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Those that are interested in the Thames Bridge Challenge - that can be running it as part of the group or as the route is available in the public routes on Fetch you can have a go whenever you like.

Notes from Members

  • McGoohan says: Group done set up
  • .B. says: aka a stalker - I will want to make a note of all of your names for my sticker book :-)
  • colettedeann says: not sure about what pace i will be doing :/ - will be my lsr as i will be in my marathon schedule :) REALLY looking forward to this :)
  • Fitz says: A week before my first Mara of the year, a gentle jog along the Thames would be just the ticket.
  • GimmeMedals says: I'll be a run/walker in the party at the back
  • Wazelle the Gazelle says: I will be running at about 14min mil pace, preferably chatting all the way to lovely Fetchies.
  • Garfield says: I'll be taking it easy as it will be an LSR for marathon training.
  • Mummysaurus says: I will be run/walking with the party at the back chatting to Wazelle
  • Night-owl says: Can I join the party at the back
  • Cardiosaurus says: I shall be recovering from Mill Hill marathon the week before. Cant wait to meet you all! :)
  • Drell says: A definite maybe...
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