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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Notes from Members

  • Barky says: VIP - The event has been cancelled - due to the weather!
  • Firestarter says: Count me in..! :-) Bring on the mile !!
  • Trehis says: I'll be there, hoping for a scorcher..... run that is, although it would be nice for it to be hot and sunny. :-)
  • Blue Buxton says: Yes please!
  • quimby says: Yes. I have a 10k that weekend, but luckily it's a Saturday one. :-) Stop me doing the 100m this time tho...
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: I'll bring cake!
  • Pricey says: Looking forward to another jaunt around the track. Should be in much better shape than May and will be aiming for another PB.
  • davec says: date is great for me
  • Iris says: Should be OK with me unless it's the Matthew Walker race that weekend. I'll also bring cake.
  • watto**** says: I'll bring some flapjack!!
  • onetony says: When is the EM mile this year? Would like to take part!!
  • Lethargic says: 2012 event in the pipeline anyone?
Group admin: Barky
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