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Yes, it's that time of year again, dig out your festive earrings and your Santa hats, I hereby declare the official opening of the FETCH SECRET SANTA 2014 hat decorate :-)

The deadline for signing up has now passed. Sorry if you missed it. Feel free to buy us all a present and to appreciate the true meaning of Fetchmass which is very definitely about giving and most definitely not about receiving. Oh no. Not at all.

Please take into account that the mail might not be as fast as Rudolph: it would be appreciated if all gifts could be POSTED by the END OF NOVEMBER.

Please update the spreadsheet to let us know when you have posted your victim's goodies. Similarly, please update the sheet when your goodies arrive. The sooner all those lovely boxes get filled, the sooner the elves can kick back and start on the vodka.

Don't be elusive once you've signed up as most of the fun is in the stalking and learning about your victim. You could think about pimping your profile and adding your list for Santa of things you like and types of gifts you enjoy. Also add your likes and dislikes etc below.

As previously I think we should officially leave the budget at around a £5, but its really up to you how flush you are feeling...


From the Fetchmass Elves - weekatiepea, Trin and Longwayround (LWR) x

Notes from Members

  • minardi says: I'm easily pleased especially if bubbles (drink and/or bath) are involved. Or Speckled Hen - I love a good pint (beer or bubbles ;-) ) Funny enough, I sometimes enjoy running and I like a good book for reading in the bath. Cinnamon and ginger are the devil's spices and I don't do celery or tripe either! But apart from that......
  • Mandymoo says: Hints - have yeast intolerance, and not really a chocolate/sweet person. I love, running, walking my dog for miles, and cycling. Generally love the outdoors and my garden. Have a good sense of humour and like reading
  • kwala says: So excited to be taking part again. A couple of notes to help my stalker - nothing rude please, also I can't eat chocolate and no longer run.
  • Steady Edina says: I enjoy running, cycling, coffee, cake, chocolate and cats. I have sensitive skin so please no smellies
  • Holburnmum says: I'm fairly easy to please and happy to receive anything, nothing to rude though. I love tea,buffs,chocolate,silver,home bakes,reading
  • The Terminator says: nothing rude, music, books and running is good
  • Weekatiepea says: On the off chance I have the phantom mini fetch knitter as my santa I would love one of those! Otherwise, anything running or outdoor related is good, I also love reading and chocolate and music and being crafty - but nothing rude as my kids will be watching, and NO NUTS as I morbidly dislike them - steer clear of smellies too as I can be a bit fussy about those :) Thanks Santa!
  • monsenb1 says: The thought is what matters..I will enjoy anything anyone gets me..from smells and soaps to books and music to food and drink and everything in between..
  • Duchess says: I like surprise presents too much to be fussy but for reference I'm a vegetarian who doesn't run as much as she should, loves shoes, clothes, handbags and jewellery and opens her secret Santa present in bed with no one else around to be shocked. :-)
  • Sombrero says: I'll be opening my present in front of my 7 year old daughter so nothing rude please....unless it's a naughty nurse or similar.
  • leaguefreak says: Nothing rude or pink and definitely nothing rude AND pink.
    No random decorative tat.
    Silly as possible usually works. Would rather have something for a quid that makes me giggle than anything fancy.
  • Girlie says: Nothing too rude, saucy is fine:-) I appreciate time and consideration over cost. I tend to hang out on the craftery thread and my blogs are easy to decipher!
  • Dr PhFleecyD says: allergic to most smelly stuff and hate candles, otherwise ridiculously easy to please :)
  • becca7 says: I'm vegan so nothing with animal products please, nor anything rude.
  • Foxy says: I like running,beer,lego & travel that's about it - happy to get anything - Thank you :)
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: Little hints - I'm intolerant to dairy, I love Halloween, cats and running (obviously), and I'm opening in front of my elderly parents, so pls don't send anything rude!
  • plodding hippo says: Be as rude as you like! I have no inhibitions!
    I think you all know i like gin and food in general
  • SusiSue28 says: Nothing too rude please!!

    I'm vegetarian so please check any food products if sending!!

    No smellies as I'm fussy about that, nothing pink and girly and unlike my mum DoricQuine I do like scented candles!!

    Also love anything to do with nightmare before Christmas, Halloween, Christmas baubles and heavy metal ;)
  • emdee says: Hello.. I run a lot, bike a bit, love coffee and white wine (not together) and food. Socks are great, rude things also. Whatever you like really :)
  • Happy Cat says: Nothing rude as will open pressie with my parents! I have a crush on Gene Hunt from Ashes to Ashes :) Would actually like a running hat or running socks (size 8). Love reading, chocolate and pamper things - I'm scared of cats. Thank you in advance to my Secret Santa for whatever I get :)
  • JaneyM says: Nothing rude and I love anything to do with a nice cup of tea!
  • Drell says: Nothing rude and I'm seriously not in to candles or smells.
  • sallykate says: Nothing edible or smelly please, or which would need explaining to a 9 year old! Vegetarian, love cooking & crafting & gardening. And cats. Anything to do with cats.
  • Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!! says: Nowt too rude please (a previous SS sent me a vibrator - a somewhat unusual gift as gifts go!!). I have enough toiletries to stock a not so small chemist :) I also have titchy hands so getting gloves to fit is a bit of a pain.

    I do like gin, the colour turquoise, prefer chunky jewellery to dainty, am getting into longer ultras (though don't seem to be running much at all at the mo!), interested in WW1/WW2, aviation fan - general tomboy really. If that doesn't help get Santa to prod me and I'll come up with some other clues : x
  • CStar says: I like any running or cycling stuff and reading. Socks (size 9) are very welcome or anything silly. Definite weakness for chocolate/sweet things.
    I am not allergic to anything (except annoying people), have a sense of humour, a large and broad appetite and frankly am always chuffed to bits by the thought that goes into SS.
    I post regularly so I should be easy to stalk :-)
    Thank you very much in advance whoever you are ;-)
  • SLJ says: Ditto, Christmas presents in front of parents so nothing too dodgy!!!
  • Longwayround [LWR] says: For starters, I've an Amazon wishlist in my real name. There's no shortage of lovely old vinyl I'd rather enjoy too at

    I enjoy drinking real ales that I've never previously heard of (although not those with bizarre extra flavourings as a rule).

    Failing that, get stalking.
  • colettedeann says: i guess i am easy - i like pink, (esp the artist ;) ) rude, alternative, hand made/knitted, fluffy, chocolates, funny, thought provoking, running stuff...yeah u get it

    am enjoying 'stalking' my victim - someone i have come across in the hallways but not quite sure what santa will bring
  • Winniefree says: Blogadaw - you can bore yourself silly looking at my daily blogs for clues :-)
  • The Scribbler says: I swim and bike as well as run and can't have too many socks! Next year, I'll be doing a 12 day bike trek in Vietnam and Cambodia. I also enjoy writing and reading and have an amazon wishlist. I blog pretty regularly, so hopefully give you a few ideas, but I'm not really girly or pink. And I don't drink alcohol, tea or coffee. Much prefer thought over cost and have had some awesome and thoughtful Secret Santa gifts in previous years. Happy for Santa's elves to reveal my non Fetch name if it helps my stalker, but figure enough people know what it is anyway!
  • LindsD says: I love most things, especially sweets and chocolate. I don't eat meat or drink alcohol. I bike and swim as well as run. I'm very excited about the whole thing!
  • Little My says: Exciting this! I'll happily receive anything that is not too rude. Particularly love coffee and chocolate, and can one seriously have too many socks? General interests beside running: surfing (waves), history, cats, attempting to knit. No major dislikes apart from spiders, mushrooms and gin :)
  • Flibberty Jibbet says: Really really don't like marzipan or white chocolate :-)
  • westmoors says: Like running (obviously), dogs, reading, baking, eating, music, caravanning...
    Dislike chocolate, olives
  • Iron_Mum says: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...... Nothing rude for me pls as opening in front of small children and easily shocked elderly mother. Otherwise I am very easily pleased!
  • Velociraptor says: Allergic to alternative health products from crystals and Bach Flower Remedies all the way through to Kinesio tape and foam rollers. Still haven't worn out last year's willy warmer or eaten all the jelly (*)(*). Otherwise, I just love surprise presents :)
  • Liliaicha says: Nothing rude, nothing pink, no smelly stuff, no Christmas tat, no gift sets, no candles.

    I love running, my cat, travel and cooking (but no saucepans please which is what I got last year in the work Secret Santa!)

    Apart from that I'm not fussy!

    I do however, like gin, cats and travel :-)
  • Star says: Nothing rude :-) and no candles! I love trail running, walking. I've recently learned to crochet. I'm not a girly girl! I usually hang about the 700 thread
  • LorraineS says: nothing rude, please
  • Debstir says: Not a prude but nothing rude please :-) I try to swim, cycle & run. Not so keen on smellies (toiletries as opposed to unwashed people... then again...), not really a 'girly' girl and I think deep down I'm a bit of a hippy - I've recently discovered Yoga (great for stretching which I don't do nearly enough of!) & loving it :)
  • katypie says: I'm really not a toiletries kind of girl. I like pink and purple things (?) and I like to bake. Oh and pls nothing rude I'd be opening it in front of a boypie
  • HellsBells says: Nothing rude please, otherwise I'm very happy to receive anything :-) if it helps, I love old fashioned rose smells, pretty stitch markers, and all things yarn related. I do, however, hate candles :-)
  • Carpathius says: Just realised my earlier post in here isn't very helpful. I like pretty things, flower patterns on stuff, owls and penguins. And running, cycling and body balance.
  • Autumnleaves says: Nothing rude, a Blogadaw-er so there should be some scope for stalking. I've reached the age when the present pile is small and I am therefore easy to please!
  • geordiegirl says: Could've sworn I'd done this… but here goes. I believe I'm quite easy to please, although I don't really do rude stuff but as I tell my family I even love a nice hand wash! I love soaking in the bath with a good book and a glass of wine, chocolate that only contains chocolate, I'm a petrol head, attracted to sparkly things, love my dogs & sharks (although I don't have any of those) my running/fitness has suffered a bit this year with been busy but I seem to have lost my mojo but fully intend to get out and do a few trail runs next year - much prefer trail to road running. Merry Xmas fetchies
  • Pinkliverbird says: Love anything weird and wacky. Love cooking and baking and general foodie things from all over the world. Love gadgets, arty things and leather. I'm not a typical girlie. Nothing rude please as kids love watching me open my prezzies, and of course I love running - the long distance kind. Cheers :-)
  • DocM says: im small...i mean really quite petite...size 4 feet and hands to match. love my running. hate being cold and love my doggies, ....and there is never enough chocolate in the world. i have lots of children so nothing too rude.
  • Meglet says: I'm pretty easy to please, fairly girly, running or cycling stuff or anything not related...
  • AstraKhanGentry says: I have an Amazon wishlist as long as your arm, starting with a new iPad (well a girl can wish...) seriously, bike related stuff, running not so much. I am a bit of a knitter, a sewist and a maths geek. Happy stalking :)
  • Tiggia says: Nowt rude unless it's Gary Barlow naked on a piano. I'm a fat mum with a baby and toddler who's just getting back into running. I am happy to get anything that my Santa thinks is suitable :)
  • Nelski says: You can find out quite a bit about me by visiting my blog:

    I don't mention the day job there - I am the English Department in a school for boys with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

    No wonder I run!
  • richmac says: I bike, I run, I swim, wiggle is a great shop for me, socks and gloves are good, with gloves non handed ones are best ;-) gels and nutrition never goes unappreciated. Love coffee, holidays (spain next year) and reading (late Ian banks?? or de bernier??) and surprises
  • Old Croc says: Nothing rude for me - will have family about when open pressies - explaining Fetch Secret santa is hard enough!
  • K-Web says: I'm pretty easy ;-) in a likes/dislikes kinda way I mean!! Love food, love drink, love things handmade or anything a bit 'different' :-) no smellies though please, I have enough to stock a small army lol!!
  • Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB) says: In past years I have used my mother-in-law as the reason for saying no rude presents. I can't pull that one any more but with a husband who once got a PVC thong in a work SS I think I'd prefer to play safe if you don't mind.
    Having run little this year I have quite a few running odds and ends hanging around unused but a gift wrapped kicks up the moon wouldn't go amiss.
    Having said all that I like pretty things, sparkly things, smelly things, choc, champagne (other alcoholic drinks do exist) and sometimes wear socks in bed if my feet are cold!
  • Princess Purple Bubbles says: marathon running, slow plodder. Bunny mummy who doesn't function without good coffee.
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