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If you're interested in joining a Fetch virtual wine club, stick your name on this list.

At regular intervals a (affordable) wine is nominated and those who wish to buy it do so and mark it out of 10.

I keep an Excel list of wines that I email to you at regular intervals. The list also has links to on-line wine clubs, good web sites, other recommended wines etc.

All levels of knowledge/experience welcome. Most people are in this group to try some wines they wouldn't normally try and to pick up some tips about wine.


Notes from Members

  • Aussie Babe says: Yay! Husband does the buying and I do the drinking.
  • The Bat says: Been into wine (for drinking with BBQs and for collecting and keeping for a few years) for probably more years than I've been running, so seems a good group for me! Nice one.
  • LorraineS says: I choose wine by the picture on the front so this should be interesting :)
  • dd says: I always like to find out about new/different wines so count me in :)
  • Gogsy! says: After only a couple of hours, this group is more popular than Fetchies wanting to break 90 minutes for a half-marathon.
    Says it all really.
  • paskha says: I am VERY opinionated about really CHEAP wine! The only prob I seem to have is ... try one & find it's "not bad" ... a week later - the same wine could be "ooops, wish I hadn't recommended it, bleugh" so is it ME or the WINE that's unreliable??!! preferred tipple MERLOT, chile / s.african / aussie & also mixes of SHIRAZ / CAB SAUV & PINOT-types, it is possible to get *reasonable* £4 bottles, sometimes even £3 ... ooops I may have to leave the group cos I'm broke!! ... I won't touch - french / californian ... and rarely WHITE
  • Nightjar says: I usually order from the Sunday Times Wine Club. In case anyone is interested. I drink mostly Red but enjoy white too.
  • Scooba Steve says: I love wine I do.
  • MappingMum says: Always partial to a glass or several!
  • Kittenheels Kath says: I'm just interested in finding out a bit more about how to choose a good wine.
  • wizlyn says: Generally alc-idextrous with a preference du vin rouge.
  • Watford Wobble says: Count me in. Like my wine and gin but mostly whisky.
  • ian9657 says: Running and wine, perfect life balance.
  • Huge says: party on dudes
  • Pinkliverbird says: I got into wine drinking about 7 years ago. I was always a real ale drinker before that (still like my real ale though). I love trying different wines. I'm very partial to a decent Sauvignon Blanc, particularly of the Australian or New Zealand type, and I love a decent full bodied red as well.
  • PEARLY says: Just had a really nice red wine - its from italy - Archidamo - its a primitivo Di man duria - 14% - Great flavour - please try Cost £ 6.59
  • Heavy treader says: All you need to rehydrate after a hard session!!
  • Tubsey says: It has been known for me to buy a case rather than just the one ! so count me most definitely in !!
  • ansterdoc says: Who can resist a glass or two after a hard days run/work

    Recommend watching the movie "sideways"
  • siouxiesioux says: This looks like the group for me! Even my running headband says "Will run for Wine!" I will also add that have passed my WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) Intermediate and Advanced exams, and will be starting my Diploma in January 2012. I've worked with wine previously but have been out of it professionally for 2 years due to redundancy. My job with Oddbins is selling wines to restaurants and on trade premises (pubs, nightclubs etc). I've only just joined the company so my knowledge of their wines is limited but I'm starting to try them gradually!
  • Mutant Calfs says: I love wine me!
  • Happy Monkey says: Sainsburys cheap (£5ish) zinfandel......lush! look for it on the bottom shelf.
  • Wriggling Snake says: I can't believe this exists as a group, it got to be great. Saturday I bought a bottle of NZ Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, Sunday I ran 12 miles, wine and running do mix!
  • ancient says: I like a few glasses of wine in the evening. Contrary to perceived wisdom, I still find a glass or two the night before a race suitably relaxing - at least I get a good night's sleep.
  • SCPRoadrunner says: Two loves of my life - great!!!!!!!!
  • Ferdi says: good idea - sometimes some great deals on-line to let everyone know about !!
  • Mary Brite says: Ooo now I like a nice Merlot, Rioja or Pino Grigio. Well as long as they cost less than £4.99 :)
  • duncman says: I love red wine!!!!! but also enjoy the odd bottle of white in the summer (and winter, if I've run out of the red stuff!)
  • Dukester says: I love this fetcheveryone website! It never ceases to surprise me and now I've discovered there's a wine club! Somebody pinch me please!
  • Jungliemac says: I'm a fan of Chilean wines but prepared to try others...if pushed!
  • padoir noir says:
  • jiminy cricket says: Can anyone play? Sounds to be fun - looking forward to seeing what is proposed. I'm a glugger, so no point in wasting fancy vintages on me. It all goes down the same way :)
  • Jerboa says: drinking wine after a run seems like a good idea at the time specially in the summer but it always gives me a headache the next day! (and I don't mean I drink it immediately after I get in from the run, I mean after the shower and relaxation bit) :)
  • sallykate says: Irresistible concept!
  • PinkTink-RRR says: Love a glass of red :-)
  • imgoingbackforbubba says: Hello everyone!!! just joined Fetch two or three days ago and found this club. What a bonus. :-)
    I like mountain biking, weight training, a little running (but I'm tyring to build up milage), and of course wine....especially the red stuff. Interested in any tips/advice on good reds at a reasonable price. My level of experience only stretches as far as the 3 for a tenner in Asda!!!
  • Dodgem says: Love red wine I do.
  • gazza1 says: hardys bin 53 red wine lovely
  • PeterG says: Red wine and running - two of my favourite things, a few more and I could make a song out of them:)
    Anyone else experienced the red wine from Tunisia - Magon, I've drunk this many times in Tunisia, and thought it pretty good, but when I bought some @ the airport on way home, it was horrible, tasted "old" and "musty". Is it just the sunshine thing or do they just keep the rubbish to sell @ the airport?
  • WayTooLittleSleep says: Does the glass of red after the run count as rehydration? Fave quote: In vino veritas! :-)
  • blokewotruns says: I love wine :-) hic!
  • Strutbrother says: Love a good Rioja. Probably a bit too much for my own good...
  • steagu says: love me some wine
  • Neilio says: I have a liking for Red wine, full bodied 14% South Africa is perfect, although happy with any sort of alcohol % and have a taste for Sainsbury House red range.
  • Jopoweredbychocolate says: i'm a redwine drinker mainly My favourite is yellow label wolfblass followed by vino maipo
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