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  • .B. says: I am so looking forward to seeing you all :-)
  • kwala says: kwala's notes: woad wunner and girlie want to be in mins team
    pompey paul with Bint
    Iron Mum with RuthB2/SherryB
    RRR-CAZ = one of the 700s - Bintmcskint,Rosehip pr PaulaMc
  • Spleen says: Will be wearing a green Southville RC vest but will try to give a big shout of "Fetchie" if I have the lungs.
  • dan. says: Love the Fetchpoint cheers and support :-) I will be going for about 2:55 this year
  • DuncanG says: Nothing to see here
  • becca7 says: Fetchpoint rocks.
  • idlewild says: Fetchpoint was a real highpoint last time - that was 3 years' ago, but I still remember it :-)
  • ***Steve*** says: After 7 years trying to get into VMLM I'm finally in, as it will also be my 10th marathon I'm looking to take an hour out of my first marathon time by coming in at 3:26:10 or better!
  • nayan says: Best of luck everyone. This will be my first VMLM. Looking for 3:14
  • StorksRock says: Jelly babies are my running food of choice - bring 'em on....
  • Fenland Flier says: First marathon, looking forward to the challenge and atmosphere of it. Knowing someone will be there to cheer fetchies on will help immensely. Thanks guys and gals.
  • Dillthedog says: I'm a Virgin marathoner, please be gentle :-)
  • RunningBob says: Blue & gold Wilmslow RC vest. Will hopefully be steaming through on a 2.37 train with JockItch, PSimon, James74, Boab, BazP, .... #toottoot
  • Mandymoo says: Will plod around this year and last time Fetchpoint saved me as I was struggling as lack of energy etc and was stuffed with food and sent on my way to the end :-)
  • Clatters says: Mmmmmmm - jelly babies .....!!
  • Iron_Mum says: THANK YOU Fetchpoint angels! :-)
  • Nickid says: Slow plodder looking to have a really good time- all encouragement welcome!
  • lady alton says: THis will be my third VLM outing, last year I was on the baggage trucks at the start as part of the parkrun support so am looking forwards to running this year!
  • hope to... says: Thank you lovely people. :)
  • KatieB says: Really looking forward to seeing Fetchpoint. :-) Thank you supporters. x
  • Fravage says: Thank you all in advance!!
  • Rog T says: first London and only second marathon, really looking forward to it - thank you all!
  • Hippity says: Can I join the group? I'll be running my very first marathon at London and will be looking out for the support from all you lovely fetchies.
  • Scooba Steve says: First London and first fetch point experience!
  • Pompey Paul says: Won one of the three Fetch places :-) First London after 6 years of trying to get in and first Fetchpoint experience, can't wait :-)
  • Cardiosaurus says: Im doing a double this year, starting at silly o clock at the finish, running to the start then turning around and running the proper way round :) It will be great to see you guys there!!
  • AD says: hoping to be under 3 hours or maybe even PB under 2:50..... I don't really believe I can go under 2:50
  • 154 Rob says: Just for the shouts por favor... if I'm not sub3ing it, tell me to get a fu*king move on!
  • Heeler says: First marathon! & nervously holding a shin splint at bay :-/ .... I've tried for a few years to get a ballot place & this year .... Typically when I hadn't run for months due to back injury ... I got a place ... It'll be my b'day so I have to nurse my shins to the start line ....
  • Barky says: Better join :D I will be there yeah!! Finally VLM :D. Running on my charity top: Encephalitis Society (white mainly)
  • Foxy says: I'll be there - be sure to give you all a wave :)
  • James74 says: Nice for that extra support,more the better! Luck luck to all those running and have fun to all watching.
  • Sombrero says: Hello. Can I play please? If someone could bring me a banana for the 22 mile bit, that would be ace!!
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