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  • Shazza11 says: This will be my 3rd London Marathon. Can't wait. :0)
  • jog-on says: My first London Marathon....EXCITED!! Hoping for a 3:49:xx and will be running for The Myton Hospices :) A cheer would be AWESOME! :D
  • Metro_Nome says: my first VLM! not running for a charity as I wasn't sure I was going to make it due to injury but I'm going to make it I think! excited for fetchpoint :) hopefully around 4:45, and I aim to be in fetch colours :)
  • Weasie says: Please can Team Minardi look after me, I need G& T and Jaffa Cakes. I expect to be around 5hrs 30 mins.
  • Argie says: Aim on just beating the shit out of anyone dressed as Kermit the Frog.
  • DeeGee says: I heart fetchpoint! I'll be morally obligated to wear Cleethorpes AC kit (royal Blue, gold diagonal) with Darren emblazoned across the chest - photos will follow. Usually couple this with Fetch cap. I'm after lager, a photo, and possibly hugs.
  • FML says: 3rd VLM and have struggled in my previous 2, so need all the support that fetchpoint offers
  • Petd111 says: 1st attempt at a Marathon, had to be London for me, running for The Children's Trust.
  • ChrisThePuma says: aiming for sub 3:15 this year. I will be running in my club vest as per my profile pic.
  • JJ Flash says: I have a club place, so will be running in my club vest. Looking forward to seeing you all and knowing that I'm on my way in.
  • Rach452 (brandstifterin) says: Second London Marathon, own place and running for MacMillan. Looking forward to going past Fetchpoint :D
  • HermanBloom says: I will be in the 3:59:59 to 4:30:00 range for my first Marathon :-) When Neems and Hendo get round to signing up to the supporters group I'd like them to be shouting at me please!
  • IrishMike says: 2nd time running this for me. Managed to bag a GFA Place and aiming for a sub 2:40 (or close to that time) if people fancy giving me a shout out I would really appreciate that as well (as well as some gels if possible ;-) ) Ill be wearing a Glossopdale Harriers vest (blue with orange band across it) :-)
  • J*C says: 5 th for me 2 nd London

    It's the distance I never wanted to run again so why do I find myself here?😳
  • Carpathius says: I'm expecting around 5:30. I'll be in Felixstowe Road RUnners colours (red with white stripe) and would love a hug at fetchpoint.
  • GimmeMedals says: My 5th and final marathon. I will be in Fetch colours and therefore easy to spot. I'm dead excited having been at Fetchpoint last year and experienced being the other side of the barrier :-) Expected time about 5:30, though it could be 15 minutes either side of that and it will take about 3 hours to cross the start line as I'll be near the back of the back :-)
  • RevBarbaraG says: I'm running for Cancer Research and will be wearing their TShirt over black bottoms. This will be my first marathon. I will be SLOW - probably 6 hours, maybe more. I have NO IDEA what I want from fetchpoint.... except encouragement, and maybe a hug. I will be RWR all the way, and I want people to tell me that's OK (and not wimping out). I'd like one or more of PestoMum, Garfield, Rosehip and Iron_Mum on my team, as they have all encouraged me on fetch.
  • SherryB says: 2nd marathon - did Brighton in 2013. I won a place through my club - a gift from Harris Hospice to thank the club for our fundraising efforts. So I'll do some fundraising but no target set. Would like to be in PaulaMc's team. thanks.
  • MadWelshWoman says: Hello, I am runing for Anthony Nolan, also planning on doing the Brighton Marathon the week before London:) Please can I be allocated to the Ex-inspire team (Mykey, Sian, Min ....)? :)
  • greenbox says: Hello, I'm in as I deferred last year with a knee injury - probably my own fault for not stretching and cross training enough during my VLM 2112 training. I also did all my training whilst listening to music so I found that not using music on the day a problem. All tips for self for this years training I don't think that I'll come 1st :-)
  • Sprout says: Injured last time around so deferred my place, can't wait for those winter early morning long runs again :-)
  • Lorraine says: Club place,so club vest, white with running4women on and last time I ran this was 2007. Planned time - not sure somewhere around 4:15
  • Lady Sol says: I'm running for Mission Direct. Will be in Fetch shirt, black/dark grey shorts/capris and a white cap on. Finishing hopefully somewhere between 5.30 and 6 hours. I'll have gels and possibly lucozade to pick up, my OH will be at Fetchpoint with them.
  • The Inspector says: This will be 3rd marathon. 1st was the inaugural Manchester marathon in 2012, awful conditions, hit the wall around mile 25.5. 2nd was Chester 2012, much better in-race fueling, managed to get a GFA which secured the VLM place. The serious training starts now! Looking forward to the support offered by fetchpoint.
  • Lordy Lumpkins says: My 2nd marathon, but first London, which I managed to get in first time via the ballot. Wahoo! :-)
  • The Terminator says: Yay for fetchpoint
  • derv says: 5th london, 17th marathon and my last ever race decided at 50 ive had enough so going out in the best road race in the world
  • sarabop says: My first VLM, I visited Fetchpoint last year and would love a wave as I run by :-) running as a Bedford Harrier in yellow and back as I won my place in the club ballot.
  • Jon_T says: Running on my deferred place, club colours, can't wait for the noise at 13/22. I am aiming for 3 and a half hr finish, so Fetchpoint around about 12:45 give or take
  • Legless says: VLM#3 for me, hopefully will actually make the start line fully fit for once
  • smudgeruby says: 3rd vlm for me - I only keep coming back for fetchpoint :-)
  • blokewotruns says: 1st VLM at aged 60 and running it only 3 weeks after Rome. I hoping to have done a sub 3:45 which should give me a VLM 2015 GFA place so I can relax and enjoy this one. I will be running for Team McMillan.
  • SMS_Clarkey says: 2nd Marathon (1st was Rutland 2011 -3h45m), got in via my running club (Bushfield Joggers) ballot at Christmas as I 'failed' in the main ballot. Will be running for Macmillan and aiming for 3h30m this time. Looking forward to all the support from everyone and the spectacle that is VLM! :D
  • Jopoweredbychocolate says: Can't work out at the moment what number marathon it will be ( will be running a few marathons before London ) but I'm a plodder so probably will be doing about 5 hours 30 only cos i want to take photos on the way round ( anyone that knows me will know what i'm like taking photos with my camera )

    This is my second VLM ( I'm also going t put my name in supporters to add that i'm sending my mom to the fetchpoint and hoping someone can help look after her )
  • James74 says: First time for me.
  • runningmumof3boys says: My 1st London Marathon yay- have done fetchpoint a couple of times so am looking forward to being on the other side of the barrier- will be in my LOVELY green and white club vest but would love to get a red fetch buff (i have a black one but red more noticeable eh?!)
  • Roobarb says: I'll probably be the knackered one........ ;)
  • Daddy Kong says: 1st time at London - 3rd marathon. Aiming at sub-3:40 maybe 3:30 if things go well from here on in. Will settle for a MAHOOOOSIVE cheer as I go by!! :0)
  • Jinksy says: First ever marathon and very very enthusiastic and E X C I T E D!!! Lucky to get a club place through Werrington Joggers after marshalling last year so will be running in club vest, yellow with a blue stripe :-)
  • Gritts! says: I'll be running this again this year. I love fetchpoint :)
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