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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Notes from Members

  • martynjlane says: From 1st Jan, add this as a target in your training plan and let's support each other on the thread.
  • Steady as she goes says: Can we run it? Yes we can!
  • Raspy32 says: Trying for 1,000 this year after missing out last year due to 4 months of injury.
  • fish-erman friends says: not sure if sea miles count ;) or should i explain more :) with working on a supply ship 28 days on & 28 days off. i normal run in most weather on land, but over 30 knots it's a lot harder on a treadmill :(, so i should just make 1000 mile.
  • pedroscalls says: First time setting a target for a year and sticking to it, but 5 months in and 30 odd miles short of halfway.
  • Scooba Steve says: Been in this group a few times in the past and failed spectacularly! This is the year for me after 8 months of consistent running.
  • Blades rio says: well im in it to do it, a nice year long drive , bring it on :-)
  • BigEvilC says: keeping me from slipping into sloth!
  • Huntsman says: 2nd year of running regularly and loving the parkruns, hunting down new PB's and posting on Fetch :-)
Group admin: martynjlane

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