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  • 5hep says: After a broken ankle, pneumonia and a serious case of chocolate retention my VLM place deferred from 2012 is going to get used.....I might be out there some time.......
  • linsblake says: will there be cake? Because I am only running if there is cake.
  • Snellers says: hello everyone - I have a club place (!) for Vegan Runners so I better get round
  • chunky boy says: seeing fetchpoint at around 13-14 miles (on the opposite side) and again passing them at 22 miles and being spotted then hearing the wall of noise just gives you goose bumps and a lift like no drug could.. you guys are just the best, thank you so much in advance
  • samson says: Could be done in fancy dress this year.....torn hamstring :(
  • pinkladykat says: I'm going to need all the support and abuse
  • Lemmy says: Yay!!


    Have I got the wrong end of the stick here!!!

    See you all at 22...
  • Mandymoo says: I am in running and will need support big time - looking forward to the cheers and abuse
  • Firesac says: Soooooooo looking forward to seeing you all again missed out last year with a stress fracture the week before the start. Had great support in 2010 and 2011 Training going well at this stage and ready for a return :-)
  • RunningBob says: I'll be in the blue & gold of Wilmslow and hoping to run about 2.35ish - grateful for any "go Bob!" support :)
  • Mrs Muckyhands says: First ever marathon only got a place three weeks ago, slightly nervous :)
  • Sprout says: First time in London, will def need a shout at 22 :-)
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Looking forward to the ROOAAARRR! You lot are tops! :-)G
  • Silver Strider says: Don't think I have been through a Fetchpoint since Abo 2010, I'm sure this will be way better. Go get some toys and make some noise :-)
  • Jo_London says: Hi, the VLM will be my first marathon and only my 3rd ever race [I did a 10K & half marathon last year]. Both excited and scared at the moment!
  • HelenJane says: Am joining cos my pal Sarahwoo told me too!! And if I make it to 22 I,m gonna need all the abuse you can hurl :)
  • caw says: Will be my 2nd London Marathon, hopefully will be in better shape when I get to mile 22 this year!
  • The Rain King says: First Marathon! :)
  • hope to... says: Think I will cry when I spot the Fetchpoint!
  • Debart says: First marathon and will need all the help I cna get :-)
  • Geprig says: I love Fetchpoint. It's my VLM highlight (except that it happens twice so I guess it is my VLM Highlights)
  • Littlefoot says: Hoping for a sub 3:40 in this one but maybe that is one step too far!
  • Go Snoopy! says: First marathon and soooooooooo need your help to get me round! Getting excited now :-)
  • HayleyB says: Hello all - I appear not to be injured, which is slightly unusual for me, so see you all on the 21st!
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