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The challenge is quite simple. The aim is for each participant to run or walk an increasing amount of miles each day starting with a minimum of 1 mile on the 1st February, a minimum of 2 miles on the 2nd February, a minimum of 3 miles on the 3rd February.. you get the idea.

This challenge will end on the 28th February 2015.

This is a "test" of a potential new race where participants run an extra mile a day forever…or until they drop. For now this is a fixed period challenge that ends on the 28th February.

Q - How do I participate?

You can “join” this event on Facebook and interact with other participants here:

Please feel free to post your progress during the course of the month.

In addition we have setup a strava Club if you wish to join here and interact with other strava members.

You can also interact with us on twitter @RunUntilYouDrop

It’s then just a “simple” case of running or walking the minimum number of miles each day.

Q - How much is it to take part?

It's free.

Q - Where can I run?

Anywhere you like so long as you have a personal record of it.

Q - Can I do this in kilometres rather than miles?

There’s nothing to stop you doing your own personal challenge. For the purpose of this particular challenge of event though it’s miles I’m afraid.

Q - How shall I log my mileage?

This is a personal honesty based challenge and you are responsible for maintaining your own training log. You can just post of Facebook, use the Fetcheveryone website, strava Daily mile or perhaps just plain old pen and paper.

Q - Can I do this on a treadmill?


Q - How will you know whether I cheated or not?

We won't. This is an honesty-based challenge where you log your own mileage.

Sure you could cheat but well what’s the point? It’s a personal challenge.

Q - Does each day’s run have to be done all in one go?

No, you just need to cover the minimum distance for that day.

For example you could break down a 26-mile day into a 10-mile morning run, a 1-mile walk to the shops, a 5-mile lunchtime run and then 10 miles in the evening.

Q - How can I fit in that much running each and every day?

Organising the timing of your runs is part of the (fun) challenge.

Q - What if my partner leaves me due to all this running I end up doing?*

We'll fix you up with someone else in the group (*maybe).

Q - Will this be good for my health and fitness?

Running is a healthy activity. The amount of running you should complete will vary depending upon factors such as your experience and current fitness for example.

However “rest days” are important to. Therefore you take part in this event at your own risk. If you are injured, carrying an injury or tired then it may be best to bow out of the challenge.

Can I "catch up" with the mileage if I miss a day?

No. If you do not manage to complete the minimum mileage for that day then you are out of the challenge.

Can I walk?


What if I start a run before midnight but finish the run after midnight.

If you start running a mile before midnight which finishes after midnight then you may count that mile for the previous day. Any further miles run as part of that individual run counts for the next day.

For example. Paul starts running a 11.55pm and completes his first mile by 12.05am (after midnight). He then runs another 2 miles finishing at 12.25am. Paul may count the first mile only for the first day and miles 2-3 for the second day.

Q - Will there be prizes/medals/T-shirts?

No prizes as such but we are looking at an option to design a T-Shirt which people can buy after the event (i.e. “Run Until You Drop – Survivor”) if there is sufficient interest.

What do you mean, this is a "test" event?

(James) had this silly idea. He wondered how many days you could go by running an extra mile each day. Could you do 50 miles? 70? 100?

This is potentially an amazing race idea and one that we would may eventually like to organise as a virtual "race" and this challenge is a great way to test the concept and some of the logistics.

Do I have to be UK based?

No. So long as you can record your mileage you can run on the moon if you like.

We even have some interested participants from Wales.

Q - How is it possible to even run that may miles a day?

Easy. This fat bloke managed to do it.

Q - How will I know how everyone else is getting on?

As it is a personal challenge, people will be responsible for keeping their own log and tracking their own progress. However, we recognise that people will be interested to see how many people are participating and how they are getting on.

As this is a Facebook based challenge, we will “pin” a new post each day asking people to comment to confirm if they are still “in” the challenge. Hopefully this will give participants an idea of how many people are still “in” the challenge.

You can visit the Facebook event page here:

Please note you can also interact with us on strava and Twitter at the following links:


Twitter: @RunUntilYouDrop

Q - I have more questions/You’ve missed something really obvious/I’ve got a great idea for how you can track everything. Who do I contact?

Please visit the Facebook event page and ask away.

The Run Until You Drop challenge “hosts” are James Adams & Paul Ali.

Notes from Members

  • Chisholm says: 2016?
  • plodding hippo says: This is not one of my better ideas
  • ultrakate says: simply love run long with my mad border collie "Avo" Got into Ultra running after a bet with a friend and ending up running the GUCR on less than 25 miles in training. Love taking part in James's mad challenges though was broken by the piece of String in 2013 hoping to have fun and nail this one
  • GoateeH says: aiming for half way this year and next year the whole way - if fit...
  • Amanda68 says: Needing some motivation for mara training, let's sign up for some lunacy :-)
  • Avon says: Hello, I'm Avon and I'm assisting Binks with this silly idea.
  • Binks says: HI I'm Binks and this stupid thing was my idea
  • Ultraandy says: Will be pleased to clear week 2!
  • mxhornet says: I'm often referred to as a nutter, so this should suit me, well normally it would.
  • Garfield says: I wonder how long I'll last...!
  • flanker says: By the end of the month I may have taken out a contract on Binks.
  • Support for Firefighters says: It is John's fault...I did not mean to do this
  • Aliceoutthere says: Very bad runner. But a slogger. Did Marathon Des Sables last year and also UTAT atlas mountain marathon. Love adventures and write about them
  • ferret says: I thought I'd clicked on the old dears group. Never mind, I like to keep track of you all anyway. Good luck
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