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If you're looking for a grand day out, supporting fetchie runners, getting covered in jelly babies and blowing up balloons

Notes from Members

  • Iron_Mum says: Whoo and indeed hoo! I'd be up for captaining a team if you allow this privilege to virgin VLM Fetchpointers...
  • Mykey says: Can I be in Min's Team? Pretty please? Pretty please with sprinkles on top? Not adverse to a bit of bribery if that can help. :-)
  • London Nici says: I can get there for setup and stay for duration. Happy to be a team captain. All hugs and stern encouragement are free :)
  • minardi says: I'll be there along with Mr Min; can't wait :-) *shakes pompoms*
  • PaulaMc says: I. Can't. Wait. Srsly. Best day out. See all the famous Fetchies, get to hand them jelly babies or give them sweaty hugs, or just watch in awe as they float by. Amazing stuff.
  • SherryB says: Happy to be there and happy to be a team lead again BUT I JUST WON a VLM place in my club draw, so sorry have to step down as a team captain.
  • Mrs Winkle says: Looking forward to being back on the best side of the fence ;)
  • Kato says: I'll be there to support this year :-) Please can I be in Min's team!
  • Lady Sol says: I'm running, but my OH Chris will be at FetchPoint.
  • Enthusiastic! says: As per usual, I'm in. I shall be bringing gin and children (listed in order of priority).
  • *Anj* says: Please can you ensure I am in group supporting the Runner 'Boogie' as he is my OH
  • Zehnderboy says: I'll be there on the noisy side of the fence, love it
  • Jopoweredbychocolate says: although i'm running I want to add my mom to this group her name is Pat ( she doesnt have a PC so she can't join up lol but i'm hoping that you will be able to look after her and assign her a group so that I can tell her where to go on the day Thanks )
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