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OK, so here it is one of the most popular groups on Fetch and always on page 1 of the Talk Forum except during the evening when we are all tucked up in bed.

Remember to join the Group, set your target mileage to 1500 and come along for the ride.

It will be a giggle if nothing else.

Notes from Members

  • Byrned says: Nightmare 10 years but i'm now looking forward to adding a little consistency and mileage to my training.
  • FRU (KeepTheFaith) says: Here's to some quality running in 2014 - and once again the aim of a minimum of 1500 :-)
  • IanS says: In again for the fifth year in a row :-)
  • Huntsman says: Injured from the middle of November and told to not run by physio. Still happy with over 1,000 miles for the year. 1,500 next year then :-)
  • Techthick says: Nothing fancy to say..... I just want to enjoy the year running consistently and hopefully injury free. Targeting 70% WAVA across the board.
  • RichHL says: Let's do this thing.
  • scottdog says: Cant wait for 2014.......bring it on
  • joint ear knee says: To those about to run1500 : we salute you!
  • Toks says: 12 marathons planned in 2014, let's do this :-) here we go!!!
  • missvivvy says: Ready for the challenge and for finding, and keeping my mojo in 2014 :-)
  • pielips says: here we go again. made it last year fingers crossed for an injury free 2014.
  • andr3wht says: Need to go faster! and pretty sure more miles will help
  • Watford Wobble says: Hope to knock a few minutes off my marathon time in 2014 but more importantly to enjoy running and see a few different marathons. First marathon abroad, Barcelona.
  • Craig_ says: run...............................................................................................................................................................heart
  • AmGettingFitter (AGF) says: Good luck guys !!
  • Mrs Winkle says: Here we go!
  • Ski says: Epic fail in on in 2014!
  • Jon_T says: Bring it on. Good Luck WW
  • Neilio says: What the hell. I'm in,3rd year in a row- let's see where it takes me.Looking for speed, and distance helps.
  • run-forest-run says: Made the 1500 in 2011 & '12 but fell short in '13 - Great thread, I'm in :-)
  • JovialGnome says: A marathon pb and a 5k pb will hopefully feature this year! Fourth year for me!
  • HappyG(rrr) says: In again - as I've averaged 15xx miles for last 6 years, seems appropriate. Super supportive group and thread too! :-)G
  • Ron Burgundy says: Going for 2 years in a row :-)
  • Yorkshire Lass says: I'm in thank you
  • DocM says: i did it in 2013 so now im hoping to do the double
  • Nellers says: Seems like a sensible target. Doesn't seem like a sensible group. I think this is the one for me.:-)
  • jelibean says: Managed 1250 in 2013, Thought I'd give it a go !
  • Pikelet says: Keeping up for now :-)
  • Bez-head says: Lakeland 50 training and a fwe marathons so may be a target t
  • CottamRunner says: Hoping for at least 1200 miles / 12 x 100 mile months this year ... but may as well set myself a stretch target! :-)
Group admin: Watford Wobble

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