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The idea of this group (and the related thread) is that is it a place for people who want a monthly target rather than an annual one. The counter is reset at the end of each month and we start again.

Notes from Members

  • run-forest-run says: 100 miles a month is one of my biggest motivations for just getting out there !! I'm in :-)
  • Happyrunner19 says: I've been running for about 3 years and this year I will be tackling my first marathon(s)! I want to train consistently this year and January is looking good so far.....124 miles :)
  • chunkywizard says: Thought I'd help the group get to 50 members! ;-D Targeting 2200km for 2015 which if my maths is correct is about 114miles/ month!
  • Huntsman says: I want to be quicker, body says no!
  • steve45 says: Been running 37 years simply because I love it! Don't race these days except against myself and partner (Victoria) for various reasons. Early morning runner even though retired, mornings are fresher, quieter and "mine" !
  • Jinksy says: I managed 9/12 in 2014 and proud of that. The ones I missed were due to being sensible and resting or being ill. Will try to beat 9/12 in 2015 :-)
  • colettedeann says: 2014 saw only 2 months with 100+ miles - and only 4 since i started running in 2012. am hoping for a great year and will be calling on the group for encouragement :)
  • Ambling Andrew says: Hi, I am resting from running due to illness. Am walking more
    I am also working towards 100 press ups.
    X training horse riding, walking, may add a swim or two may not.

    Also hope to do more parkruns. Different ones that is.
  • Rog T says: Hoping for a more consistent, injury free year. Seems like the place to be :)
  • BishopLenBrennan says: 101 in November!!
  • mr d says: run 1100 + the last two years, but only 100 + 12 out of 24 months.

    Started well with 105 in Jan, but a non running injury has left me with a knee that is painful to run on. I had a similar injury three years ago and missed four months, hopefully it won't be as long this time.
  • Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB) says: 2014 was a complete fail for me with mileage ranging from 0 - 63 and a total of 253 miles for the year. For excuses please see my NYD blog.

    I'm not anticipating a full house of 100 mile months but will aim to get there at least once by the end of the year :-)
  • ChrisHB says: 62 months of 100 miles down, 12 more to get this year.
  • PeterFay says: Managed 11/12 for 2014 group. Great support and motivation here. not started yet ...
  • pedroscalls says: Joining to have a reason to keep motivated all year.
  • Drell says: Let's see if I can repeat 2014's clean sweep!
  • Old Man says: I'm in again, 12/12 in 2014, if I can get to September this year I'll set a new longest streak 😃
  • Foxy says: Hoping to continue my 100 miles a month streak which dates back to August 2008.
  • monsenb1 says: I might not get 100 per month (failed the last 2 years) but I will try again!
  • Unity says: Great to be able to start again each month. Not so long to wait for the motivation to kick start the effort.
  • Fitz says: Hit a four-month streak in Jul-Oct 2014, hoping to get some more consistency by signing up to the challenge.
  • Velociraptor says: Aiming to do better than the 50% I achieved in 2014.
  • GuyG says: Let's Have it 2015! 10/12 in 2014 ,one month at a time now!
  • Silver Strider says: motivational mumblings, mimbling miles, monthly marginal mayhem :-) :-) :-) have fun everyone
  • Autumnleaves says: Think I'll join if you'll have me - not anticipating 100 every month but managed it in January and it's looking good for February too :)
  • CottamRunner says: Managed 1200 miles exactly last year - but fell short of completing 100 miles in 6 of the 12 months! :-( Must do better this year! :-)
  • theOtherRichard says: Managed a good last half of 2014 after a sticky first half. Hoping for a more consistent year this year.
  • Old Croc says: well - another year another attempt - hopefully stop injury free for 12 months in a row
  • JEB1974 says: Managed this most months last year but had a serious case of post marathon cba. Going to try again this year
  • Zeb says: Had a good start last year - now lets see if this year I can keep it going past March...
  • iPLOD says: Late joiner (June) seeking encouragement through those pesky Summer months. GSOH. Likes animals.
  • Gobi says: Outspoken

    Believes people who only run 100 miles a month are not prepared to complete a marathon
    Calls himself an ex runner or jogger
    It's a point of view and not personal
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