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Yes, it's that time of year again, dig out your festive earrings and your Santa hats, I hereby declare the official opening of the FETCH SECRET SANTA 2013 hat decorate :-)

The deadline for signing up has passed - sorry, you've missed the sleigh this year!

Please take into account that the mail might not be as fast as Rudolph: it would be appreciated if all gifts could be POSTED by the END OF NOVEMBER.

Don't be elusive once you've signed up as most of the fun is in the stalking and learning about your victim. You could think about pimping your profile and adding your list for Santa of things you like and types of gifts you enjoy. Also add your likes and dislikes etc below.

As previously I think we should officially leave the budget at around a £5, but its really up to you how flush you are feeling...

Please please please when you receive your parcel can you update this list over the next few weeks so that people know its arrived safely. Please also put a date next to YOUR NAME when you have posted - be as vague as you like, I just want to know who has posted!


From the Fetchmass Elves - weekatiepea and Longwayround (LWR) x

Notes from Members

  • Silvershadow says: Nothing rude please. Crafty bits are always welcome, a girl can't have too many crochet hooks.
  • Happy Cat says: Nothing rude please - pressie opened in front of parents! Anything running based would be great, pamper stuff too! I like reading and pamper stuff but happy with anything :) Chocolate good too, but not nut based as have an allergy.
  • runningmumof3boys says: im a runner and a triathlete- i love to read running biog books- i am fussy about toiletries as sensitive skin
    i love to eat - dont like rude novelty gifts that have no use
  • Weekatiepea says: On the off chance I have the phantom mini fetch knitter as my santa I would love one of those! Otherwise, anything running or outdoor related is good, I also love reading and chocolate and music and being crafty - but nothing rude as my kids will be watching, and NO NUTS as I morbidly dislike them - don't bother with smellies either :) Thanks Santa!
  • CStar says: Runner and keen cyclist. Like reading, drinking, eating most things ( I have a weakness for chocolate). You can never have enough Falke or Hilly socks (42/43) and many of mine are wearing out ;-) My winter cycling gloves are shot. But really I'm very happy with anything.
  • run-forest-run says: Would be happy with any running / cycling related gift but nothing rude please :-)
  • Iron_Mum says: Nowt rude for me pls as it's v much a family show in our house. Daniel Craig would do nicely if he won't fit down Pesto's chimney, otherwise pretty much anything - will try to think of helpful ideas and drop them round the forums artfully for a satisfying stalking experience :-P
  • Gasping 4 breath says: bring it on.........I appreciate funny, not too rude as chrissy is a family event.......all pressies opened together
  • richmac says: Anything running related, gloves that arn't 'handed' go down well, a nice bike manual would be great, appreciate thought over cost.
  • Star says: nothing rude please :-)
  • Winniefree says: First sign of Christmas! I'm not at all fussy, but my mother will be present at the unveiling so no rude for me. :-)
  • Autumnleaves says: Great stuff - loved this last year :) - nothing rude (all presents opened together), running related or just fun treats - looking forward to doing some stalking....
  • The Scribbler says: I'm a non drinking triathlete and I open my pressies with my in-laws. Hopefully there are enough clues in my blogs and posts to give you some ideas but I appreciate thoughtfulness over expense :-)
  • LorraineS says: If the 'Mums' are sharing Daniel Craig could I have George Clooney, please.

    Nothing rude for me neither.
  • Girlie says: Don't mind Bawdy, but not too rude please. I tend to hang out most on the Craftery thread and my blogs are never cryptic! I don't like Mint or coffee flavoured things. I'm another one who appreciates time and consideration rather than cost.
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: Nothing rude please, my elderly parents will watch me open it! I don't eat dairy so please don't torment me with chocolates I can't eat :P I promise to blog more regularly in November :)
  • Chicken Licken says: I dislike dove products, however I love lush stuff, cinnamon, I no longer run, but I do cycle, I badly need some full fingered gloves for cycling size M ;-) I am a keen quilter so that's nice.... I am not easily offended so I don't mind a little bit of adult humour!!
  • Duchess says: No socks please! Other than that, totally unfussy, love surprises and open my Fetch present under the covers at dawn so don't even have to worry about shocking the elderly parents :-)
  • Holburnmum says: I dont mind naughty but dont want to have to explain too much to an 8yr old ! I promise to blog more this year !
  • Debstir says: I'm not a prude but nothing rude ;) Love running and cycling, love stuff I can use for both but have plenty socks and got awesome gloves as a FSS couple years back. Hate getting cold necks and my book shelves are looking a bit bare ;) (too subtle?!)...
  • Steady Edina says: Nothing perfumed it makes me itch and brings me out in red blobs. I've got into cycling if that helps and I love chocolate. Thought some suggestions might be helpful bike cleaning brushes, wine glasses as I keep breaking mine, my favourite stripy mug has a chip in it
  • Sazzleflip says: I'm a vegan. Not rude things...I love pens!
  • geordiegirl says: I could have sworn I'd updated this but here goes, I prefer nothing rude but otherwise I believe I am then quite easily pleased. I love relaxing in the bath following a nice muddy run and hope to get back to boot camp classes very soon. I am a bit of a petrol head and have just bought my dream car. I love chocolate but prefer to to contain just chocolate with exception of toblerone :) And I love socks :-) thank you though in advance it is the who experience of SS that I love and appreciate the time and effort in trying to find a gift someone will enjoy.
  • The Terminator says: Nothing rude please. Running, cycling, football, music and reading are all good.
  • Pinkliverbird inapeartree says: Dear Santa, Anything to do with runnning/endurance running/ultra marathons (I have read Relentless Forward Progress) Or anything bizzarre, crazy, mad or unusual. I also love cooking and baking. No food/drink/rude stuff please (save's trying to explain to the kids and my Mum who will be up for Christmas) :-) :-P xx
  • Foxy says: I don't care it's Christmas not a list of demands for materialistic items. I run it's a running site not rocket science ;)
  • Princess Purple Bubbles says: I'm normally at the Christmas residence with the parents so nothing rude. I'm on my road to 100marathons, fuelled by green and blacks chocolate :) I'm a crafty little princess who is a bunny mummy :D
  • PaulaMc says: Nothing that would make teenage boys or hubby raise their eyebrows at me being sent it by a 'stranger'! Otherwise, I'm delighted to receive anything, have no allergies, etc.
  • Wine Legs says: Nowt rude please. I do love foodie gadgets, cookery books, wine, badgers, owls, crafty/creative stuff. Not a fan of cats, gluten, beer or McDs etc.
  • Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!! says: no food or smellies please and pref nothing too rude. I'm into jewellery making, knitting, reading and photography :)
  • Ron Burgundy says: I like reading (mainly non-fiction and biogs of inspiration people) but have read loads of running books so that would be a gamble. I love pretty much anything with the word Cadbury's on it, oh and I also like cacti but not sure what you can do with that... :-)
  • AstraKhanGentry says: I like running related stuff, knitting related stuff, not food, booze or smellies please. I just love getting surprises and I love beautiful things whether they are useful or not... You can always ask Longwayround too, what with him being married to me and all.
  • Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB) says: Well - MiL won't be there and the kids are pretty much grown up now so I can't really say 'nothing saucy' can I? I am known to like running, nice choc, smelly things and wine but surprise presents are the best :-)
  • kaiser says: Love chocolate and anything running related. Im doing a tri next year so ive started swimming and cycling again. Like all things girlie and smellie... thanks secret santa x
  • Sombrero says: I'm easily pleased. Would prefer something not rude as my 6 year old will be helping me unwrap. If you decide to get me a lady, I don't really have preferences on colour etc - I would quite like a foreign one.
  • becca7 says: Nothing rude please. I run a lot, often at night and in the cold and dark at this time of year. I have a sweet tooth but I'm vegan, so nothing with dairy, eggs or honey in please.
  • slowfish says: Love reading. Don't mind rude. Love chocolate. Love the colour orange. Love wooly hats. Socks. Keyrings. Yoga. Water bottles. :-)
    Oh we need a new car - 7 seater :-) and a holiday in the sun....
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