Notes from Members

  • CheekyP says: Im Lucky enough to Live in Berkhamsted and run up & down its hills and surounding area, ie Ashridge, Aldbury and ivinghoe beacon, great places to run.
  • Schnecke says: Another one here in the frozen North of the county - near the black squirrels.
  • Muds says: Have sheep from time to time. Prefer one to one! Its all Baaaa humbug!!!
  • Geprig says: And at the other end of the county, next to the stort.
  • Helegant says: Near where the Colne and the Ver meet - or the M1/M25 junction if you prefer. Tell me about the Alban way - I'd like a route that goes out towards Hatfield and Welwyn. Oh, and I see lots of sheep.
  • BrianJ says: Also at the North end, more black squirrels round here than sheep!
  • karl says: royston runners
  • Bananaman says: South East Herts, about as far as you go without dropping into enemy territory ;-)
  • Lumsdoni says: North of the Northenders, I may even BE a black squirrel.
  • Hash says: Another Royston Runner
  • The Shadow says: on the cusp - in the DMZ between North Herts and Mid Beds
  • GrahH says: Started life up the North end of Herts and having been steadily drifting south.. in more ways than one..ever since. Now that I have to admit to being middle aged I've found the middle of Wheathampstead. Any more Fetchies round here?
  • tazdevil says: Running around Cheshunt (canal mostly) is great but you have to avoid the cider drinking chavs!
  • MidgeRunner says: By Leavesden Studios. I'm always trying to explore new footpaths and areas of countryside squashed in and around the north of Watford, Kings Langley, Hemel Hempstead, Leverstock Green, St Albans, Bricket Wood, Wall Hall, Radlett and Nth Bushey. I probably should be an orienteer but I like running too much. I also like exploring the Chiltern Hills but that's probably for another group!
  • john_n says: I just qualify, my house is on the border with Essex!! Member of Bishops Stortford Running Club
  • Big G (no longer gareth1871) says: 3 month newbie, from the wilds that is Croxley green.....Grand Union is my theatre, the ducks are my audience
  • RichardW says: In Hertford. A member of Herts Phoenix because the colour of the vest always matches the colour of my face at the end of a race. Scarlet!
  • Always Injured says: Often seen on river track between Ware & Hertford. Ware Joggers
  • jugglingjunky says: A hertford runner of mostly offroad tracks up towards waterford etc. Great stuff
  • Herts-Runner says: In Ware, run for the mighty herts Phoenix! Often seen running through the fields and farmland around ware and the surrounding villages
  • mr guinness says: moved from the big city to welwyn. all i see is fields fields and more fields and great places to run, fresh air and lovly gunniess.
  • Bumface says: From the hills of Hemel and the flats of the grand union.....
  • plogatron says: From the Barnet End, plodding along....
  • delpev says: I live in Bedfordshire(just) ,have a Bucks dial code (o1296) and run mostly in Hertfordshire (Tring area)
  • MovingAlong says: Can be seen running Stevenage. Knebworth, Woolmer Green & Datchworth. Also at Ware Joggers!
  • Hemel Runner says: As the name suggets running around the mean streets of Hemel and surrounding areas.
    Nikki line to Redbourn and Harpenden.
    Canal to Berkhmpstead, Kings Langley and Watford or Tring if Im feeling adventerous
  • gojosiego says: Hello fellow Herts runners, Im North Herts
  • katief89 says: Berkhamsted! roads, fields and towpaths.
  • millicat says: East Barnet and runs round the beautiful but hilly Trent Park.
  • steve7 says: can be seen running the highways and byways of stevenage.
  • 33 penguins says: Berkhamsted too - so not too farto hills, woods, the common and plenty of mud! more deer than sheep i think
  • plodder says: Running along the river lea in and around Broxbourne
  • Soggous says: Northerner, can be found somewhere in Letchworth if you look hard :)
  • benfowler says: Grew up in Stevenage, moved to Hertford, now live in Stanstead Abbotts and spend my time swallowing flies whilst running between Ware/Broxbourne along the canal (oh and dodging the chavvy cider drinkers as someone else noted).
  • GCRunner says: In welwyn gdn cty, surrounded by lovely countryside paths to run on in summer. Seem to be running through deep mud on the same paths now it's winter. Love it!!!
  • FurryH says: Live in Hemel, run here, watford and hertford.
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