preferably no leather. I don't drink. I swim, cycle and run. Love books and music. Not keen on fluffy or pink things. Preferably nothing rude.
  • The Scribbler says: I haven't blogged much this year, but hopefully there are enough posts to give my stalker some ideas. I do triathlons, so always appreciate kit and my More Mile socks have seen better days! I also write, read a lot, and appreciate thoughtfulness over expense.

    No booze or rude stuff please.
  • westmoors says: Love running, teaching aerobics, walking the dog, caravanning, baking, reading and lots more! Dislike chocolate and olives.
  • Shadow says: I'm so easily pleased ;-) Not fussy about anything - probably have enough running gear to sink a ship though ;-)
  • Longwayround [LWR] says: Asterix fan (I have most of the books in English and would happily read many of the earlier ones in French). I sing barbershop, enjoy walking, running and cycling, love reading, play the bass badly, never drink instant coffee but rather freshly ground espressos. Enjoy real ale and photography.
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