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Group: 2000 miles in 2014

23 members [See all]

For those who like a nice round number of miles to aim at for the year - and want to run more than 1000 miles but are not quite up to 3000 miles.

Notes from Members

  • Techthick says: More of an aspiration than a target... dare to dream
  • Muds says: New start on the training log front. Need discipline to log it. Missed 3 days last year. Aiming for a clean streak in 2014 :) 2000 miles is readily achievable without too many injury interruptions.
  • The Bogman says: Managed 2000 for the first time in 2013 (Target was 1000)....now to try to get some consistency!
  • ChrisThePuma says: That equates to:

    166.666 miles per month
    38.46 miles per week
    5.47 miles a day
    If you don't sleep for the year and keep moving constantly at 0.228 mph you will also get to 2000 miles :-)
  • Joe Hawk says: Hopefully with nobs on but it is a good target to start off with :-D
  • ogee says: I have to try to remember to log my training, ran 6 the other night. Still haven't logged it.
  • Silver Strider says: Warming up to be a good year so why not :-)
Group admin: ChrisThePuma

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